10 Tips on How to Make a Viral Email Subject Lines

10 Tips on How to Make a Viral Email Subject Lines

A successful email begins with a compelling subject line that grabs your recipients’ attention. Great subject lines are often descriptive and personal, giving recipients a solid reason to check out your email. Whatever your approach, it is crucial to keep your target audience in mind and test different phrases and words to see what they prefer.

In this blog post, you will discover how important subject lines are in your email, how it remains one of the best email marketing best practices until now, and how it decides the fate of your email campaign. Additionally, find out the most effective tips for writing strong subject lines for your emails and learn about some statistics proving how crucial subject lines are.


Why is a Subject Line Important in the Email?


If you notice, email inboxes are bombarded with hundreds to thousands of emails daily. Since the pre-header and subject lines are the first things recipients can see upon receiving an email, this only shows that clear and catchy subject lines are more important than ever.

Great subject lines in the email can make a great difference and impact your target audience, and the chosen words and phrases can influence your audience and their decision to open your email. Take note that no matter how well-crafted and sophisticated your email campaigns are, they are only valuable if your target audience will open the emails you are sending to them.

Ensure you spend enough time on your emails and all their important parts, especially the subject lines and their content – to get more leads, prevent emails from going to the spam folders, and have your message in front of the right audience.

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That Stats Never Lie – Email Subject Line Statistics


It is easy to be influenced by something you see and hear online. However, if you are a sensible construction business owner considering subject lines for your emails, you need more proof, like statistics, to support your expectations. Fortunately, there is a lot of proof of how important email subject lines are. Take a closer look at the statistics below.

  • 33% of people being surveyed claimed they open emails based on the subject line alone.
  • 22% of people surveyed claimed that if an email subject line is intentionally personalized, they are most likely to open it over the one that is not personalized.
  • 69% of people surveyed admitted that the subject line is their basis for whether to report a certain email as an email or spam.

Based on the statistics alone, you can already determine that subject email lines truly significantly impact whether or not an email is read. So, pay attention to your email subject lines and create a fitting one. And even if your business is adopting email marketing automation tools that often come with the automated subject line, ensure to personalize it according to what appeals to your target audience.


How to Craft a Powerful Email Subject Line?


Think of these ten tips below as tweaks you can do when crafting your subject lines. Each tip is designed to get people to take notice of your email and open it directly without thinking twice.

1. Shorten your subject lines

What better is your subject line if your recipients cannot read it? Oftentimes, people check emails via their mobile phones, swiping through hundreds of emails that do not even prompt a sense of urgency. So, ensure your subject line does not get cut short, and just keep the subject line under 40 characters or about six to seven words.

2. Avoid spam words in the email subject lines

When subject lines look more aggressively salesy, they are often marked as spam. So, avoid using loud punctuation, like multiple exclamation points and all caps. Even openly promotional language like “Free” and “Avail Now”, does not help. In fact, these are surefire ways to have all your marketing emails sent directly to the spam folder.

Instead of trying on promotion, you can offer your construction expertise and share exclusive information with your target audience that they will find useful and helpful.

3. Personalize the subject line

Personalizing your emails is a great way to set the right tone for your relationship with your existing and new subscribers. Emails allow you to nurture your relationship with your customers and prospects. So, what better way to do this than to show them you know them?

There are a few ways you can do this. Below are tips that can help you get started in email personalization:

  • Use the first name of your subscriber in the subject line.
  • Create email copies that are relevant to your potential buyer’s journey.
  • Use possessive pronouns like “You”, and “Yours” that show you communicate directly to the reader.

4. Ask-open ended questions in the subject line

Why it’s better to use questions in the subject lines? Questions are the best way to get your recipients’ attention and intensify their curiosity. Also, questions radiate incompleteness, and it feels like something is missing. So, using a question in your emails is a great way to nudge your audience to open the email, especially when searching for an answer.

5. Include a deadline in the subject line

Let’s just say there is no shortage of distractions standing between you and your target recipients. Putting a deadline in the subject line creates a sense of urgency that strongly encourages recipients to prioritize your emails.

Always be bold and make the turnaround time as shorter as twenty-four hours. Phrases like “It is Now or Never” and “This is your last chance”, are often the most enticing and successful when being placed in the subject line.

6. Segment your target audiences

Different people subscribe to your newsletters for completely different reasons. Some of these audiences want the deals you offer, while your copies compel others. Know that the subject lines that might convince one group of your audience may work differently for the other set of audience.

Using the same principle as A/B testing, write your email subject lines to different audiences altogether. By doing so, the collective open rates can beat out, sending the same message to everyone.

7. Make them timely

A great email marketing template can help you create an interesting email subject line. You can also use it to schedule and plan your newsletters. Ensure that you are sending emails to your target audience in a timely manner. This attention to detail will always pay you great results in time.

8. Use powerful language

An impactful, colorful, and unique language is always a plus when writing your subject line. Make sure you use unique combinations of words and phrases that catch the readers’ attention and inspire emotional and intense feelings. The second time they take a glance to read the words again can be a lot of difference between an instant click and a deletion.

9. Use an emoji

It looks and feels silly. However, in this world dominated by text, the inbox is almost nothing. A fitting emoji can catch the eyes of your target recipients. Also, using emojis can set the right tone for what’s in store. If you are wondering if there are emojis dedicated to construction, yes, there is. And there are plenty of them. Make sure you choose the most fitting one for the emails you are about to send.

10. Test, Test, and Test More

Let’s just say you can craft the perfect subject lines for your emails dedicated to your target prospects. But how will you know that they are effective? One of the best ways to determine which subject lines appeal most to your audience is to test a few simultaneously.

Spend time analyzing the information you will get from the email responses. Over time, you will get enough information and insights to help you develop the best “formula” for your email subject line that ensures the success of every email you send. Yes, it’s all about creating more and testing consistently.


Create Powerful Emails with ConstructionMarketing.io


So, it turns out that subject lines are important and have a role in your email marketing campaign. Therefore, use everything at your disposal – with some knowledge you have in crafting emails integrated with email marketing tips we just recently shared with you above.

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