12 Actionable Construction Marketing Tips to Boost Your Sales

12 Actionable Construction Marketing Tips to Boost Your Sales

Most of the businesses today have already obtained most of the ingredients for success in one place. But there are still elements that are lacking and they haven’t fully taken advantage of it. In most cases, they’re under-resourced, the project planning is poorly aligned, and many construction marketing strategies are missing. As a construction business owner, are you dealing with this situation?

If yes is your answer, all you ever need is to make a shift – refine a few areas, shift some elements around, and fill in some of the missing aspects. In addition, couple this with a strong engagement with digitalization, and you now have a winning combination.

If you happen to own construction business and are looking for some actionable strategies to build up the marketing of your business and boost your sales, then this blog is for you. Follow this blog, full of simple hacks and tips, to successfully pull your construction marketing strategy together.

1. Go Social

Social Media is free advertising! If you haven’t set up your social media management yet, you should take action now. There are tons of options to choose from, and their usefulness and popularity do change from time to time. However, for now, the following are the channels you can consider for your business:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

For marketing presentations and whitepapers, SlideShare is one of the popular. If you’re more into video content, YouTube is a great choice.

2. Get to Know Your Prospect’s Problem

Connect with any of your existing clients, and ask for an interview. Getting real face time with your market means go ahead with your sales team. This is the right time to fully understand where your business fits into the larger picture with all parties involved – contractors, clients, specifiers.

  • Listen hard and probe.
  • Ask tough questions like what other services they’re availing into (competitors)
  • Get a deep understanding of your client’s main challenges and concerns
  • Identify what they like the most about your business

By deeply understanding their pain points and concerns, you can now align your value proposition tightly to their unique needs. Work with members of your target audience to determine their preferences apart from their concerns. Do footwork if necessary to connect the client’s issues to your solution. Then communicate that connection.

3. Get Top-Level Commitment and Budget for Online Marketing

Having buy-in from other partners can be the most challenging job for you. However, with genuine sponsorship, especially for your strategic marketing shift online, and the required patience and budget while you have everything set up and running might be impossible in transitioning.

You still need to have a much higher level of acknowledgment in such areas and adopt proven digital marketing strategies, mainly Local SEO. Developing a construction marketing plan, especially for your business, is the right place to start.

4. Capture Leads Online

Your audience is usually anonymous when they are on your website. So the question is, how can you get to know your audience much better and connect to them if you still don’t know them yet? Offering your target audience quality content, in exchange for personal data, like name and email address, enables you to start the conversation immediately.

Take note that this audience who’s viewing your site can lead. They have to be nurtured accordingly.

5. Promote Like Crazy

Once your content is finally ready, your target audience must also get the chance to see it. You can set a budget for content promotion with the powerful social media platform, paid to advertise, and email marketing. For broader coverage, you can do outreach to websites, industry professionals, and blogs.

By referring to your target audience, you can now identify the media they use to search for more services. So by knowing which channels will be used, you can now focus on the most cost-effective ones that drive more traffic and awareness.

6. Analyze Strategically to Complete the Loop

By using the analytics and data within your website, you can eventually learn so much about how prospects became your customers. You already determined what they’re looking to your business in the first place. And what finalized their decision to negotiate with you.

7. Shake hands with the best connection providers

Probably the easiest way to get marketing on your business is to get yourself a network simply. In fact, there are several associations that you can join and participate in building up connections. The associations are typically full of links. 

Hence, when you get connected with such industry associations, potential clients and connections are sure to come your way. Also, there’s another perk of joining such associations – you can make a successful team. You can advertise also about your services and products at a nominal cost.

8. Maintain Your ROI (Return of Investment)

Marketing involves a massive amount of expenditure. This only shows that you should market the right way. Get yourself a marketing scorecard, and begin tracking which marketing campaigns gave the best turnout. Being the owner of such a business, you don’t have all the energy and time to do marketing campaigns. In short, you can’t possibly focus anymore on this area. 

Get yourself a full-digital marketing agency with a background in construction like us! We can help you develop more creative campaigns based on your company’s unique needs. You can get maximum marketing with minimal expenditure this way!

9. Hire a Digital Marketing Agency 

The main goal of marketing your construction business is to gain popularity on your brand. You will have a powerful brand because of this online marketing. First, you have to have great content on the Internet about your company, your brand, and your services. To have great content, you should be building a team of marketing experts.

Similar to content creation, you can either establish a team, do it by yourself, or hire a full-service digital marketing agency. If you want to go full-scale attack mode and expand your marketing efforts much faster, a digital marketing agency is the best option for you. Having your marketing efforts shared with a reliable agency can be fined tuned to become more effective and profitable.

10. Automate Your Lead Nurturing

If you have already generated leads, now what? 

Take note that your prospects don’t become your clients overnight. They require marketing as they research your company before they build trust in your business. On average, almost 50% of leads aren’t ready to specify or avail with when they first engage with you. 

Lead nurturing creates ongoing, automated, and continuous communication with your prospects throughout the cycle and beyond. As a result, it improves outcomes and sales to your business. Research once suggested that it can take between seven to thirteen touches to deliver a qualified sales lead successfully. That is the reason why a structured and considered nurturing strategy is very crucial.

Here are some compelling stats:

  • 80% of marketing leads never convert into sales
  • Companies that excel in lead nurturing often generate 50% more sales.
  • Nurtured leads make 48% of larger purchases compare to non-nurtured leads.

11. Pay Equal Attention to Your Existing Clients

Often while following up and nurturing leads, missing out on your existing clients usually happens. But as stated previously, while you nurture your leads, you should also focus on your current customers. Allow your clients to stay in touch with you. Over time, this can earn you many referrals, ensuring that no cracks ever happen between you and your current clients.

Your behavior towards your clients reflects on your work and business reputation. These aspects also serve as your allies on your company’s marketing strategies.

12. Call Past clients

Not only do you need to nurture your lead prospects, you should also keep a database of all your past customers. You already have worked together with them, and you can give them a follow-up email sequence just a couple of weeks or months right after the project is already over. You can ask how they’re doing and if they have any projects they’re very interested in collaborating on.

You will be surprised to know how many contractors can secure more jobs by following up with their previous clients and showing how much they genuinely care about the company. Additionally, this also builds a strong relationship in the sector, where you can position yourself as the go-to contractor in your area. It’s a win-win opportunity for both parties.

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