5 Surefire Techniques to Increase Your Organic Traffic in 2024

5 Surefire Techniques to Increase Your Organic Traffic in 2024

It’s that time of the year again – the time to examine your organic traffic this 2023 and figure out how you can improve upon it next year. This is the perfect time to re-evaluate, with less than three months before a new year starts.

As a construction business owner who owns a website, you could conduct website audits. If yes, you already know what organic traffic is and its importance to your site. In fact, one study shows that organic search is responsible for 53% of all website traffic.

In this blog, let’s take a closer look at the five best tactics that guarantee a dramatic increase in organic traffic and will produce results from your overall construction marketing campaign at the start of 2024.


But What is Organic Traffic?


Organic traffic is web traffic that often comes from search engines. Top search engines worldwide include Google, Yahoo, Baidu, Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo. These search engines will generally base websites on their relevance and usefulness to users and searchers. Websites that rank higher tend to gain more organic than those that rank lower down the list.

This is where SEO enters the story and provides usefulness. The main goal of Search Engine Optimization is to ensure that users online can find what they are looking for in the fastest and easiest ways. SEO is any strategy that makes your construction website more visible to online traffic. In addition, your attempt to achieve a high ranking in the search engine results pages is obtainable with SEO.

To put it all simply, SEO is crucial to driving organic traffic. You need to attract and convert quality leads for your construction business. 


Benefits of Organic Traffic


If you are curious about how organic traffic can benefit your business, here are some of its top advantages:

You can reach people who have never seen your construction brand before.

  • You can reach people on a wider scale.
  • It can be scaled and targeted with content/SEO strategy.
  • It builds your strong credibility
  • You can bring visitors with specific intent to your website
  • Block your competitor’s search traffic
  • Cost-advantage. It is free!

If you dig deeper and learn more, you will discover the many other benefits that organic traffic can bring to the table. Start doing the work now!


Techniques You Can Integrate in 2024 to Drive More Organic Traffic


Apply the following techniques as soon as possible to improve organic traffic to your website.


1. Optimize your pages for people, not search engines

Optimizing pages only for search engines has become quite a mistake in recent years by many marketers and companies that try to boost their organic traffic. By 2024, you must consider the users and search engines. 

As of July 2023, market leader Google had a share of around 83.49% as a leading search engine. Google is expected to turn to online users to help determine how a page ranks. Google will look at some critical metrics, like pages visited, dwell time, and more, and the metrics that indicate how much a particular user enjoys your website. 

If somebody dwells on your website for a long time and visits many pages, your site is relevant and useful. But when your site is not fully optimized for your target audience, you risk all of them bouncing from your site, which leads to low rankings and less organic traffic.

To prevent this, make sure to focus on writing for humans first. This will have to do with the content you wish to deliver to them. Read on to the next part to know what content you should put out that guarantees an increase in your site’s organic traffic.


2. Create content pieces for buyer personas

Again, optimizing for search engines is only useful if you are driving profitable client actions. So, this is where content marketing comes into play – it connects with your target audience and easily influences them in purchasing decisions for your construction business.

Craft content pieces that perfectly fit your buyer personas to ensure you effectively entice them until the decision phase. Buyer personals are fictional yet realistic representations of your target customers. If you have not yet created your very own audience personas, below are a few tips that can help you in designing them:

  • Check your existing construction clients and social audience. Collect information like age, location, language, spending capacity and patterns, interests, and more.
  • Learn why they love the services and products you offer. One way to find out about your customer experiences is through surveys and tapping on social media listings.
  • Determine customer goals. Are people only researching, looking for reviews, or are they ready to avail or purchase from you?

Once you already have your buyer personas in place, you can produce content that will be most valuable and relevant to your audience. 


3. Promote and optimize your social media accounts

Did you know that optimized social media profiles have a higher chance of driving organic traffic to your website? Social media optimization follows the concept of SEO, where top keywords are included in bio sections, making the profiles more searchable by area. 

When writing social media bios, make sure to make it keyword-rich. It means adding relevant keywords naturally so your target audience can find you in search. By doing all of this, it increases your discoverability as well as the organic traffic to your website.

You can also boost organic social media reach by doing the following:

  • Upload a high-quality photo: Your business profile picture should reflect your brand. It must be easily recognizable.
  • Add links to your construction website. Never miss the opportunity to use social media’s capacity to build brand awareness. Start including links in your bio page to direct your target customers to your site.
  • Use hashtags carefully. Hashtags are somewhat like keywords that enable you to categorize content. Consider adding relevant hashtags to promote your construction business and improve your visibility.


4. Integrate relevant keywords to your page

We are done integrating keywords into your social media bios. This time, our next strategy will drive more organic traffic to your page by integrating relevant keywords to your website.

Keywords are critical in helping your pages appear in front of quality leads. Start by picking the right keywords to target so your most interested and qualified audience can find your content. You can find relevant keywords for your pages by:

  • Focusing on industry-related terms.
  • Conducting keyword research using the best keyword research tools.
  • Focusing on long-tail keywords (more than three words)

Finding the right keywords can help you boost organic traffic by driving many clicks and more interested leads to your web page. 


5. Earn backlinks

Earning backlinks is another way to increase organic traffic besides optimizations to your construction website. Backlinks are links to your website from other outside sites. These links are very helpful in boosting your website’s authority and trust within the construction sector. 

But in what way can you earn more backlinks? The best way to make a lot of backlinks is to create industry-related and relevant content. We already discussed how important it is to craft your content pieces for your target audience. 

Start on your blogs where most users are landing. Your blogs can be a great chance to earn backlinks from trusted sites. Blogging is the ideal source of backlinks mainly because:

  • You can write different topics
  • You target multiple keywords at once
  • You can share them on social media and email newsletters.

Since blogs are extremely versatile, they create different opportunities and avenues for you to reach people who will link to your blog posts on their page. Do not be afraid to contact industry authorities and ask them to check out your latest blog post!


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