11 Guaranteed Ways to Make Your Construction Website More Credible

11 Guaranteed Ways to Make Your Construction Website More Credible

What steps have you taken for your website to build trust and establish credibility? Know that the credibility of your construction website affects whether your web visitors will stay or not, or take the next steps and contact you or avail services from you.

Credibility is equal to perceived trustworthiness and perceived expertise. It is one of the catchy sayings that seems reasonable but entirely true. But here is the truth – people buy from anyone who is trustworthy. So, how credible your construction website is? Does it ever stand up in the credibility test?

In this blog, we will discuss the importance of building and improving website credibility and some actionable tips we would like to impart to you to make your website more credible and trustworthy in the eyes of your target prospects.

But Why Building Your Website Credibility is Essential?


Your website is the very first stop of your prospective customers. Can I trust this construction business? This is one of the first few questions of your prospects when they visit your website via search engines, social media, etc. Know that your website’s credibility significantly impacts your bottom line and your capacity to generate sales and leads. So, you better pay attention to this.

You are obligated to take all the critical steps to make sure = you are building a website that makes your users comfortable and at ease, easily convincing them to avail yourself services from you. There are four types of website credibility that you ought to know:

Use These Tips to Improve Your Website’s Credibility


1. Publish your guarantees on your construction website

Guarantees are the best way to make it easier to entice your target prospects to do business with you and avail services from you. It will set you apart from your closest competitors. In addition, this also reduces the possible risks that may involve.

There are a few amazing ways you can offer your target customers a guarantee, like a lifetime warranty or refund. As a construction business owner, it depends on your services. Make sure to think about what you can offer to your clients.

2. Make it easier to verify the accuracy of your web details

You can build and further improve your website credibility by offering third-party support (references, source materials, citations) for any information you present. So, even if people will not follow your links, you still have confidence and reliability in your materials.

3. Pay attention to the performance of your website

If your website takes more than a couple of seconds to load, a lot will leave without ever scanning your content. Your web visitors will judge your website on its ease of operation and the level of trust your construction website imparts. Your sales will be directly associated with your website’s credibility, offers, services, and products. More particularly, your target prospects should be confident with the three things below:

  • A guarantee that your services are accurately defined.
  • Confidence that the overall transaction will be secured.
  • Convinced that you will deliver on your services regarding your guarantees and shipping.

Your capacity to build that credibility will depend mainly on how your construction business is being presented online. So, be aware that part of their perception is the usability and performance of your website. It only goes to show how important it is to give importance to your website’s overall functionality apart from its design.

4. Include a list of physical addresses on your website

Including a physical street address on your construction website helps establish your credibility, and it does not only for your target prospects but also for the search engines. Your physical street address will tell your web visitors that you are a real, exciting, and established construction business. It also assures them when partnering and doing business with you.

The ideal section to list your physical addresses is either in your website’s footer, right at the bottom of your website, or on your dedicated contact page. Your web visitors will most likely look for the physical address in these sections.

5. Include testimonials on your website

Reviews and testimonials are primary deciding factors o

n your prospect’s purchasing decision. Almost 90% of consumers trust online reviews the same as personal recommendations. In fact, positive reviews make them trust the business more. We suggest you encourage your clients to provide you with testimonials. Reviews and testimonials can help you with your credibility and even your sales.

An effective testimonial includes the challenges your client had experienced before doing business with you and how you helped them overcome these challenges. Include photos and videos in the testimonials to make them more convincing, believable, and, most importantly, credible.

6. Establish connections with related websites

If you want to improve your website credibility, you must start establishing connections with other related websites. Writing guest posts is one of the many effective ways to connect with others. What you do not know is that a guest post can generate backlinks. And Google is very particular with backlinks. In fact, Google wants to see that all your links stem from reliable websites that share relevance. It just shows that you are networking with trustworthy and reliable sources.

This is what makes Google more inclined to perceive your website as reputable.

7. Publish your privacy policy and terms of use

Adding your terms of use and privacy policy on your construction website showcases transparency to your prospective customers. Your privacy policy lets your site users know what details you have collected when they visit your website and what you will do with that information. Your terms let prospective clients know the exact parameters when doing business with you.

Terms of use and privacy policies are best placed in the footer of your website. And if your website requires the visitor’s email address for newsletter signups, it is a good idea to link it to your privacy policy.

8. Highlights your professional affiliations and authentic memberships

Are you a member of any professional organizations that are popular in your industry? In the construction sector, for sure, many widely-known organizations, societies, and groups welcome various experts across the industry. If you are a long-term member and have already acquired affiliations and solid memberships, highlight them on your website.

By displaying all of them, add credibility to your website. In addition, you are aligning your construction company with other well-respected brands and boosting your reputation.

9. Show social proof

With the increased use of social media today, your company already has an established following. If your accounts already have a sizable following, you should showcase the growing number of your followers. People are naturally drawn to take action when they notice your huge number of followers.

So, if you have an impressive following, again, show it off. This adds to the credibility you already built for your website.

10. Keep your website content updated

 Search engines will view a static website with no updates as nothing but a dead entity. Make sure your website is updated, specifically the content. Simply put this, if you keep updating your website with high-quality content, the search engines will love your website, thus improving your website ranking.

But above all, fresh and updated content improves your website credibility and increases your authority potential.

11. An Appealing Website Design

Your website’s appearance is one of the most important factors when determining its credibility. People who will visit your website will always have something to say about the designs and functionality of your site. If you wonder what constitutes an attractive website, here are some factors you need to consider:

  • Layout
  • Design and Color
  • Pictures and Graphics
  • Usability
  • Consistency

While you can add other elements to your website, the five aspects above will make your website certainly appealing.  

Assess your Website Credibility with ConstructionMarketing.io


Your visitors and target prospects are looking for companies they can rely upon and trust with. If you decide to carry out all the tips we share with you above, it provides the credibility you should possess to put your prospects at ease in doing business with you.

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