5 Tips for Building an Email List for Your Construction Business

5 Tips for Building an Email List for Your Construction Business

If you are just getting started with digital marketing, you probably know some of the most common buzzwords – growth hacking, influencer marketing, big data, etc. While all of these are essential elements of a successful marketing strategy, an email list is the most important, regardless of what business type. 

An email list can help you promote your construction business, share your story, showcase your services and products, and communicate with your subscribers – all while turning subscribers into paying clients.

If you plan to build an email list for your construction marketing strategy, you are at the right place. In this article, discover the importance of an email list and learn how to build it easily by following some of the best list-building practices. 

We hope this article informs you and helps you start on the right foot.


But Seriously, What is an Email List?


One of the primary drivers of traffic to any blog and one major way to communicate with target customers is through email marketing. The ultimate success of your email campaign relies heavily on your email list.

In simple words, an email list is a list of emails your business has gathered from customers/visitors who want to receive more updates, information, details, and even discounts from your business in digital format – sent directly to their email inbox.

With email lists, you can connect best to your target customers vs. social media. As a matter of fact, you are 6x more likely to get high click-through rates via emails instead of tweets. In addition, email is forty times more effective at generating new customers than Twitter or Facebook.


Qualities of a Good Email List


Before you build your email list, you must know some of the best qualities to shoot for when building and maintaining an email list. Ensure your email list is:

1. Permission-based

Firstly, your email list must be comprised of people who are already willing to consent to receive updates and emails from you. Also, never buy an email list. No one ever likes spam. So, this simple principle ensures you follow marketing guidelines and maintain a good and positive reputation.

2. Accurate and current

Email addresses must be accurate and valid. To make it possible, remove bounced or invalid email addresses regularly. Doing so can help maintain deliverability and engagement rates.

3. Relevant to the audience

Your subscribers should be genuinely interested in the services/products you offer and the content you produce. For best results, they should match your main audience, which will most likely engage with all your emails.

4. Contain engaged users

The best email list has subscribers who engage actively with the sender – referring to you. These subscribers open, click, and respond to your emails consistently. They are most likely to share your content, willing to convert, and provide the most value over time.

5. Easily segmented

A great email list must also facilitate segmentation. Segments can be based on interests, demographics, previous purchases, engagement levels, and other criteria. When your email list is easily segmented, you can send personalized and targeted emails that will effectively resonate with specific segments of your audience.

6. Growing

Lastly, your email list has to grow consistently. Depending on your goals, you must target new subscribers. You can focus on implementing effective lead acquisition strategies, social media promotions, and business collaborations to attract new subscribers.


How Do You Build a Great Email List from Scratch?


There are a good number of best practices you must follow to build a great email list from scratch:

1. Create an opt-in pop-up form on your website

Pop-up forms give your visitors a fast, convenient way to share contact details and subscribe to your email list while browsing your construction website. Pop-up forms are a powerful tool when it comes to audience growth. Also, they are easy to add to your website and proven to work. 

Here are some tips on placing opt-in pop-up forms on your website:

  • Simple form: include only necessary contact details, such as their name and address
  • CTA in the subscribe button: Always use a non-generic CTA that invites your visitors to click away.
  • Relevant description: Make sure to include a clear and brief description line that can help increase the conversion rate on your subscription.

2. Offer incentives

If you want your web visitors to subscribe to your email list, give them something valuable in exchange. This can be something they would find relevant and useful, like the below:

  • Discounts: You may offer your new subscribers a gesture of gratitude for signing up. This will incentivize more people to join your email list and make their first purchase from your company.
  • Sale: Run a sale and promote it exclusively to your email list subscribers. This creates a sense of belonging, urgency, and exclusivity, encouraging people to sign up and get access to the sale.
  • Exclusive content: You can offer a free guide, eBook, or case study that will give them more insights about your construction services.

3. Optimize your Call to Action

Every email needs a powerful and striking Call to Action. Call to Action makes it clear and straightforward to your email recipients what the next action step is to engage further with your construction brand. It is an effective way to guide target construction clients throughout the process and ensure they can land in the final stage. 

Now is the time to experiment and explore CTA copies such as ” download, “Subscribe, “and ” get exclusive content ” to see which performs better. Compelling and well-optimized CTAs are a great addition to your email list-building strategy. Not only do they ensure that your email marketing efforts yield great results for your overall marketing strategy, but they also allow you to build brand awareness.

Without CTAs, you risk potential prospects getting stuck receiving emails from you but not taking action. 

4. Create a targeted landing page

Landing pages are a powerful and effective tool for building and growing your email list. This is because they are more targeted and highly focused on a specific audience. 

Here is what you must keep in mind when crafting a targeted landing page for email list-building:

  • Have a compelling and clear headline: Your headline must grab the readers’ attention and communicate the value of your offers.
  • Use persuasive copy: Use copy that speaks directly to your audience’s desires, pain points, and interests to engage them more with your landing page and eventually encourage them to enter their email address.
  • Keep it simple: Keep the layout and design of your landing page clean, simple, and easy to navigate. Do not overload your visitors with too many options and information. Again, make it simple.

5. Place sign-up buttons on your social media channels

There are many good reasons why people tend to follow brands on social media platforms. However, the prevailing reason stated from the most current surveys is that – people want to stay updated on new products, services, etc. Your email list can support this kind of outcome. So, it makes sense to highlight it as an option on your company’s social media channels.

Not all platforms today are link-friendly. However, there are a few that are typical workarounds. 

  • Instagram: In this platform, you can use Linktree to include as many links as possible in your bio. This allows you to set one link to immediately direct your visitors to the sign-up form on your email list. 
  • Facebook: Similarly, you can include a CTA button on the business page of your company’s Facebook. This encourages your followers to sign up for your email list.


Build Your Ideal Email List with ConstructionMarketing.io 


If there is one thing you should realize right now as a construction business owner, building an email list is as important as ever! Do not be a business owner who misses out on interacting with your audience via emails or protecting yourself from all the changes in search and social algorithms. Become a business owner who uses the best email-building practices and leverages other opportunities to avoid regrets later.

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