6 Easy Tips on How to Reengage with Lost Leads

6 Easy Tips on How to Reengage with Lost Leads

The majority of B2B companies today doesn’t have a lead recovery campaign, especially in construction. A lot of business owners admitted they lack insights into best practices. Do you lack insights, too, in this area? And like everybody else, are you confused too about the wide range of targeted content and the most alarming of all – the continuing loss of leads.

But how could this happen in the glory times of marketing automation and personalized content? This blog will show you the main obstacles behind losing leads, including some of the best tips on overcoming them, helping you reengage with your lost leads and increase customer engagement successfully.

What is a Lost Lead?


A lead is an individual who mainly shows interest in your

A lead is an individual who particularly shows interest in your service offerings or products but is not ready to buy at the moment. Leads can be mostly found via social networks thru ads, events, and telephone calls. Basically, they are strangers on your email list, users who have liked your social media posts, and new connections on LinkedIn.

They all can become your customers right after a comprehensive nurturing program. But if the customer journey did not end up with a purchase, that lead has gone lost. However, it does not mean that this lead is dead. With the right digital marketing strategy in place, you can get back the lead’s attention to your company and convert them into customers. How? Read further to discover.

Why Do You Lose Leads Anyway?


Your target audience can be completely unpredictable. You do not know what they are up to, and they are often utterly indecisive on whether they go for your services or not. Everyone often relies on the assumption of what the best outcome would be, and therefore, sometimes, you lose them. However, in a huge amount of instances, you do have the power to win those leads back.

With that being said, analyze the reasons why people often stop following your social media, visiting your construction website and reading your emails:

  • They have serious concerns about costs.
  • They do not need your services and products anymore
  • They are pretty busy
  • They do not like how to reach out or communicate with them.
  • They lost contact with you.
  • You attract the wrong audience with your lead generation campaigns.

There are also systematic issues that your marketing team must avoid in the first place. Such issues are the following:

  • Irrelevant content
  • Slow responses
  • Targeting that does not work for some people
  • Errors in collecting the data of leads

To know what reasons are crucial, ask directly about your lost leads via email or survey. Be careful on asking. You should not sound like you are interrogating them. At this point, the goal is to discover why communication failed between you and them.

Reengage Your Lost Leads and Nurture Them


Here’s how you can successfully reengage the leads you once lost:

1. Create nurturing content

Only a few companies today have a lead recovery campaign. Perhaps one of the reasons you still didn’t go for a lead recovery campaign is that you think maintaining such programs is a challenge. This only proves that what you essentially need is a deeper understanding of lead nurturing to get ahead amidst the crisis.

In case you do not know anything about lead nurturing. It is the process of communication with the leads on an individual level to establish trust and connection. You can constantly inform prospects about your services and products. Basically, the right content will inspire them to become your clients.

Targeted content is the core element of lead nurturing. We cite below some of the top formats you may consider in your content:

  • Webinars
  • Sales calls
  • Email newsletters
  • Thought leadership articles
  • Blog posts

To boost your click-through rate further, create a lead magnet – a webinar, free e-book, case studies, and more. Your content should also be relevant, fresh, original and engaging because you compete with terabytes of existing information on the internet. Take note that people always want to read the most interesting and best.

2. Deliver your content in the most effective way

Any valuable and authentic content will never work if you wrongly deliver it. Be careful on this part. Make sure to build a re-engagement campaign by setting up the right reason and time to connect. Personalize messages and send them thru relevant channels.

Right time: Create a schedule for other types of phone calls and emails. Define what timelines work for your target audience best. And if you call your prospects during the day and never get a response, it may not be the right time.

  • Relevancy: Write a captivating subject line when you are about to get started with a conversation. A service update or a limited-time offer will fit perfectly. Your message should be personalized, precise, and fun. Add CTAs and pay close attention to your website optimization. Place targeted pop-ups to get more attention.
  • Right message: The right sales team that aims to win leads sends personalized emails, not generic ones. As a B2B company, you should treat your prospects as a person, not the other way around. So, your content has to activate their emotional side with stress relief, excitement, growth, and security.
  • Relevant channels: While an email list is vital in direct communication with your clients, you can always explore more marketing channels. Social networks are proven to be an unlimited resource of new leads. So, you should reach out to your target audience with recent posts across different platforms where they are most active.

3. Target your lost leads

To target your lost leads the right way, you need to segment them. Choose a system that can assist you fast, without making any mistakes. Take also the following characteristics of your leads into account:

Position in the click funnels

  • Demographic (family size, age, gender, occupation, education, income, nationality)
  • Geographic locations (city, country, etc.)
  • Website behavior
  • Email engagement

Thus, you can evaluate your lost leads based on the above-cited buyer persona. Connecting with users whose profiles are marked with the highest priority is reasonable. Right after you have done lead scoring, carry out a complex targeting campaign.

4. Survey the leads you have lost

Performing a survey on your lost leads can help you strengthen the process of interacting with your existing leads and minimizing the likelihood of losing them. The surveys do not have to be long or drawn out, and you may ask where these leads stand on your business – if they still have an interest, used to be interested, or are no longer interested.

You will discover which leads are still interested in further nurturing from the results. You can also learn why specific leads left and lost interest, helping you focus on high-resulting strategies that are most likely to drive you more sales.

5. Use trigger events to reconnect with your lost leads

Do you know what a trigger event is? This is anything that often creates a sales opportunity with your target leads, like an acquisition, a new company, or even somebody opening your emails. All these make an opportunity to reach out again and create a sales pitch that rebuilds your relationship with your leads and helps you nurture a conversion.

Social media, LinkedIn, Google alerts, and press releases are some of the best means to monitor trigger events. When you wind up with any of these triggering events, reach out to a lead that may have turned cold and constantly remind them that you are there to support them through a change they are experiencing.

6. Measure, Learn and Improve

Your lead generation should be analyzed further. This particular process helps your business prevent losing leads. And if you use insignificant channels or magnets that rarely reach your target audience, it is better to solve the root of the issue. So, instead of rebuilding relations with people who are possibly not going to avail yourself anything from you, reconsider marketing campaigns and create new magnets that will attract the right prospects:

Pro Tip: Ask your sales team whether converting the leads you have generated is easy. The sales reps know better than anyone regarding the type of leads most likely to become clients.

Lost Leads Do Not Have to Be Lost Forever

If you have read this far, then congratulations. We hope you understand and learn what your lead management looks like, especially how to reignite your connection with your lost leads. To manifest the right vision, speak with your marketing team. Together you can solve issues such as why your company keeps on losing leads. Create a strategy and maintain a strong effort to keep the existing ones.

However, if you have doubts and fears that things will not work out with your lead management strategy, a marketing agency will be your best resort.

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