10 Email Marketing Trends You Should Explore in 2023

10 Email Marketing Trends You Should Explore in 2023

When you take your customers and target prospects into consideration, you know firsthand how their preferences and expectations change. This pushes you to create alterations in how you market your services/products and your construction business. So, some changes are necessary for your entire digital marketing strategy, including your email marketing.

Out of all digital marketing services, email marketing is the most scalable, effective, and cost-efficient. And since emails continue to be one of the most preferably used marketing channels, it is worth discussing every single time, including all of its latest trends.

In this blog, find out all email marketing trends you can look forward to next year and determine how effective they are t your business. As 2022 is about to end, keep up and stay abreast of all the newest trends to gain a competitive advantage.

Let’s get started.

1. Be the first one to try agile email marketing

It takes almost two weeks or more to craft a single email for a brand. This shows that email marketing is inarguably a slow process. To deal with this flaw effortlessly, you should try agile email marketing.

This type of email marketing rests on the principle of taking little steps to accomplish bigger milestones. By tradition, you often send emails to market your products and services. However, with an agile approach, the purpose switches to educating your audience/recipients rather than turning them into leads.

The foundation of agile email marketing rest on three pillars – information, innovation, and inclusivity. And this approach fits your construction business, especially if it is a small scale.

2. Adapt an empathetic tone in your emails

Keeping an empathetic and considerate tone in emails will become all the more essential in 2023. We are still in quite a challenging situation, and people are still trying to cope. So, it is important to adjust your tone and strategy accordingly. And this is very true for automated emails.

Go through all your workflows and optimize your emails according to the ever-changing times. You can even select not to send any automated emails for the time being.

3. Focus on email automation

Email automation is becoming one of the best cold outreach best practices rather than a trend. This strategy works like a charm, especially in the construction industry. Whether it is product recommendations, welcome emails, etc., automated email workflows have proven to be a major growth engine for the construction sector.

As a matter of fact, email automation is the only construction marketing solution that contributed to at least a 30% conversion rate in the year 2020. Is it not enough to inspire you or tempt you to try this approach?

4. Integrate BIMI into your email marketing strategy

In 2023 and the years to come, Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) will be one of the most efficient approaches to building brand credibility. With BIMI, it is possible now to display your construction brand logo alongside the message in the email inbox.

But what is the main purpose of implementing BIMI? Below are some of the reasons:

  • It effectively helps in building trust.
  • Deploying BMI standards for your emails can boost your visibility and also helps you stand out in the competition.
  • It protects your construction brand from spoofing attempts.
  • · It ensures an optimal email deliverability rate by being proof of legitimacy.
  • BIMI contributes to a higher conversion rate for your construction business.

Overall, BIMI effortlessly delivers better visibility in your inbox. So, make sure to try this approach. And since BIMI requires a lot of mechanisms, resulting in a tedious setup – you may not know exactly what to do. This is where partnering with top construction marketing agencies like ConstructionMarketing.io will benefit you the most.

While there is nothing wrong with doing things on your own, we encourage you to do so; still, working with an agency offers more reliable deliverability and great results. So, make sure to decide what is the best for your campaigns.

5. AMP in emails

Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP, are one of the hottest trends. It is proven to take customer experience to the next level and improve subscriber engagement. With this technology, you can allow your target prospects to add important events to the calendar or fill up a contact form – all via email. Is it not amazing?

In other words, your prospects can be directed to something other than your dedicated landing page since they can take action from the email you sent. As a construction company, you should take advantage of AMP to give your customers and target prospects a great option to check out and complete their purchases from email.

6. Make sure your emails are visually appealing

With a B2B business like yours, using text-only emails will always be applicable, especially if your goal is to make the message more personalized to your recipients. However, improve or level up your emails from time to time. Most brands right now across different industries have done this already, so make sure to keep up.

  • Different brands invest in designing and coding HTML emails to achieve attractive visuals.
  • Apart from using images, GIFs, embedded videos, animated illustrations, etc., are some elements you can attach to your emails to make them more appealing.
  • Using gradients is helpful, too, in giving a vintage feeling to your emails, serving something new in your recipient’s inbox.

While other brands are taking a more simple and minimalistic approach in their emails, you must take the other side and always think outside the box to be more creative. Also, always remember what will work best for your target recipients and your business overall.

And now, this brings us to the next point, the A/B testing.

7. A/B testing is the most important than ever

Since customer preferences will continuously change, you should deploy A/B testing to determine what strikes your existing customer and your target recipients. Whether you place emojis in your emails, add GIFs and animations, use a persuasive tone, or change your CTA positions, you should carry out A/B testing.

Performing A/B testing entails sending out two key versions of your email campaign to two different groups of subscribers. Analyze the overall performance of your campaigns and send out the best ones to your target recipients. To get reliable results, test just one element at a time and send out these test emails to recipients who belong to the same segment and have the same preferences.

There is a lot of work, right? A/B testing is not for everybody. As a business leader with less to zero knowledge about any of this, A/B testing is not your cup of tea. Put your trust in a well-trusted construction marketing company that knows your niche, target audience, and the market you belong to.

8. Dark Mode Compatible Emails

Dark Mode is the new game now. And as it continuously rises and gets adopted by many, you must make sure your emails look amazingly good, even in the Dark Mode setting. Compatibility in dark mode is crucial to ensure your email deliverability rate will remain at an optimum level.

If your emails are incompatible with Dark Mode, they will trigger spam filters and hamper the overall subscriber experience. To avoid such conflict, you must make sure that you craft emails that do not show any issues in both settings – Dark Mode or Light Theme.

9. Hyper-personalization of emails

Generating more revenue is the end goal of any email marketing campaign. Over the last few years, top experts have concluded the best way to generate more revenue – is the complete personalization of user experience.

In-personalization will have significant effects on the outcome of your campaigns. When customers or recipients receive non-personalized or mistargeted emails, they will most likely take the following actions:

  • They automatically delete emails
  • They instantly unsubscribe
  • They will categorize emails as spam or junk
  • They will become less willing to purchase anything you offer
  • They will visit your construction website less frequently

10. Focus on Privacy

Lastly, focus on data protection and privacy will be big in email marketing in 2023. To improve data privacy, make sure to provide your subscribers with an option to change their email preferences or unsubscribe. Also, let them decide what content they prefer to receive from you and when.

If you do this, you kill three birds with one stone:

  • Clean mailing list because each uninterested recipient can easily unsubscribe
  • More data to segment for your subscriber database.
  • Improve your email marketing performance while the recipients get what they expect.


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