6 Best Digital Marketing Strategies Contractors Should Try for Lead Generation

6 Best Digital Marketing Strategies Contractors Should Try for Lead Generation

As a business owner, one of your biggest goals is to have more high-quality leads coming in. We can all agree that lead generation is one major growth driver. However, getting new and quality leads can take a lot of work. As a matter of fact, around 61% of marketers say that traffic and lead gen are two of their biggest challenges.

Perhaps you begin wondering where you should start. Where should you focus your efforts? What works best? How can you get more and more leads? 

Do not worry. In this article, we will introduce and discuss six of the best digital marketing strategies you must implement to help you create a healthy pipeline of leads.


But Why Leads are Important for Your Construction Business? 


Maintaining a steady flow of high, qualified leads is crucial for the overall success of any business. While retaining your existing construction clients is essential, there will always be some level of churn. Churn is when clients go in long stretches without making a new purchase. And it can be not good for any business. So, having a healthy pool of new potential leads ensures your business continues growing and expanding.

Consider acquiring leads, the “fuel” that drives your sales process. Without enough leads entering, your sales team may be unable to perform to their fullest potential, affecting your ROI.

Make your lead generation strategy a number one priority. In fact, 50% of marketers today consider lead generation the highest priority in their marketing campaigns. So, make sure you get more new leads to achieve better reach, higher revenue, brand awareness, and faster business growth. 


Generate More Leads This 2023 Using These Top Strategies


Whether you are new in the world of digital marketing and lead generation, or you are already a seasoned business owner looking to tweak your strategy, you are looking for ways to implement to achieve real results.

Remember that you can leverage many different marketing strategies as part of your lead-gen marketing efforts. But we make sure only to handpick the best of all.


1. Content Marketing for lead generation

Content marketing is the core element since all organic digital marketing practices need content. Whether email marketing, social media, or Local SEO, every medium thrives because of content. With the help of original, informative, and customer-targeted content, your construction business can capture more leads and boost its conversion rate.

Take a closer look at how lead generation improves with the support of content marketing:

  • Use gated content like free downloadable guides, reports, eBooks, statistic reports, etc.
  • Make sure to produce well-researched blogs that have a high search volume.
  • Craft content like blogs and articles primarily targeting top-of-the-funnel, middle-of-the-funnel, and bottom-of-the-funnel audiences.
  • Create FAQs to fix common queries of your site visitors. 

Remember, the highest quality of content drives you a high audience. So, always hire an excellent team of content writers who can pull off some great content for your business.


2.       Search Engine Optimization for Lead Acquisition

SEO enables you to generate leads, allowing your target audience to search anything on search engines like Google. SEO is an organic digital marketing tactic that helps optimize your construction website, site pages, and landing pages to rank higher on SERPs or search engine results pages.

To better understand how SEO works, here are strategies for lead generation with the support of SEO:

  • Work well on your meta titles and meta descriptions.
  • Ensure your blogs and articles fulfill the search query’s intent.
  • · Add relevant internal links to your blogs
  • Conduct thorough keyword research
  • Improve your website speed for a much better user experience
  • Build great quality links

SEO enables your business to be at the top spot of the SERPs and, therefore, improves your chances of getting more and more leads.


3.       Paid advertising for lead generation

If you have a higher budget for your campaigns, you can opt for paid advertising to capture more leads easily. Paid advertising is the fastest, easiest, and result-riven digital marketing tactic you can take advantage of, especially when launching new services.

With paid ads, you can actively advertise on multiple channels like social media, websites, Google SERPs, etc. The ads will get the attention of your target audience and lead them to your construction business. Paid advertising offers greater value than traditional marketing and is the fastest way to grow.

Here are some paid ad strategies you should implement to get more leads:

  • You can create ads via social media where you promote a sales offer organized by your brand.
  • Create hyper-targeted Google ads to target sales-qualified leads successfully.
  • Build a remarketing ad highlighting a special limited offer from your company.


4.      Social Media for Lead Generation

Like, comment and share have become the most significant words we hear daily on social media platforms. Because of these interactions, social media become one of the most powerful channels for capturing new leads.

Social media offers tremendous opportunities for your business to leverage platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Instagram, for instance, gathers 1 million active users monthly. So, growing your construction brand’s presence on the platform can help you reach a wider audience and establish a strong follower base of potential leads and customers.

Here are some social media tactics for your lead generation:

  • Post relevant content on time to boost brand awareness and website traffic.
  • Always engage with your audience via comments and direct messages.
  • Provide solutions when it comes to the pain points of your customers.

Social media is a great option when reaching an audience that comes from the Top of the funnel. It is a great medium to show off how better you are compared to your competition. Your consistent social media activities will help your audience to identify your unique brand.


5.      Email marketing for lead generation

Did you know that 89% of marketers use email marketing as the main channel for acquiring more leads? Email marketing lets you easily monitor your target KPIs such as click-through rates, engagement statistics, campaign performance reports, etc.

Many businesses today primarily leverage email marketing to generate more qualified leads, nurture existing construction clients, and engage and update. Lead generation with email marketing support is proven to be highly effective due to its high ROI.

To help you more, here are some email marketing tactics for lead generation:

  • Establish a strong customer relationship with your qualified leads by offering relevant and valuable content via email.
  • Make sure to send catchy updates, offers, and content to your prospective audience via email.
  • Convince your existing clients to promote with a bait of referral coupons/discounts.


6.       Landing page and web optimization for lead acquisition

One of the effective ways to acquire quality leads is through website and landing page optimization. A well-optimized website and landing pages can affect the behavior of your users. The smoother their navigation is to your website, the better.

Here are some tactics on how to optimize your website and landing pages to generate more leads:

  • Use testimonials on your construction website as social proof to establish trust in your brand.
  • Check if your landing pages are easy and seamless to navigate.
  • · Make sure your website design is captivating and enthralling to your visitors. 


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Now that you know the top digital marketing tactics for lead generation, start experimenting with all these strategies for the sake of your construction business. These best practices and strategies are comprehensive and effective, enabling you to improve your overall lead generation.

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