10 Digital Marketing Myths That Holding Back Your Construction Business

10 Digital Marketing Myths That Holding Back Your Construction Business

For whatever reason, there always has been a giant brick wall between the construction industry and digital marketing. The industry seems to perceive the term digital marketing as something completely unnecessary and not beneficial to the business. Comments like, “Digital Marketing is not affordable”, “SEO and Link Building does not work anymore!”, “and so and so forth. What do you think all the statements have in common? Well, they are digital marketing myths.

Digital marketing myths are not very uncommon. However, they are detrimental to understanding the usefulness and effectiveness of digital marketing and how these tactics work. This blog will look at ten digital marketing myths and bust them out open! Read further to discover why some Online Marketing myths are not true!

1. Digital Marketing is only for large-scale businesses

One of the very common digital marketing myths is that online marketing is only for huge businesses. Consequently, many small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs) purposely avoid digital marketing because they think it is something only huge companies can ever afford to do. In all honestly, that is entirely false.

In fact, all businesses, small to large scale, can use digital marketing. Whether you have only a few employees or more than hundreds, the size of your operation does not impact whether you choose to try digital marketing. Likewise, your services and the industry you belong to do not affect your capacity to do online marketing.

You do not need a massive, company-sized budget to do digital marketing. You can have a considerable budget and still reap results with online marketing. The recommendation is to spend 8-9% of your company’s revenue on your marketing efforts.

2. Digital Marketing should not be a priority

Next on the list is the belief that digital marketing does not have to be a priority. Many companies, especially construction firms, do not prioritize online marketing since they assume it is just some add-on or simply a bonus. In actuality, digital marketing is a crucial aspect of helping your construction business grow. 

In this digital age, most people turn to online search to help them look for the services and products they need. In fact, over 60% of people do some research about any companies online even before deciding to visit or avail their services and products.

3. Having a website is already enough to market your construction business

Nowadays, many business persons believe that having a website is enough to market their business. Contractors who usually own their respective construction firms are some of the people who are often skeptical and assuming about digital marketing, having a website, and implementing other strategies. 

It is true that once people discover your construction website, all the information they need is easily accessible. But how can your target audience find your website? This is where digital marketing enters the story. Without a marketing plan in place, your target audience would not ever discover your website online. It shows that simply creating your website is not enough to get your construction company found.

What you need are strategies like blog content creation, SEO, social media marketing, etc., to help people find your website. If you do not promote your construction website, a lot of people will struggle to discover it online.

4. If my competition is not doing digital marketing, there’s no need to do it either way

Many companies are below the false impression that when the closest competition is not doing digital marketing, they do not do it either. This marketing myth could not be more accurate than the truth. In fact, if your closest competitors are not doing digital marketing, you have more solid reasons to start. It will be your biggest advantage. 

Not only will you gain increased construction brand exposure, you will also reach your target audience more effectively compared to your competition. And since you can reach your target audience more often, you can get better results from your digital marketing efforts compared to your competitors.

5. There’s broader audience online to market effectively

Another common digital marketing myth that many companies believe today is that the audience online is too extensive to reach people interested in someone else’s business. Truly, the Internet has tons of millions of people, whereas the local community may only be a few thousand. Obviously, there is a difference. 

However, just because the Internet has a much larger audience does not mean you cannot reach people interested in your construction business. As a matter of fact, you can reach more people interested in your construction company through digital marketing. 

With digital marketing:

  • You can accurately target people interested in your services and products.
  • You will never waste dollars on people who are not interested in what you offer. 
  • You can save more money and time while reaching more qualified prospects that eventually turn into paying clients.

6. Content Marketing is not that effective 

Content marketing is not as effective as before is probably one of the many things you have heard recently. This digital marketing myth is widespread, especially when many construction companies believe content marketing fell into the wayside.

This certain belief is all false. Up to this day, it is still one of the most effective strategies for helping any businesses get more leads and earn more revenue. Many prospects heavily engaged with any content from construction companies they find trustworthy and reliable.

7. Personalization is creepy

When you learn about digital marketing, professional marketers will talk about utilizing personalization to reach your target audience more effectively. Many people assume that this tactic is creepy since it involves getting to know your target audience personally to deliver content relevant to them. Realistically though, a lot of prospects love personalization.

We will share with you a few stats showcasing the impact of personalization:

  • 81% of customers want brands to know them and know when to market to them.
  • 79% of consumers take advantage of brand promotions if they are tailored to recent brand interactions.
  • 77% of people recommend, choose, and pay more for brands that provide better and personalized experiences.
  • 74% of clients get confused when interacting with marketing content unrelated to their interests.

As shown, personalization is not creepy at all – people expect companies to deliver a more personalized experience when it comes to their marketing.

8. Advertising is Similar to Marketing

Some others make the mistake of using the terms “marketing” and “advertising” interchangeably, but they mean different things. Marketing refers to the process of determining what your clients need and how you can best address them. On the other hand, advertising is the method of promoting the company and its corresponding services and products thru paid channels. The latter falls under the bigger umbrella of marketing.

Why must you know how to understand the main difference? Because a misguided understanding of advertising and marketing may be the root cause of why your promotional efforts are not working. So, suppose you have been operating under the wrong definitions of advertising and marketing. In that case, you can be missing main opportunities in determining what your target clients are looking for and ultimately failing to resonate with them.

9. Digital Marketing Must Achieve Quicker Results

There is this expectation that anything and everything to do with your online platforms is immediate. Probably this is because the real-time functionality and user-friendly design of social media platforms have conditioned people to expect instant gratification.

While most online marketing channels track metrics as they happen, effective digital marketing takes flexibility, time, and agility to see results.

Take content blogging, for instance. It is one of the most effective and popular ways of boosting your construction website’s keyword rankings, leading to improved website traffic. However, blogging is a long-term game that may occur over months and years. Quick results depend on your strategies. 

It only goes to show that it does not happen overnight.

10. The industry is still profitable without marketing

Though the construction industry is still relationship-based, you still cannot ignore the profitable perks that come with digital marketing tactics. The world is dominantly led by technology and advancements. So, not being part of it will not help your construction business grow and thrive.

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So, if you are not prioritizing digital marketing, you are missing the golden opportunity to reach your target prospects whenever they are researching construction companies. If you have fallen victim to these ten digital marketing myths, it is not too late to change! You can begin developing your digital marketing strategy now!

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