10 Most Underrated Online Marketing Techniques You Should Apply to Your Construction Business

10 Most Underrated Online Marketing Techniques You Should Apply to Your Construction Business

In the digital marketing world full of diverse selling tactics, making a name out of the sea of businesses can be very challenging. All marketers and even business owners are now talking about digital marketing. As a construction business owner, you should learn to think outside of the box when crafting your construction marketing plan.

Many marketing tactics today are often overlooked, mainly because most people think some ideas and strategies will not work out for their business. Contrary to popular belief, when all of these underrated marketing approaches are being executed accordingly, they can help your construction business succeed in many ways possible. It also helps you outrun the intense competition.

In this blog post, we will share with you some of the top underrated marketing tactics you must try to gain an edge in the market. The following strategies will ultimately add more value to your construction business.


1. Create and distribute infographics

Are you familiar with infographics? Have you already heard it? We assume you have not heard it, especially if you are new to marketing. Infographics are a part of content marketing campaigns. However, this strategy needs to be noticed now and then. But we suggest you should take advantage of this tactic. If you are distributing data via social media, infographics present complicated information in a fun, simple format.

Visual content is more engaging than text and still presents the info in a useful manner. Some of your target audience may need help finding takeaways from the data, but they will surely find infographics quick and fun.


Infographics are a great content piece for visual platforms and are fun to create.


2. Introduce apps into content planning

One important base to cover is conversational marketing because it informs professionals like you on how to reach your target audience best. For many companies, the best conversational channel is through chatbots and emails. But what about an application with business and marketing tools?

Let’s take WhatsApp as an example. This app is the number one messaging app in the world and is known to have an accompanying Business app. It lets you interact with your clients on a more personal level from the Business page. So, if you want to offer a more personalized experience to your customers, making use of this type of app is a must.


3. Build a Facebook Group

Facebook groups are very great for many reasons. Automatically you are the admin if you are the one who creates that Facebook page. You can add your target audience where you can communicate with them, and other groups can interact and provide access to the information you were unaware of. The Facebook group promotes inclusivity and allows your target audience to feel like they are part of the special community. Moreover, always be active in the group and answer the questions. 

You can focus on a couple of these or perhaps all of them, depending on your goals and objectives. Yet, regardless of whichever you pick, prioritize delivering value to your customers more.


4. Work with micro-influencers

Working with popular influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers can be very expensive, and it effectively boosts ROI. However, if your budget is limited, consider partnering with micro-influencers instead. These influencers not only have a couple of thousand followers, but they also have a close-knit audience, and this type of creator is much better than those with larger audiences.


5. Host a Webinar

The webinar is another method to solidify broad industry experience for your construction business. Hosting a webinar can connect your target audience with the people behind your brand. The webinar provides the viewers with a thorough educational presentation online and is a much easier and cheaper option than preparing a conference.

How does a webinar fit your construction business? All types of businesses have been trying to host webinars today, so do not be afraid to try. Just think of all the hot topics and trends that can be the main subject to talk about. For example, for your construction company, this might look like “the emerging technologies in the construction sector” or “tips to win more bids”.


6. Use SEO in other areas

SEO is effective great in building traffic and boosting your online business visibility, and you can use it for other areas of your construction business as well. For instance, keyword research can help you name new services and products, giving your target leads a better chance of finding them.

Another way is to use previous data you have already collected to create a customer-centric tactic that caters to each part of the buyer’s journey. Suppose you notice that you are generating enough leads and are not converting enough customers. In that case, SEO data can help you determine the gaps and how to resolve them immediately and effectively.

Those are just some ways Search Engine Optimization can help you on another level without so much technicality.


7. Refer to metrics for decision-making

Do you ever know that understanding the metrics from previous campaigns is very important? Eventually, understanding the ROI (Return on Investment) and metrics of completed campaigns can strongly influence how you structure your next campaign.

For example, one of the indicators that can tell you if you met your construction business marketing goals is the ROI data. Apart from ROI, assessing what works best for your target audience and what does not can lead to better content planning and marketing spending. Moreover, knowing how your clients respond to your campaigns will give you a better idea of how to target them effectively.


8. Use forums to your advantage

Have you been to an online forum? Online forums are online platforms where users can ask and answer questions about different topics. At first glance, forums have little to no connection to online marketing. But, they are a great brand awareness tool.

Participating in online forums is great because like-minded people typically ask questions on these platforms. You can join Quora and Reddit and look for questions about your niche. You can find many questions on these platforms that make sense to your niche and business.

Work on answering the posts. And make sure to support your claims with accurate and relevant data. Taking advantage of these online platforms will give an instant boost to your brand awareness.


9. Consider SMS marketing

You might be thinking that SMS marketing is a thing of the past, and however, the data from SMS tells a different kind of story. We do not encourage spamming here because it is crucial that you carefully curate the texts that you will be sending to your contacts.

Below are a couple of ways you can collect contact numbers that you can use for SMS marketing:

  • Offer your target audience a discount or freebie in exchange for their mobile
  • Give your web visitors an option to sign-up on your construction website
  • Encourage people to subscribe to your SMS campaigns via Email Marketing
  • Have your customer service agents source out the phone numbers of your clients
  • Make sure to include your company details in ads and business cards

SMS marketing is an excellent marketing tactic, and you still need to be careful not to intrude on your customer’s privacy. Do not send out so many messages, and make sure to offer something to them in return for your favor.


10. Focus on solving your customer’s pain points

Solving your client’s problems can help bring them closer to your brand, and it can also build trust between you and the client since they know that your construction company is always ready to reply to comments and give suggestions.

Make it a habit to always check your blog and social media comments. Look for emails asking relevant questions about your construction brand. The faster you reply to these people, the more impressed they will be with your customer service.


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You should also know that digital marketing can grow your construction business faster than most marketing techniques. However, we still encourage you to try the above-cited marketing tactics. But if you want to have professional help because you want to make things done faster and have instant results, hiring an agency allows you to get started right away.

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