11 Best Practices You Should Implement in Marketing Construction Business

11 Best Practices You Should Implement in Marketing Construction Business

Almost every marketing-related blog you will encounter talks about how amazing automation campaigns are, be it welcoming new subscribers or onboarding new ones to become new clients and achieving a highly loyal user base.

However, only a few tackle the best practices for very surprising marketing automation. Everyone does not know that this tech stack is crucial in the digital era, especially in your construction business, which is bound to be modernized.

So, this blog will cover some of the best practices for marketing automation. These best practices will help you maximize your marketing efforts, grow your ROI, and achieve your marketing goals. What are you waiting for? Jump right in!

1. Know your audience

Nothing is more important than knowing your target audience and keeping that in mind. The key here is to make sure you are creating marketing campaigns with your target audience in mind. And the best way to do this is to first come up with buyer personas unique to your construction business.

Your buyer personas are the descriptions of your target or ideal clients. This includes details like interests, pain points, and motivations. You can then create your buyer personas based on your market research and customer data, using strategies like:

  • Contact form data
  • Surveys, focus groups, and interviews
  • Website, social media analytics
  • Insights from your sales team

Once you are certain and clear on who you are targeting, you can tailor your automated campaigns’ content to your target audience’s needs. Easy and direct, right? So, we now ask you to proceed with the next one: to understand your buyer’s journey.

2. Understand your buyer’s journey

Knowing your buyer’s journey well lets you set up the relevant automated workflows and what will push them further down the sales funnel. If they focus on your pricing range, set up a trigger email with your decision stage content, which will help them with their purchasing decision.

This is also an excellent example of sending the right message at the right time, taking full advantage of your marketing automation tactic. In fact, this sequence can trigger a number of your web visitors and works hard to benefit your lead nurturing strategy.

3. Humanize and personalize

Despite your efforts to automate some parts of your marketing, you still need to make it more personalized. Your clients and customers will appreciate more of your supportive and reactive marketing if they are being helped on a more personal level.

The power of marketing automation is reflected in your customer engagement. You will stay at your client’s top options, and they will never find any reasons to go to your closest competitors.

4. Categorized your lead types

Categorizing your leads will help you roll out targeted messaging, improving the overall user experience and leaving a positive, major impact. To segment your leads based on the many stages, consider the following buckets:

  • Known: Someone who has been self-identified
  • Anonymous: Somebody who is browsing your construction website but has not given any personal data yet
  • Engaged: Someone who has interacted with your construction brand by clicking a downloaded content or email but has not made a purchase yet.
  • Sales qualified lead: Someone who is interested in your construction brand.
  • Marketing qualified lead: Someone who has been already qualified by your lead scoring process and is being pursued by your sales team.
  • Won: Someone who has been converted from a lead to a customer.
  • Lost: A lead who does not convert as a customer, with the lead labeled as lost.
  • Disqualified: Somebody who is most likely not going to buy from you.

5. Keep your contact database clean to connect with the right leads.

As a general thumb rule, review your contact database now and then. This is to make sure that there are now fake and duplicate accounts in the database. So, to keep your database clean:

Put verification measures to determine fake phone numbers and emails.

Merge duplicates occasionally.

6. Engage in social listening to determine brand advocates early on

You can utilize marketing automation tools that specifically offer tracking and social listening features to engage with your customers as soon as they mention your construction name on social media. This way, you will never miss out on any potential leads or even let customer complaints fall through the cracks.

This practice allows you to interact in course-correct and damage control quickly. Equally, you can interact with your happy clients immediately and keep the dialogue going.

7. Drive Multi-Channel Campaigns for a Continuous User Experience

Marketing automation allows your brand to offer an all-in-one, seamless multi-channel customer experience. Here are some sample use cases that you may follow:

  • Onboarded 20k customers in three months
  • Boosted conversion rates by 15%
  • Witnessed a 60% increase in CTR with the use of personalization

But the point here is that you must maximize your chances of engaging with the prospects by reaching out to them constantly. Make sure to reach out to them on the channels they most likely prefer and be ready to jump from one thing to the other. One common way to reach out to your prospects is through email automation. In fact, email marketing combined with social media marketing can increase your customer touchpoints.

8. Map your flow

This is most likely the single biggest differentiator in all successful companies. If you want your business to be successful, you should be taken the map out of your lead management flow. There is a need to capture all the trigger points that may affect the lead routing and define a process for overlooking leads.

Moreover, always think of lead nurturing like a map, where you direct every lead on the right path based on how they will interact with you. You can begin by balancing the flow with consistent messages and automation. And since automation makes it very much possible to nurture your leads, your brand will resonate across different channels simultaneously. You are hitting two birds with one stone.

9. Track your performance continuously.

Set and forget – is one of the common marketing automation mistakes people are dealing with. If you are always on autopilot, make sure to correct your actions. Once you have set up your automation, never be tempted to sit back. Let the platforms take over, and monitor your marketing performance to know what is working and what is not.

Make sure also to answer the following questions to gain insights from your efforts:

  • So, how many leads did your marketing campaign attract?
  • How many leads are handed off to sales? Have you generated maximum ROI?
  • How many current conversions did it lead to?

The above insights can help you refine your strategies and change your current workflows.

10. Think ahead and get serious with labeling

Labeling everything in your marketing automation can help you avoid errors and diminish the need for extra labor in the long run. Trust this practice because, over time, your team will give thanks to you for taking the time to get it right the very first time.

But the best practice is when you agree on the terms of the master labeling system. This practice keeps the clutter more organized, helping you with faster searching and tracking.

11. Set up lead scoring

Contact behavior will give you an idea of your lead’s level of interest in your business and services. Knowing this can help you determine where they are currently in the sales funnel, helping you to focus on your automated campaigns.

The point is to create a lead-scoring model. Creating one is beneficial in so many ways. This removes the need for guesswork regarding your lead’s interest in your business. And once your lead scoring is in place, you can determine which leads are ever ready to hand over to sales and which require further nurturing to maximize more of your conversions.

Does My Construction Business Need Marketing Automation?


There you go. We have already cited some of the best practices for automation that you can always implement, and we hope you can take advantage of them and benefit from them. So, let’s go to the real thing – does your construction business needs this?

First, remember that this may be something you want to try. We have already given you many reasons why you must try automation in the first place. Marketing automation can make you effortlessly engage with your target audience, stay on top of their minds, and deliver useful content that answers any questions they have in mind about your services and products.

If you have more questions, you can contact us for consultation. ConstructionMarketing.io is an agency that helps construction businesses grow with its top-notch digital marketing agency services. We aim to produce successful campaigns for your business and give you great results.

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