10 Key Tactics for Contractors on How to Measure Advertising Effectiveness

10 Key Tactics for Contractors on How to Measure Advertising Effectiveness

Measuring advertising effectiveness allows you to uncover if the media placements and outreach significantly impact your campaign goals. When you can determine your ads’ effectiveness, you can easily identify the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities within your marketing strategy.

The benefits of measuring and tracking advertising effectiveness are many to mention – all that is left for you to do is take action. Keep reading this blog to learn the importance of measuring your ad effectiveness and uncover the ten key tactics that can help you assess it.

Importance of Measuring Your Ad Effectiveness


Advertising effectiveness helps your brand determine if your ads are hitting the spot with the target audience and whether you are getting the best returns. Hence, the reason why you need to conduct assessments on the effectiveness of your ads. Check out the many benefits cited below that show the importance of measuring your ad effectiveness:

  • It acts as a safety measure: Assessing ad effectiveness can help discover some ineffective ad campaigns. It fosters timely adjustments in advertising to make clients more oriented. Therefore, a waste of money on faulty ads can be avoided.
  • To avoid possible failure: You can often be unsure of the results of ads from a particular campaign. Evaluating your ad effectiveness can help you estimate the results to avoid complete loss.
  • Provides feedback for remedial measures: Assessing ad effectiveness will provide useful information for you to take the necessary corrective steps against useless ads.
  • To know the communication effect: The effectiveness of your ads can be evaluated in terms of their communication effects on your target audience. The main purpose of your ads is to communicate to the general public, especially your existing clients and target prospects. Therefore, it is necessary to seek post measurements of your ads to determine whether they are communicated accordingly.
  • To compare two markets: In this procedure, ads are published in test markets, and the results are contrasted with others. The assessments of ads are made to identify the results of some changes in sales, consumer attitudes, and so on, depending on your marketing objectives.

Ways to Measure and Optimize Ad Effectiveness


Although there is no single best approach to assess your ad effectiveness, there is a simple framework you can follow when measuring the impact of your ads within your online marketing campaign. Let us examine every step of the process in more detail:

1. Clarify more of your goals

Begin by defining what ad effectiveness is to your team. Does it mean acquiring 1000 new subscribers to your newsletter? Does it mean getting a 2% increase in your sales while your campaign is active, or perhaps a 10% lift to your overall construction brand image? The choice is all yours.

Eventually, your goals will be your anchor for defining effective ads. Therefore, do not rush the overall process and make sure to involve any key stakeholders.

2. Measure your ad’s reach

Once you are ready to collect data, it is crucial to ensure you have the right idea of how much reach your ads will have. In other words, you need to determine the number of people who will see the ads. Ideally, you will also know critical information about these consumers and what motivates them to take action.

This particular task can be easy or difficult, depending on your chosen ad media channel. To get an initial estimate of your ad’s reach before your campaign launches, you can look at your past ad campaigns and see if you can find any relevant data.

3. Set up data collection and analytics capacities

Before your campaign starts, ensure you have the data, processes, and technologies you need to measure the progress of your goals. Data provides you with a solid bedrock of your strategy, and you also need defined methods for gathering and maintaining high-quality data to track your ad effectiveness over time. What becomes necessary is strong marketing analytics capabilities, which can help you in building the framework for measuring ad effectiveness.

This process is not always a walk in the park. Some construction firms hire professional help from a marketing agency to process the data. Look no further than ConstructionMarketing.io. Our agency used specialized tools and advanced internet marketing methodologies that make data and insights assessed accordingly.

4. Uncover your effective frequency

Effective frequency illustrates how often your target audience needs to see the same ads before they profess the message and take action immediately. This means getting the right balance between over and under-exposing your clients. Figuring out the right mix also means using the right marketing tools to analyze the outcomes of your previous ad placements while considering any differences between two touch points.

5. Determine touch points that need more optimization

While your campaign is still in motion, you and your team must keep a close eye on how the ads perform. For instance, if your main goal is to increase conversions, but a specific touch point does not have a clear impact, some changes should be necessary.

When assessing these touch points, always remember that some of them support conversions, and other touch points may drive conversions directly. Therefore, ensure your marketing attribution model gives proper credit to every touch point.

6. Take a detailed look at your media mix

There is a list of internet marketing channels you need to know and try. Choosing the right medium for your ads can be tedious, and it can even be more difficult to find the right mix of your channels. This is where marketing technologies take into consideration. For instance, with the marketing solutions offered by our agency, you can better understand how every single channel works together to drive more conversions. Our marketing experts can help you choose the right channels that work together smoothly for your target audience, helping you drive better results.

7. Link campaign outcomes to revenue

Money is the main bottom line of every business, and there is no secret to that. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that your campaign strategies benefit you profitably or financially. Yet, it is not simple. But the point is the most effective marketing campaigns do not solely focus on generating instant ROI. In fact, there is a need to take more tough measures into account, like customer lifetime value and brand metrics.

Make sure to take all necessary measures and consider the above factors. You should also know exactly how each aspect impacts your long-term financial outcomes. For this reason, you need to invest in a platform that can predict how changes in brand value affect long-term value.

8. Investigate Traffic Patterns

The number of visitors to your website tends to increase if an advertising effort is a success. When figuring out whether or not to partner with a construction firm, your target prospects usually conduct research by firstly looking at your company website.

From there, you can determine if many people are visiting your website right after your ad campaign by comparing the traffic patterns before and after the ad placement.

9. Set up and Track Campaign Hashtags

Well-crafted hashtags are a great proxy to measure the effectiveness of your ads, especially if you are running an interactive ad campaign. You may collect user-generated content and then use it for other marketing purposes. A well-crafted hashtag helps you augment your offline campaign using social media data. From there, you can measure:

  • Post and hashtag reach
  • Hashtag usage/popularity
  • Follower and engagement growth
  • Overall consumer sentiments
  • Referral traffic from social media

Hashtags help you estimate your target audience’s response to your ads. Moreover, they can also help amplify the reach of your campaigns via the network effects, helping you to build up viral momentum.

10. Keep eyes on your competitors

Your target audience does not think about your services in isolation. Whenever measuring the ad effectiveness, ensure to capture key metrics for your close competitors to make a comparison. When assessing the results, it is also helpful to weave more information on your marketing spending levels, ad reach, and the frequency between your ad and competitors.

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