Proven Techniques to Deliver Added Value to Your Construction Business

6 Proven Techniques to Deliver Added Value to Your Construction Business

When considering whether your business provides “added value” to your company and clients, the main question you must be asking first is, “Why must a prospect avail a service from your company that can easily be found anywhere? Many contractors fail to see the significant disconnection between the message their business promotes externally and what their clients want.

In this blog, we will be sharing the six best strategies that can help you deliver added value to your business and clients. 

Why Adding Value is Important in Your Construction Business?


Added value is generally demonstrated by a construction company that provides their clients with a dedicated customer service team, technical support, expert guidance, maintenance service, etc., which their competitors could not offer in the first place. So, if the competitors can, then it is not adding any value anymore.

To put it simply, adding value is a strategic way of setting apart your construction business from the rest of the market. And despite your rate is quite higher, these value-added benefits can make both your potential and existing clients want to partner with you.

Today, most businesses want to add value to their bottom line, meaning more profit and sales. Do not do the same thing. In the ever-competitive marketplace today, the truly successful construction company is the one that put their clients first! Adding value to your business means:

  • Determining what is essential to your clients, your prospects.
  • Identifying what problems they are facing and solutions to offer.
  • Showing interest to your target audience and learning how to determine their needs before they realize them.

Remember, your business is not just about promotion or sell, sell, sell that showcases how excellent your construction business is. Instead, your company is all about adding true value to your clients as well as having conversations with them, whether offline and online.

How can You Exactly Deliver Added-Value to Your Business?


Here is a list of some actionable strategies that can help you to provide added value to your business, help you to get more leads, and increase brand awareness. 

1. Give Account-Based Marketing a Shot

If you want to improve your construction marketing efforts and shorten the sales cycle simultaneously, then account-based marketing is one way to go. This marketing approach focuses solely on developing high-targeted digital campaigns directed towards big fish accounts that you recognize as your ideal clients.

It might sound like a complicated process, but it is not. In reality, this particular approach makes things a lot easier. Account-based marketing can actually:

  • It helps to shorten your sales cycle
  • Make efficient use of your marketing budget
  • Lessen cold calling

But wait, there is more. This marketing tactic can probably do the best thing for your construction business is provide you with more leads with a much better customer experience. 

2. Create and Preserve a User-Friendly Construction Website

Websites are not just brochures, right? In fact, your construction website is the first place possible leads will find more details about your company and its services and products. Hence, your website must be well-designed, functional, and can offer your visitors exactly what they are looking for. If your website is serving as a photo catalog, any possible leads are most likely closing the tab and moving on.

And to make your website stand out among your sites, you have to deliver clients with the most engaging and helpful blog content. These viewers are the researchers and basically, your website is the source of all the answers they are looking for.

For such reasons, it is vital to go back and think about your buyer personas while website development is in the process. Make sure to answer who are they, what exactly they need, what pain points they have, how can you solve the issues, and direct them to the info they need, because in actuality:

  • What do you establish when you help your customers in the way they expect and need? Trust.
  • What do you get when, in return when you build trust with your client? Relationship.
  • What comes out of that relationship?  A converted lead is taking the next action.

Moreover, you should also pay attention to what your construction website should include. So, here are some key features your construction website must have:

  • Quality web design – make sure to make your website visually appealing but functional, making all your content easy to digest.
  • Menu bar – Having a clear and descriptive navigation tool makes it easier for your visitors to find what they are searching for.
  • Chatbot – Chatbots are excellent automation tools for helping your potential leads get the detailed answers they need. 
  • Blogs – Consistent, regular blogging is one good way to provide content that informs your visitors and present clients, establish your company as the industry expert, and integrate target keywords that can boost your SEO efforts. Determine your niches and explore the art of topic blog ideation to get more ideas of what content you want to showcase.
  • CTAs – When being done right, Call-To-Actions do not just help your company get more leads. Descriptive and creative CTAs help your clients navigate your construction website and convert as qualified leads.

A highly developed and well-designed website can do serious work in adding value and generating leads and even setting your construction business ahead of the competition. 

3. Know Your Way around Social Media Marketing

For some reason, several construction companies today avoid social media. If it is your goal to stand out from the rest, do the opposite. If your target audience is on social media, which is a fact, you should be too. Strong and consistent social media content can help you engage with your target audience, increase brand awareness, and generate more leads.

Social media platforms offer you various channels with many features and marketing benefits. Make sure to select the best ones that align with your business goals. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram are some of the top picks for social media platforms for your construction company.

As long as your social media strategies align with your goals, your construction business is sure to get fruitful results.

4. Adopt a Growth Marketing Methodology

Growth marketing is an excellent way to align your company towards the same goals and put up some added value. It is proven to work so well since everybody will be on the same page. In addition, no money and time are wasted doing nothing that is on par with your business goals. It all just begins with defining what success indeed looks like at your company. 

Do you want to offer more services? Build more relationships? Expand your business, if ever? Write it all down. Then, set your S.M.A.R.T goals based upon that. Next, make sure that all your marketing tactics are aligned with those SMART goals. 

5. Implement Impressive Content Marketing

Implementing a content marketing strategy seems like a massive jump for your construction company. It may be something you haven’t heard of, or it may be something you are warry of. It is hard to trust something that you find a bit more intangible compared to paid advertising. But as proof, having blog content is worth it. 

Content marketing is one of the best inbound marketing tools for construction companies. And having a compelling content marketing strategy is where you can begin to move ahead of your competitors. From landing pages to blogs, you are winning in a lot of aspects too. 

With strategic content marketing, you’re not just adding value to your brand; you are:

  • Boosting your SEO 
  • Pulling more qualified leads 
  • Establish as industry authority for your business

Do you know what they say, “Quality over quantity”? A well-planned content marketing strategy will give you both.

6. Professional Community

Providing added value doesn’t only mean just restricting your clients. Always remember that you are a small fish in a big pond. So, rather than swimming alone, engage and provide others in your closer community with your expertise and technical knowledge.

  • Became known as a thought leader and problem solver by simply engaging in online forums in the industry.
  • Create tutorials and “How-To” articles purposely directed at members within the construction sector. 
  • Provide added value by updating professional aspects with changes to your business and maintaining regular contacts. Aim to be reliable and helpful in all contacts you meet. 

Let’s talk about Growth!


Are your marketing strategies based on the “added value” approach? There are many ways to add value and generate more leads at little to no cost if you are willing to invest time. However, the single excellent way to ramp up your campaigns is to seek professional help from marketing experts. With a digital marketing leader by your side, you can place your construction company on the fast track to success. 

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