10 Social Media Ideas for Your Construction Business

10 Social Media Ideas for Your Construction Business

Let’s face it. Construction is not event planning, entertainment, or even fashion. And it shows that it is not the most social-media-friendly industry. As someone who owns a construction business, did you see the difference? However, it doesn’t mean that Instagram, Facebook and Twitter should not be one of the foundations of your construction marketing plan. In fact, these social media channels are three of the most widely used platforms that offer a priceless ROI. 

That is why, as a contractor, you need to be strategic, personable and creative when it comes to cultivating your company’s online presence. Read this blog to discover some of the most effective social media ideas to help you start conversations and win more and more clients.

Is Social Media Actually Useful for Construction Companies?


Today, construction companies are pretty reluctant to jump straight to social media. As a contractor or a business owner, do you feel the same way too? It is difficult to see how social media strategies could add anything to your bottom line if you mainly do construction work. 

So why invest in this type of marketing for your business? It is crucial to remember that even if you are strictly a B2B construction company, any company you work for is comprised of many people. And most people nowadays have at least owned one social media account, if not multiple accounts.

So to put it plainly, your ideal customers and target audience are on social media. That’s a fact. But you begin questioning how does social media can drive results and contribute to your bottom line? That’s a great question. See below how social media can work in many ways. It can be:

  • A tool to increase your brand awareness – The more popular your brand, the more people will remember you and your company. In many cases, they will choose you for your next construction projects.
  • Amplification for your company brand – is a way to obtain exceptional content and great news into the hands of those who want it.
  • A way to connect with your target audience – By engaging with your social media followers, you can be involved in some social listening. When you are able to determine common pain points and similar questions your target audience has, you develop strong solutions to address each.
  • A lead generation machine – You can use social media to drive more and more leads to your site when done well. It is essential to be strategic and implement social media management to handle all accounts and channels accordingly. Measure the results correctly and track progress.

From gaining a much better understanding of what your ideal buyer needs and wants to expand your brand awareness, all the benefits mentioned above of social media can undoubtedly drive results for your construction company.

Social Media Ideas for Your Construction Business


1. Industry news and insights

Of course, you do not want to be like any other contractor. It’s your strong desire to be a game-changer and to be pretty much dynamic and different from the rest. That is why you must share industry trends and news from reputable sources. It makes you the thought leader every construction professional aspires to be and attracts more clients who desire to work with the best of the best.

2. Leverage the visual nature of your business

  • Construction Projects – take advantage of Instagram’s photo upload album of your recently finished projects. Bonus points for tagging subs, your construction crew, designers, suppliers, etc., who assisted you on such projects.
  • A surefire way to rack up social media likes is by getting some online spotlight on the aesthetic, commercial buildings you have constructed. It will show everyone, especially potential customers, the high quality of service that you deliver.
  • Before and After – You should know that before and after photos are always a major hit; whether they are a newly remodeled building or a newly designed office park, various photos show a tangible representation of your company’s work.
  • Behind the scenes – Balance your curated visual content with behind the scene footage of the design process, the job sites, and your construction crew at work. Your target audience can get an idea of how new construction projects come to life, and you will get to showcase your company culture in the process!

3. Contests to engage followers

How else can you net new followers? Simply host a social media contest. Encourage followers to comment, like, and share a post for branded merchandise and giveaways. You are getting free PR, and they are getting free stuff. Obviously, it is a win-win.

And to make this more meaningful, you can tie it with a philanthropic cause. Have other organizations and even schools get involved. It helps builds your construction business as the community’s go-to contractor while doing a worthy cause for the community in return.

4. A day in the field

As a contractor, what is it like to work with your construction team? Almost everyone wants to know, especially people who are searching for construction services. With that being said, this is a great opportunity to go live on social media channels like Facebook and post a series of photos across IG stories.

By sharing what a typical ordinary day looks like for you and your crew, you’re showcasing all the services your business offers, including the hours of hard work you place into making it all happen.

5. Tricks of the trades         

Video is king in terms of construction marketing and social media. You have to discover the best way to use it. You can shoot videos onsite explaining how your construction team does something. Create different concepts. You can also show why you do it better than any competitor. These how-to clips can be raw and simple yet have a huge impact. 

It can show viewers that you and your team know the work, and your company is the right firm fit for the job. 

6. Incorporate link building in your social media profiles

You can add a reasonable amount of links to your company’s social media pages. The purpose is to cross-link various accounts. Moreover, you can use these links as CTAs (calls to action).

For instance, in your company’s YouTube channel, you may include a link to a landing page in every video’s bio. You can also add as many links as you want in the video’s description box.

7. Who is Inspiring You?

This tip is mainly giving some love on social media. You can start simple. Consider giving or sharing kudos to other builders and contractors who inspire you to thrive hard and level up your game. Ultimately, any small actions help garner your support in the industry, increase your social media presence and engagement. 

8. Blog Content

Have you considered content creation yet? Perhaps, your team needs a podcast? Hence, be sure to share and promote all your content across social media platforms. Content creation and sharing it all within the industry reinforce the notion of your construction business as a thought leader. In addition, it can boost your ranking on any search engine. 

If you got something to say, know that your followers want to hear it!

9. Awards and accolades

Celebrate accolades your company earns by spreading all the news of your above and beyond services on social media. Your workers, family, and friends might even share the post, helping your pages to gain more and more views from those who may be ready to establish new commercial buildings. 

10. Incorporate influencers

Which partner organizations, media outlets, and thought leaders reach the exact audiences and viewers you want to target? And how can these influencers help you boost your online presence as well as your brand? 

Following construction influencers can help you:

  • Point you to story ideas and industry trends for timely blogs and articles
  • Clue you into online discussions, forums, conferences, and trade shows) where your brand must have a strong presence
  • Build a relationship with you that may lead to a guest post opportunity or interviews.
  • Teach you more and more about your target audience so that you can tailor your educational offers, site content, and everything you draft accordingly.

Maximize Your Reach through Construction Marketing


Social media may feel like a huge plunge for you. However, these strategies can be exceptionally successful for your construction business when implemented correctly and with tons of effort. Start small, and always stick with it. In fact, the more you engage and the more quality content you post, the larger your following grows. This generates more brand awareness and eventually contributes to more qualified leads coming right to your business, all ready to avail your services.

Social media marketing for a construction business like yours is an excellent way to increase brand awareness, grow your online following, and help further expand your pool of qualified leads. However, it is not always easy.

If you are new to social media and your construction company wants to start with social media marketing and is not sure how and where to start, ConstructionMarketing.io is here to help. 

We are a full-service digital marketing agency and have a strong background in construction. We can help your construction business grow through digital marketing. Talk to us today and allow us to showcase what we’ve got. We are happy to help!