10 Construction Marketing Trends to Leverage This 2022

10 Construction Marketing Trends to Leverage This 2022

When it comes to construction marketing, trends have continually evolved. And while some studies have shown that the construction marketing industry is slow to adapt, this will be your chance to get your construction business ahead of the fierce competition.

Keeping up with new trends and technology can be difficult. Therefore, we have compiled a list of ten marketing tactics and trends for your construction marketing this 2022 and beyond. Read further to learn about the latest digital marketing trends and apply them to your construction business.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Understandably, most construction businesses start with only limited resources. Have you started small too with your business? If yes, perhaps you are constantly in the state of figuring out how to make the most of your resources. As of the present, data processing and analysis are sped up with AI technology, making decision-making much more effortless.

This 2022, Artificial Intelligence’s integration with human labor grows, boosting efficiency and productivity for construction brands. Today, most online users are looking for prompt responses when searching for construction businesses and services.

As a result, AI-powered chatbots play a crucial role in content marketing. As AI tech advances, additional tools for analyzing data and crafting marketing materials like customized blog content articles become more available this 2022.

2. Account-Based Marketing

A lot of contractors today are still using the same sales funnel. This is no longer the case, and it will become less so this 2022. Today’s preferred marketing is none other than ABM, short for account-based marketing.

ABM is not about sending out generic blog articles to attract leads. As a matter of fact, it is the polar opposite. It generally highlights particular accounts and is more effective than general brand advertisements. In addition, it appeals significantly to your whole sector and can drive more visitors to your site.

By adopting an ABM strategy for your construction marketing, you can create more specific and targeted blog content to reach your ideal audience.

3. Voice Search

The ongoing popularity of Amazon’s Alexa-enabled devices clearly shows that the demand for voice-activated tools is growing and will continue to grow in 2022. Millions and thousands of people worldwide have bought smart speakers; almost every home, office, and even construction site has an intelligent device with voice search capacities.

As the voice search grows in popularity, you may start to include it in their content. You can optimize your content for voice search by simply focusing on:

  • Basic phrase and long-tail keywords: Most of your target audience is most likely to use natural language. So, stick to basic phrases and craft the best long-tail keywords. Only you can get the right keywords if you perform or conduct keyword research. Do it effectively.
  • Anticipate particular questions asked informally – Voice search may use whole sentences, but it can be specific in nature.
  • Optimized your construction website for local SEO – Regularly update your Google My Business profile with opening times, optimize your blog content and accurate location.

4. Search Engine Optimization

For SEO and content marketing, consistency is critical. Creative, unique, and original content indexes and ranks much higher than any low-value and repetitious content. The first page of most search results is only seen by 94% of users. Hence, if your material does not appear on the first page, it is possible that visitors will not see it. And as a result, optimizing your blog content is crucial and must be your main focus for 2022.

Content marketing and SEO are not two different things. We hope to clarify that, especially if you are new to this. Moreover, on the contrary, both are necessary for each other. In fact, SEO-friendly content marketing is crucial for success this 2022. When SEO and content marketing are combined, they will create a powerful duo.

5. Podcasts

Educational and informational podcasts are in high demand today, and many brands want to participate in this 2022. In fact, many popular podcasts for company owners and entrepreneurs have already existed. If you do not know what a podcast is, it is a great way to communicate information with your target audience on subjects. They will also help you with your content marketing strategy.

Use podcasting to tell your company’s stories. Podcasts are helpful to get their attention to the best features of your construction services and products. Utilize them to supplement your blog’s content on social media sites. As a matter of fact, podcasts provide a personal touch that text information does not exist.

6. Video

Video is considered the most engaging blog content across social media platforms. In fact, almost 85% of the businesses today use some type of video advertising for marketing their brand. Videos do not mean just one type of content because many types of video marketing can be effective.

The key here is to find what works for your construction business and what your target clients engage with. This can be reviews, coverage of your service offering, client testimonials, and other elements.

Never worry about reaching the cinematic level quality of your blog content. You can start small and go for authenticity over spectacle; you will just get better and better with every new release.

7. Webinar and Digital Events

One of the best trends emerging this year is probably hosting webinars and digital events. The trend is one great way to emphasize your construction marketing efforts. Hosting such digital events and webinars will provide valuable information to your target leads whilst building your construction company’s brand.

Suppose there’s a specific topic you can present on for around an hour or two, whether construction equipment safety, building materials, or scheduling software. In that case, you can particularly create a webinar to share your knowledge on the subject with industry contacts and potential clients.

8. Email Marketing

One of the most foundational and solid small business marketing methods that you can use to grow your customer base is email blasts. You will also have the biggest opportunity to nurture existing leads and stay in touch with your existing clients.

Email campaigns are becoming a highly efficient tool for connecting with your potential leads and current clients. A quicker email blast lets you update your clients on company news to highlight your new deals and new service offerings, effectively reminding them that your construction brand is right here.

9. Word of mouth. And Yes, this is still a trend!

Short for Word of mouth, WOM is still an invisible force behind many construction brands’ successes and the unrecognized hero of converting prospects to clients. Surprising, right? At ConstructionMarketing.io, we recently ranked WOM as one of the top customer acquisition channels. Thanks to online media today, that “invisible force” of Word of Mouth is hard to measure and notice. You can witness it in the following:

  • Social Media – WOM is still seen in social conversations and when sharing content.
  • The proliferation of influencer marketing – Though influencer marketing is a marketing its own, the fact that it effectively works based on similar mechanics as WOM – People trust other people more than brands.
  • User-generated content about services and products – Client reviews, testimonials, etc. are great examples on any social media sites.

10. Collaboration with Peers In and Outside the Construction Industry

Just as businesses are being built on relationships, a construction marketing strategy is too. Are you familiar with guess blogging? A guest post or guest blog is a content marketing tactic that typically involves publishing and writing one or more articles for other related websites.

Guess blogging can raise your construction company’s profile and create more valuable backlinks that will significantly boost your ranking on search engine results pages. In addition, guest posting/blogging is an easy way to create authority as a construction company.

  • We highlighted below some of the significant advantages of guest blogging
  • Capturing increased leads
  • Getting targeted traffic to your website
  • Receiving quality backlinks
  • Maintaining an online presence
  • Developing social proof

How Understanding Construction Marketing Trends Can Help Your Business


Digital marketing is crucial for all types of businesses – construction companies included. Digital marketing trends we have compiled and shared with you are some of the most popular among construction companies this 2022. They will become more prevalent in the upcoming years.

If you want to compete and make the most of your marketing efforts:

  1. Start implementing two or more of these trends as soon as possible.
  2. Look for ways to incorporate these initiatives into your marketing plan.
  3. Be sure also to set some performance indicators beforehand.

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