10 Things Contractors Can do with Google Analytics for Their Business

10 Things Contractors Can do with Google Analytics for Their Business

Are you a construction firm that just jumpstarted with your website and did not know exactly what to do next? Or, are you a start-up construction business that wants to build an online presence for the sake of your branding and lead generation? Whether your business is small or you are already an established construction firm, online digital marketing is the new tune!

To achieve the desired results, you should dig deep into numbers. So, where to get started? The answer is Google Analytics. In this blog, you will discover how you can take more advantage of Google Analytics for your construction business.

Why Use Google Analytics for Your Construction Business?


Even before your online marketing efforts slowly start bearing fruits, you have to have an online address of your construction company. And that will be your construction website. There are certain elements

you need to know from your website. Pageviews, traffic patterns, and page visits to your websites are some of the most critical aspects you have to know. In order for you to understand each of them, you have to make use of Google Analytics.

Indeed, this tool is proven the best application to thoroughly understand how your website is performing when it comes to getting visitors and converting them into leads. Even if your construction firm is service-based, carrying out analytics can open new avenues to gain more leads and clients.

You Can Do Better with Google Analytics


Your construction business marketing cannot thrive or grow in many ways without GA. It helps in tracking trends and numbers and enhances your business’s undertaking of your customers and clients. The best part about this tool is that it keeps on getting updated. Over the years, there have been added features supplementing the usability factor.

Here is how a contractor like you can take full advantage of Google Analytics:

1. Saves your time and energy with automated data collection

Here comes to using GA for your construction marketing? Though it can be a little bit complicated if not tricky. Yet, using GA is very simple, even for people who are not that tech-savvy. So, once the set-up of your GA account is already completed., you should copy the code provided by your website’s back front, and voila! You can start collecting data instantly.

GA is an innovative analytics tool that segregates the data more efficiently into Spreadsheets or Google docs.

2. Data is Absolutely Free with Google Analytics

GA does not change a thing. And yes, it is free. Where else can you find a marketing tool that can help you in every single step of planning a strategy? What GA does for your construction business is that it doles out all the important data, critical figures, relevant information, and statistics required better to understand your target audience in a business-related way.

When the data is coming free, you can spend your penny on some other type of marketing method.

3. Campaign Analysis is effortless and quick

By making a campaign in GA, you can easily track conversions and traffic effortlessly. It will be easier for you to monitor a specific construction marketing campaign by looking at the advanced segments. Check this in GA. Tick on the Advanced Segments dropdown menu and select New custom segment.

Make use of the right custom segments. If you use the right components, finding the ROI of your social media campaigns alongside your other digital marketing metrics will be easier for you.

4. Custom reports with sheer ease

Obviously, contractors and your people are one the busiest people on the earth. Given your situation, how many of you or your subs have the time to do and think of doing reports and track numbers. For sure, you and your team find it a burden and, at the same time, an inconvenience.

But with Google, it is a piece of cake. You can use GA to simplify all tasks most conveniently and seamlessly. And the most exciting part here is that you can create a report by using drag and drop. Right after signing in, GA will provide a step-by-step guide to customize your comprehensive reports.

5. GA is flexible in merging with other tools and platforms

Do you ever know what the most powerful feature of GA is? It is the capacity to be integrated without any hassles with other platforms and tools. But as a user of Google services, you will know that Google has been holding up high the user interface. Most likely, GA is no different with its swift and neat functioning interface.

Take Google Search Console, for example. You can link your GA property to your search console, enabling data to flow between the platforms. The data exported from your Search console becomes subject to GA terms of services and vice versa.

6. Win big with social media platforms

Wondering how social media marketing for your construction business is connected to Google Analytics? For example, let’s say your firm provides interior decoration services, and you are using LinkedIn and Facebook to promote these services. And right after analyzing analytics, there is more and more traffic from your Facebook channel, yet customer engagement is happening on Twitter.

What exactly do you do? You should plan your social media tactic as per the analysis. And if Facebook is getting more and more traffic, then putting Facebook Ad campaigns will be a great move. With GA, all your social media channels can be monitored well without hassles.

7. Minimize the bounce rate of your construction website

How will you feel if somebody is unwilling to hear what you need to say? You will feel rejected and disappointed at the same time. It is the same way your website gets left when the web visitors decide not to go through the content. If the visitor is your target prospect, then they are not spending much time on your construction website means you are losing a potential lead.

This occurrence is called the bounce rate, and almost all websites, including yours, struggle to keep the bounce rate low. But with the help of GA, you can have a comprehensive analysis of the pages getting a much higher bounce rate. Moreover, GA’s extensive reports can help you with ways to reduce the bounce rate of your construction website.

8. Effective use of marketing and content

All for the sake of the quality, you must have heard many times that Content is King, and we assume you are. In fact, you should not just focus on your content but also on your marketing efforts.

Content and digital marketing go hand in hand. That is why so many companies are using different blogs, infographics, creatives, and Slide Share to make relevant and exciting content for the customers. Quality and well-research content is one effective way to build trust and relationships with your customers.

Today, the emphasis has become more on humanizing your brand. That said, content is proven to be a huge help.

9. Enabled Google Search Console

We have mentioned how Google Analytics can integrate other platforms easily, and the search console from Google can be integrated seamlessly.

The holy grail of organic search traffic data comes from the Search console. So, as a website owner, you must take the necessary step to enable Search Console data to flow into your GA account. When finally enabled, a treasure trove of data is being made available to you for analysis, such as keyword performances and what users see in the search results before deciding to click on your website.

10. Study Behavior Flow


More than basic traffic and click-rate key performance indicators, valuable visitor insights can be generalized using the behavior flow tool in GA. The behavior flow moves around raw statistics, providing you with visual diagrams that can help you decipher your website’s visitor intent. It analyzes a few important things like the pages your visitors interacted with and the pages where they disengaged or dropped off your site.

It goes to show how every feature or element of Google Analytics is helpful in everything related to your websites.  

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One has to be on his exact toes while developing marketing strategies for his construction company. No matter what you are planning, analysis before and after is critical, and it only goes to show how much you need GA to take the internet limelight.

If you finally have your Google Analytics account set up but need to get your analytics to do more? ConstructionMarketing.io can help you. You can rely on our team of marketing experts who can help you determine your data goals. They can interpret your existing data, suggest solutions to combine data across several websites, prepare customizable reports, set up conversion funnels, and more.

Talk to us today. Let ConstructionMarketing.io help you with your GA concerns to make better data-driven decisions.