10 Construction Marketing Myths You Need to Totally Ignore

10 Construction Marketing Myths You Need to Totally Ignore

Do digital marketing trends have a significant role in your construction business? At a glance, this may seem like a silly question because it is hard to believe that there are businesses that do not benefit from online marketing. However, when you take a closer look and observation, you will realize many people do not associate the two.

This is apparent in the ongoing myths about online marketing in construction. This ranges from “social media does not work for construction” to “no need to have a website”. If this is all true, how can a business like yours ever beat the intense competition, increase sales, and grow your company without the help of online digital resources?

Though it takes a lot of digging to learn the answer to the question, we aim to bust the myths about online marketing in the construction industry in this blog. We hope to help you see the value of digital marketing to your construction business. Read more.

1. Website does not matter

Today, many construction companies have a strong misconception that their clients do not care about having a construction website. Due to the many years of success with Word of Mouth, this is understandable. But, having a website will put you on a different level. A website is a valuable resource of essential information for your target clients who need your construction services.

A website does matter, so have one. Right now, you need to get started on building one. Your go-to-people are the experts in a digital marketing agency with web development services. Team up with the best professionals to ensure your website is designed to meet your business goals.

Partner with ConstructionMarketing.io, a reliable online marketing agency that makes sure you have the most responsive website, helping you to attract more clients and prospects.

2. Competitors are not investing in digital marketing

While quirky display ads and fancy billboards work for specific industries, the continuous rise of digital has upgraded traditional marketing to a constant effort that helps you engage, attract, and delight your target clients, regardless of the industry type.

Marketing plans for your construction company need to add value to your bottom line by simply producing an ROI. Once you realize the major importance of online marketing and how its fundamental aspects, such as quality blog content, SEO, social media marketing, and determining your buyer persona, can help increase sales and effectively drive traffic to your construction business – you will be on your way to taking the lead in your sector.

3. The industry is still profitable without marketing

While the construction sector is still based on building relationships, you cannot ignore the good advantages of implementing marketing strategies for your business. Today’s world is primarily led by technology and not being part of it will not help you. If you want to see an increase in sales in your business, you have to work with the times.

Digital marketing for contractors like you who own a business will help show your true potential. Your current clients will witness that potential, giving them reasons to continue to support your construction business and be part of your business.

Now more than ever, you want to be on your client’s mind throughout the whole buying journey because they hold all the power – even online. With some clicks, your target market decides where they want to spend the money, and so on.

4. Social media is not a thing

Social media is a powerful marketing channel and there is a reason for that. Social media is proven to be very powerful in construction as it helps improve customer experience. Social media allows your company to communicate its authority and expertise and create a trusted relationship between you and your existing and potential clients.

We know that you might not be interested in running a social media account for your business due to being time-consuming and intimidating. But partnering with a digital marketing agency will put you at ease. There are a lot of social media experts who make sure your socials bring engagement, solid trust, and customer advocacy.

5. Good marketing will get immediate results right away

This is quite a hard pill for anyone to swallow. In this output-based standard, having to pour tons of hours of hard work into your business and receive no results after days or weeks can be disheartening. The most crucial thing here is to remember that everything you do in marketing can pay off eventually. If it does not bring you leads instantly, you are still building your brand awareness and visibility.

Are you familiar with the saying, “Beauty takes time”? Perhaps, this is now the time to rebrand your marketing with this, “Good marketing takes time.” Algorithms are continuously changing and new techs are being released. As we see an increasingly global shift online, a strong marketing strategy now requires much time to plan, create, retest, modify and publish. There is also the need to give your campaigns enough time to gain traction with your community.

6. Higher Engagement equals Higher Lead Volume

First and foremost, before we go on debunking this myth, let’s talk about the four different types of engagement you will encounter:

  • Landing page engagement
  • Social media engagement
  • Brand engagement
  • Website engagement

All of the above generally require different metrics to measure engagement, and every company will have an other system to measure all of these. The overall goal with engagement is to create different interactions that often lead to eventual sales for your construction business.

7. Marketing is similar to Advertising

Many people mistake using the terms marketing and advertising interchangeably, but they mean different things. Marketing refers to the process of pinpointing what your clients need and how you can best address them. In contrast, marketing is the primary method of promoting a company or business through free and paid channels, including its related services and products.

It shows that advertising falls under the umbrella of marketing. So, why is it essential to fully understand the main difference? If you are misguided about the definition of the two, it may be the root cause of why your marketing efforts are not working. Suppose you have been operating under the wrong designations of advertising and marketing. In that case, you may be missing many critical opportunities in determining what your target clients are looking for and ultimately failing to resonate with them.

8. Mass Reach is Best

No matter how universal you believe your services and products may be, some market segments are most likely to be available than others. Therefore, you are wasting your resources by nudging ads at uninterested eyeballs and talking to a wall. Are you familiar with Audience Targeting? This procedure is crucial in segmenting your consumer base by demographics (gender, age, location, etc.)

Doing all of this enables you to tailor any content and campaigns to what is truly relevant to your target audience and market. This is a more efficient and effective way of communicating with your target clients instead of creating one message that resonates with no one.

9. Marketing is about Sell, Sell, Sell

You may be somehow inclined to believe that a piece of blog content does not strongly promote your services and products. But this could not be farther from the truth. In most cases, your target customers set out to find solutions to their issues. They will search for the best “construction firm near me” instead of reaching to well-known firms.

Our suggestion for you is to try to market all the time and craft your content marketing plan that shows your services are the solution to the problems. If you prove your authenticity and authority, you will most likely gain their trust.

10. Marketing is all about Having New Customers

Any brands are often obsessed with a growing consumer base. You are obsessed, too, right? It is understandable to focus on getting new customers and having new leads. However, once your construction company has gained traction and stabilized its following, you should carefully foster relationships with your previous and current customers. It is easier to talk to them because you have already got their initial buy-in and approval. Your construction brand is something they know already and have bought your services, so you have less explaining to do.

On the contrary, you start from scratch with new clients and try to squeeze in the door, hoping they can give you a shot. Try to invest in relevant forms to make way for customer retention. 

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