10 Surefire Ways to Get More Leads on Social Media

10 Surefire Ways to Get More Leads on Social Media

Knowing and learning how to acquire more leads on social media is critical for contractors ready to move beyond engagement and brand awareness. Whether you realize it or not, social media lead generation is a crucial aspect of your marketing strategy. Collecting leads via social media helps you find many people interested in your company and services. Most importantly, such leads will help you keep in touch with possible clients.

This blog is for contractors looking to take their social media marketing to the next level. We offer a refresher and the latest tactics for earning more high-quality leads on different social media platforms. Let’s start by understanding what social media lead is.


What are Social Media Leads?


A lead is any collection of information someone shares that anyone can use to follow up with them. This includes email addresses, names, employers, occupations, or any other info that a social media user shares with you. More than half of the internet users are on social media, and these social media users are on actively online across different platforms providing massive amounts of data. Speaking once again with information or data, this is valuable for your social media lead generation.

The collected data is helpful for marketers and contractors who want to target their audience instantly.


Earn More Leads on Social Media Using These Tactics


1. Optimize your profile

Before planning your next social media lead campaign, ensure everything is in place for you to collect leads organically. Your social media profile must also provide the means for clients to contact you and sign up for your shops, newsletters, and more.

  • Provide contact information: Your content info must be visibly available on your profile. However, even before you add them, make sure you can support your customer inquiries through Messenger, phone, email, or other means.
  • Create CTA buttons: Depending on your goals, various platforms offer unique profile features. For instance, if you want more newsletter subscribers, you may add a SIGNUP button on your Facebook page. 
  • Add links to your bio: When more particular tools are unavailable, add a link to your profile bio. This spot is often taken advantage of on Instagram but can also be used on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. If you can, add CTAs so social media people know why they should click and what they can expect.

2. Create Clickable Content

Without captivating content, it is impossible to collect leads. It is that simple. Always remember, everybody on social media is strongly competing for attention. And the attention spans are much shorter than ever. Images have to be sharp, and copies have to be sharper. So, if your top goal is to generate more leads, tailoring your creative to support it is necessary.

With compelling content, you make sure your target audience has a place to click. As much as possible, ensure every post has a clearer link and tempting CTAs.

3. Design user-friendly landing pages

If you have successfully convinced someone to click on your links, do not disappoint them with a chaotic landing page. For beginners, the landing pages are relevant and should be given importance. It better be there if somebody is expecting to look for specific information or a certain product while going through the click funnels. Without the related content, it is easier for social media people to close a window or forget why they clicked in the very first place.

A great landing page will be visually seamless and easy to scan. In addition, it also needs to provide users with a visible and clearer path and have to be as personal as possible.

4. Use social lead ads

When you have been exhausting organic traffic collection measures, or if you would like to boost those efforts, there are social lead ads.

  • Instagram lead ads: Instagram offers lead ads created to help collect information. Instagram offers an option to partially pre-fill forms. Full name, email address, phone number, and gender sections can all be pre-completed in the ads.
  • Facebook lead ads: Lead ads on Facebook are mainly promoted forms. The leads collected by such ads can be synced directly to your client management system or downloaded so your sales team follow up as needed.
  • LinkedIn Lead Forms: LinkedIn offers ad formats specifically for lead generation. These ads are now available on the platform as Sponsored InMail and Message Ads. Similar to Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn uses profile info to pre-fill sections.
  • YouTube TrueView for Action Ads: This particular format on YouTube is designed to help drive a certain action, especially generating leads. Such ads have prominent CTA buttons that can link to a site of your option. And when creating such ads, you can select “Leads” as your goals.

5. Offer the right incentives

Give your target audience the reason to share information with you. Depending on the type of lead you are looking to collect, there are various incentives you can offer to sweeten the deal. You can offer a discount code. In fact, a lot of brands today offer their clients a discount code in exchange for something. Discount codes or reward points encourage your clients to make a return visit to your website and make a purchase. So, if you plan on offering one, create a strategy and implement it. The goal is not just to generate leads but also to nurture and convert them successfully.

6. Personalized your offers

A sort of personalization can go a long way regarding social media lead generation. To improve your leads’ value and quality, you must put personalization first. It can be a real challenge, though, but targeting is a great place to start. Make the most of the targeting tools on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other platforms to reach the right audience.

7. Measure and refine with analytics

If you are collecting social media leads, you must also collect analytic insights. You can set your goals in Google Analytics to track leads on your construction website. This allows you to monitor which social media platform is best for your business. For example, if you notice that Facebook outperforms LinkedIn, it might be worth redoubling efforts on that platform.

Social analytics tools allow you to determine the messaging and creative that performs best. And with this insight, the developer can generate 4x more sales lead in the next campaign and even lower the costs per lead.

8. Run Referral Campaign

If you are willing to spend money to generate more social media leads, you can use a referral campaign. To make this work, you must encourage clients to share on social media, track signups through referral links, and compensate referrers.

It might be a whole lot to manage yourself. To speed up the process, you can partner with a reliable digital marketing agency like ConstructionMarketing.io that can do the work for you. A team of social media experts from this agency will provide prospects with messages you have specifically crafted for them.

9. Sell on Social

Social selling is not quite like other suggestions you have come across. It is not a strategy or a technique, and it is a different approach to selling. And instead of utilizing cold pitching, it is a sales process. While this is a relatively new mindset, numbers and research show that it is very effective at generating more high-quality leads on social media.

But, how does social selling exactly work? This is built around several main principles:

  • Engage with prospects
  • Leverage social connections
  • Deliver great value

10. Host a live event

As a contractor, this one may be something intimidating and new to you. This strategy is mainly done through live events. However, it does not mean in-person meetups or conferences, but hosting a live event can be content generated online.

Do you know that webcasts and webinars are the two most effective content tactics for B2B companies today, beating out case studies, blogs, and research reports? A simple webinar can help you draw more leads, leveraging more of your existing social connections.

Partner with ConstructionMarketing.io


You cannot ignore social media when generating sales and leads. Social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are crowded with prospects eager to purchase services from you – if you only know how to find them.

But it doesn’t change the fact that generating leads from social media absolutely takes time, and it is not a one-day process. Even some expert marketers agree with that and get confused when they cannot generate relevant leads despite following some of the best practices. As a contractor new to this, it is best to keep trying and exploring.

But if you cannot due to time constraints, we can help you get the ball rolling. Here at ConstructionMarketing.io, we create a solid social media lead strategy unique for your business. We can help you tap into an effective pool of prospects that can ultimately increase the number of your social media leads. We only want the best in your online marketing efforts.


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