10 Key Components of a Winning Contractor Landing Page

10 Key Components of a Winning Contractor Landing Page

Landing pages have become increasingly common in the marketing landscape for a good reason. A landing page is a critical part of your marketing strategy. It is the very first thing your potential clients will see upon heading to your construction website and often the last thing before heading to a purchasing decision.

Keep reading this article to learn more about the different key components of a winding landing page. We will also share some tips on making sure it works best for you.


What is a Landing Page and How Important is it?


Good question. We assume you do not know much about landing pages, given your little knowledge and experience with marketing and website. No pun intended, but a landing page is a mini-site with a singular objective. And this objective is to focus on your services and products as clearly as possible while directing your web visitor’s attention along the way toward a tailored CTA or call to action.

Landing pages are actually designed to convert! Again, they are to get your target audience and make them do a specific action. Clicking CTAs means they are to sign up for a webinar, download a free eBook, make a purchase, or call you. However, while landing pages are being defined this way, it is equally important to give your web visitors a positive landing page experience.


Your Landing Pages Need These Ten Elements


A landing page is one most essential aspects of your content marketing strategy, and a lot actually goes into creating a great landing page that truly converts. Therefore, it should have different components of an effective landing page that stands out from your competitors.

Check out the following components of a winning landing page below:

1. Captivating Headline

Your chosen headline is the most critical element of your landing page because it is the first thing your visitors will see and get attracted to once they land on your page. It is important that you come up with a captivating headline that will surely entice your visitors and prevent them from bouncing back immediately. Instead, your headline will encourage them to consider what you offer.

Irrespective of the services you are promoting, a compelling, good headline must have these three major traits:

  • Clarity
  • Empathy
  • Relevancy

2. Effective copy of the primary content

Having a persuasive and decent copy is very important because it is one of the many ways you get to emphasize your point to your target prospects. To come up with such copies, you have to integrate the following:

  • Writing Style: Your copy must address the prospects directly using simple language. Use simple and easy-to-understand words. It is important that you must avoid buzzwords. Never pick words and sentences that do not make sense.
  • Amount of text: The texts should not be too little to more. Depending on the services you intend to offer, the number of copies should be lesser or on the average value. Stick to minimal.
  • Formatting: Whenever arranging your content, you must place in your mind that the majority of the online visitors are skimmers. This is why you should apply various formatting styles like bullet lists, numbered lists, and italics, among others. This must help to amplify the most significant aspects of the idea you intend to sell to your readers.

3. Compelling CTAs

Your landing page must stand out from the rest. And the only way to ensure this happens is by providing there is no confusion whatsoever with your click-to-redeem offer button. Your CTA button must be designed considering its color, position, size, and copy.

Be particular with the position of your CTAs. Place your CTAs right after introducing and explaining your service offerings in a way that convinces them. Make sure your CTAs do not appear from plain sight by using a color that contradicts the content on the page. If necessary, avoid overused words like Submit, Download, and Subscribe in your copies. Your creativity must become lively here.

4. A clearly defined lead form

Your landing page must provide a lead form or conversion funnel to allow your visitors to interact with your company. And if you are trying to build awareness for your service offerings, have your clients sign up for an email list to get updates from you eventually.

Some landing pages do not allow your visitors to interact directly with you, and these pages usually collect email addresses for some reason. If this is the case, you must include links to your social media channels and contact pages so your web visitors can learn more about your construction business and future updates.

5. Clearly define meta description

Meta descriptions are a more detailed explanation of your landing page. You have to make this compelling and define it clearly. This will have a big impact on helping online users decide to click on your landing page. Having a clear description also means having a clear value proposition, which will drive more relevant traffic from people looking for your services and products.

6. Social proof and testimonials

Trust is another important aspect of your landing pages. Your target audience wants to ensure they can rely on you and your service offerings. Therefore, showcasing testimonials and social proof from your satisfied clients is critical.

  • Testimonials can add social proof to your landing pages and show your visitors what your previous and current clients say about you. In addition, testimonials also provide authenticity, which helps you improve your conversion rates.
  • Updated social media share counts can give your target visitors a much better idea of how popular your landing pages are. However, sharing numbers is not that helpful if the numbers are somehow empty and too old to be relevant.

We suggest including live data on your site analytics like the number of visits on your landing page and other important KPIs you would like to include.

7. Add a FAQ section

Many web visitors come to your landing pages with many questions in mind. Make a list of common questions they commonly ask and add a helpful FAQ section to answer these questions. Moreover, adding a Q&A portion to your landing pages can also help you qualify the content as relevant and irrelevant to your search engines. The more valuable information you provide in text format, your rank in search engines is better.

This is very true for many reasons. A FAQ section on the landing page affects your website’s SEO. It generates new organic traffic, acquiring new potential clients interested in your services and products.

8. Creating a unique selling proposition

Every landing page needs a USP. USP stands for Unique Selling Position. What can make your service or product stand out from the competition? You must be able, to sum up by just knowing how to find new clients and increase more of your sales.

Only a good USP captures the interest of your clients, the reasons why they need to purchase right now, and even highlights what sets your construction business among your competitors. Another way to stand out and get the interest of your clients is to optimize your landing pages for search engines. Search Engine Optimization plays a role in editing your landing page’s elements to have it show up in the search results.

9. The team section

Okay, so, given that you have great service offerings, your target audience understands how it works. But how will they know exactly who you are? Do they firmly trust that you can deliver and construct on the promise of your making? And can they truly rely on you to support their needs in the long term?

Showcase your team and how awesome they are. This helps you set yourself apart from the intense competition.

10. Remove Navigation Elements

This is not an element but an important thing to do when building your ideal landing page. Remove navigation elements. The best landing pages will keep only necessary elements on one page. If you begin pushing your visitors to click a page, you will most likely lose them. With the same token, all of your elements must follow a logical flow to keep your visitors moving towards your CTAs, and ultimately completing the goal you have set for them.

Here is how to do this:

  • Begin with your explanation
  • Continue with the benefits your services offer
  • Include your testimonials
  • End with your CTA

The above logical flow or pattern is the most obvious and persuasive method of structuring a landing page. And you do not need to be subtle with this pattern, either. It is perfectly fine to allow your landing page design to define sections.


Build a Winning Landing Page that Converts with ConstructionMarketing.io


The ideal landing page will be completely different for any business, and yours will depend largely on your unique target audience. Play around, explore various options, foster empathy, and understand your target audience’s wants or needs to see. And most importantly, include all the elements and components cited above, and you will have a winning landing page that converts more leads in no time!

You can also partner with a trusted digital marketing agency like ConstructionMarketing.io to help you build the best landing pages for your business. You can get a conversion-focused landing page with us that helps inform your visitors and encourage them to buy. With a strong background in construction and a team of dedicated marketing professionals, you can be confident that we will deliver a landing page that increases your revenue for your construction business.

Talk to us today and let’s start crafting your custom-winning landing pages that ultimately fit your unique needs!