10 New Social Media Tips for Your Construction Business This 2022

10 New Social Media Tips for Your Construction Business This 2022

No matter how much you love to hate social media, your focus is more on business matters; social media is still one of the vital parts of life and business overall. Social media is the open window to different worlds and a treasure trove of easy connections. Today when everything is digital and done online, it becomes essential for all kinds of businesses to follow this trend too! Imagine, it just takes two minutes for a brand to reach its client base, either with a Facebook post or a tweet.

If you own a construction business, your company needs online marketing. And there is no better platform other than social media. If you are starting to wonder how you can leverage social media? Read this blog as we share ten new social media tips that will help you stay on edge this 2022!

Social Media for Your Construction Company


Being visible and staying relevant is crucial for your construction business’s stability in the competitive market. Most customers are spoon-fed for all options in terms of brands. In many cases, they end up choosing somewhat familiar. This is precisely where social media enters the story and plays a crucial role. Your construction business can boost its profits and sales by being in the collective consciousness of your client’s base. And everything of this can all be achieved thru social media posts, blog content feeds, etc., online.

Social Media Tips that can Significantly Transform Your Construction Business


1. Create Social Media Accounts

The first thing you should do is create social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. This is necessary, especially if your business does not have an account yet. There are a good number of social media applications today, but it is highly suggested that businesses should only be presented with only 3 to 4 accounts. 

Spreading your feet wide and far is known to be dangerous and futile. Choose wisely what accounts work best for your construction business. Pick the ones where your target audience is most outnumbered. Make sure the newly created social media accounts should be named after your business. It has to look professional and competent to convince your target audience that your business has a good reputation.

2. Be Regular on Social Media

Posting anything once per month on either your social media accounts or construction website may not be of much help. To better visibility and make a place in your client’s minds, you should update your social media posts now and then. Focus on web development and design, too—the more appealing and functional your website, the better. Your construction website is another platform where you can post anything and it is equally helpful in widening your online reach.

Another thing you have to know is that today, many people follow multiple businesses. Your current posts may get buried under other posts on the newsfeed. So, the best way to overcome and fix this is by posting at least 3 to 4 times a week.

We understand that doing all of this can be time-consuming. Hence, it is highly suggested that your business hire a reliable digital marketing agency like ConstructionMarketing.io. The agency has the best social media experts and can create many updates for your brand. Your social media presence and online reputation will be the agency’s top priority. You and your business are in good hands!

3. Make Your Posts Interesting

Carefully choose what you post on your social media pages. According to a study, self-promotional posts must be restricted to 50% or less. Being a construction business, you can post a blog about some recent trends in the construction sector. You can also go for some interesting articles about how you must plan the construction of your projects. To brainstorm, take advantage of blog topic ideation. 

Moreover, make sure that anything you post on social media channels is engaging, informative, and educational. The construction niche has a range of topics. For sure, you can think of the best topics to write for your website and social media posts.

  • Never stick to one content. 
  • Always keep your target audience’s interests peaked into your best interest.

4. Engage with influencers

Another easy way to amplify your social media activity is following industry thought-leaders. Engage with them and ask them questions about the construction industry. From there, you can start a social conversation, and it is very beneficial for you. 

Share posts that you think they may like. If they are interested in your construction brand, they might share your content with their current social media following. It will be great exposure and an advantage for your construction company.

5. Show-off Your Work on Social Media

Social Media is an excellent platform to showcase your projects and work. Some social media users can become your new leads. Social media channels like Facebook can help you connect with people interested in your services. Posts that contain snaps of your recent work and projects can be clinchers. Also, visuals of the work you have completed can significantly impact users and aid your construction business growth.

6. Be Responsive on Social Media

Once you begin posting on your social media pages, you can get comments, shares, and likes from anyone, especially those interested and currently looking for construction services. While most comments that you will get may be encouraging and motivating, a few feedbacks can also be a criticism. As a construction business, it helps that you respond to every comment, even the negative ones.

Doing so would mean that you are willing to receive suggestions and feedback to correct errors. This is an excellent attribute that ensures a loyal customer base.

7. Watch out for Trending Topics

While posting content regularly on social media channels, it is also equally important to keep an eye out on some trending topics related to your construction business. Getting involved in online conversations on these topics will make your construction brand more and more visible. 

  • Post blogs relating to the trending topics today to gain more viewership.
  • Use hashtags because it pays to use some trending hashtags today. However, maintain caution when necessary.
  • Never use hashtags relating to disasters and destroyed buildings, etc. 

8. Review Your Posts

Most social media platforms today provide data regarding your post’s performance. The business pages in social media provide comprehensive analytical data about your account or page. They provide data relating to the number of likes, views, comments and shares.

As the construction business owner, the data can help you fully understand what posts generate the most traction and what does not. Posting content on social media without fully understanding its impact is not worth your effort and time. Thus, it is suggested to make good use of the data analysis tools and frequently review your social media performance.

9. Consider Ad Buys

Do you have an extra marketing budget? You may consider using social media ads. You can begin with minimum money to boost some posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to reach a wider audience. You may want to start with brand awareness campaigns. While your target audience grows, you can change your target goals to have calculable Return on Investment (ROI), such as CTR, to read more info on your construction website. 

10. Assess what is working and what is not and how to keep improving

You already have a much bigger and more precise understanding of social media strategy this time. However, it is crucial to adapt these strategies throughout the year. Without constantly analyzing your efforts, you will never know how one campaign did over another. 

Having a bird’s eye outlook of your social media activity can help you put things into perspective.

Is Your Social Media Marketing Sorted Out for 2022?


Social media marketing is an effective tool that you can utilize to take your construction business to the next level. You have to know how to use it right. Be aware that there are many moving pieces to achieve a solid social media presence. With that being said, putting together yours does not have to be a drag. 

If you have already set some actionable goals and consider all the tips mentioned above, you will already be way ahead of the curve in your social media presence. However, social media management might not be your forte – given that your focus is more on construction. That is why we exist, and we offer quality digital marketing services specialized only for your construction business.

Here at ConstructionMarketing.io, we prioritize your digital marketing needs. We suggest you take a stab at using social media and other marketing tactics for your company to build awareness and online presence within the industry and beyond. We will help you maximize your opportunities for social media growth. 

Keyword Research, Web design, development, SEO marketing, Google My Business, Custom Blogs, etc., are included in our service offerings. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have more questions.