11 Tried-and-True Best Practices for Email Marketing This 2023

11 Tried-and-True Best Practices for Email Marketing This 2023

Even if your business is in line with the construction sector, effective email marketing can still be an important factor in marketing your business. This marketing tactic continues to be the most essential regardless of what your business type is. When executed properly, effective email campaigns can convert more prospects, increase your engagement, boost your website traffic, drive sales, and so much more. 

So, the question is, how can you ensure your email campaigns are powerful and effective? In this blog, we will cite the latest best practices for email marketing, all tried and true, that can help you kick off your campaigns this 2023!

Let’s get started.

1. Send Welcome Emails

To begin, you can send a direct welcome email to everyone who signs up for your email list. These people are nice to keep in contact with your construction business. Almost every brand and business prompts web visitors to sign-up and join the growing email list with a discount promise. 

You can do the same thing. In fact, it is a very effective way to grow your list and engage with them immediately. This must be easier to automate through your email platform. We suggest you select the best pace in sending welcome emails – choose “daily” instead of “weekly” to keep everything timely.

2. Focus on personalization

Similarly, with other areas of marketing, email campaigns typically perform better when they are both timely and relevant. Know that relevance begins with personalization. You can personalize the emails you send in many ways, from injecting the first name to segmenting your target audience and targeting your audience through email marketing automation.

And when your prospects or customers start to receive emails from you, you can ask for more information. Are they looking for sales alerts? Newsletter updates? Restock information? Note this information, for they are all important and serve as your reliable, accurate basis. 

3. Plan ahead, make a schedule

When you plan to send the same newsletter to your subscribers – whether daily, weekly, or monthly – we suggest you stick to a regular, consistent time. If you opt to do this, your subscribers know when you are sending the emails. 

At ConstructionMarketing.io, we tested sending emails to our loyal clients and target prospects at different times. And we discovered that the best time to send the emails is during the original time and day! We keep on doing this strategy and remain consistent, and we are all creatures of habit!

4. Stick to consistent branding

Since email is known for its bold way of reaching out to your target audience, make sure you are leveraging your construction brand voice at the same time. It might confuse your audience if you send fun promotions and updates via email from the same brand templates. So, try to designate typefaces, colors, and email signatories to each.

5. Optimize your preview texts and subject lines

Your subject line is the real deal! You may perfect the content of your email, but without a great subject line and preview texts, your message will not make sense. Your subject line is your target audience’s first impression of your email. So, ensure that your subject line alongside the preview texts is catchy and enticing.

For your newsletters, consider crafting a consistent subject line like “Your Weekly Updates from Insert the name of your Construction Business”.

6. Standardize the dimensions

This is quite simple. However, sending out emails with different templates and sizes is not preferable. It is better to have at least two to three templates of the same size that you can use every single time than to have too many. This helps in outlining emails and putting content much easier. In addition, it satisfies your audience rather than confusing them. Overall, the email marketing template can also be your company’s trademark, which your audience can easily recognize.

A typical size of a template can be under 600px. And we suggest you follow the standard size. The length may vary more. However, keep in mind that if it gets shorter, email service providers may reduce and shorten the content of your email.

7. Make sure it renders correctly

Mobile phones and tablets are the latest go-to devices right now. No one will bring their desktops everywhere; instead, they bring their phones and tablets. People are browsing more, shopping more, and looking for information via Google search using mobile phones. And it guarantees that people are checking their emails too!

We cited previously to standardize your email marketing template. We want to advise you to optimize your email templates for a much better mobile viewing experience, including landing pages they will direct into.

8. Avoid spam at all costs

Hitting spam traps is one of the worst things that can ever happen. If you hit enough spam traps, your whole email program can be blocked – which is bad. It isn’t good for your reputation. It is bad when you want to send emails and cannot do it. It is bad to go through a war, get your IP reported, and be whitelisted again. Therefore, avoid spam!

Here are some email marketing best practices that can help you avoid spam more easily:

· Clean subject lines. Never write in all capitalized letters or use too many unnecessary symbols.

  • Make sure to include functional Subscribe links.
  • Put valid physical mailing address and permission reminders
  • Be extra clear in assigning the “FROM” in the address

9. Put CTAs and essential information above the fold

There are so many email marketing tips you can follow out there; adding CTAs is one of the easiest. However, remember that when putting CTAs and for your emails to be more effective, you need to get to the point quickly. Everyone’s inboxes are bombarded with emails. So, why must they click through yours? 

Ensure you explain the major value proposition in the first section of your emails and include an enticing CTA or call to action. Any CTAs you add to your emails should be clear, compelling, and enticing, especially in email marketing, where the right CTAs can be the primary driver of revenue. The important information above the fold will help convince your audience even better.

10. Test, Test, and Test to Create your Email Marketing Practice

Along with all the best practices for email marketing, you are free to expound on what you can do for your campaigns. And you are the only single one with the power to actually “KNOW” what works best for your construction business.

Let’s say you know something about emails and can come up with the best marketing tactic for it. Remember to test them and test everything. With email marketing, you can split test headers, subject lines, design, copy, CTAs, time of the day, day of the week, segmentation, and all others.

Testing is one of the best ways to help you create email marketing best practices unique to your business. With testing, you can get results and insights that can help you determine important things, such as what time of the day has the peak rate. What subject lines resonate with your target audience? And which copies get the most clicks?

11. Analyze Campaign Reports

Last but not least – analyze your campaign reports. Ignoring your reports means you are missing key information about your campaigns that can help you improve your email marketing strategy. 

Keep tabs every chance you get when it comes to your campaigns. Your campaign reports will provide clear insights into what your audience likes and dislikes regarding email. Paying closer attention to these reports will be your key to creating emails your target audience wants to see.  

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Now that you read the above-mentioned best practices for email marketing, we expect you to better understand what to do and what to avoid when it comes to your emails. For sure, you can outshine the crazy competition and is now capable of nurturing the relationship you have with your target prospects and customers.

But if you do not know where to start or work things around, you can partner with us.

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