6 Red Flags and 6 Golden Rules for Social Media Success

6 Red Flags and 6 Golden Rules for Social Media Success

Like other business owners nowadays, do you wonder how social media can help you promote your construction business to increase sales and drive more leads? To be effective with online marketing nowadays and achieve social media success, you need to have more than a website because social media has evolved over the years. Right now, it becomes a key marketing channel and offers a platform for your target audience to find you when they are searching for offers, seeking reviews, and comparing pricing.

While it is tempting to dive right into the numerous social media sites, it is crucial to create a strong social media marketing plan with metrics and goals. Only you can achieve social media success, measure your progress, and structure your efforts when making such a strategy.

Read this blog to discover the golden rules and red flags in attaining social media success.

Your Actual Plan for Social Media Success


Creating a social media marketing strategy is no different from developing any other plans. So, answering the following questions will help you establish some essential components of this strategy:

  • Who are you specifically targeting on your social media marketing?

Clients? Prospects? Leads? Media? Analyst? All of the above? Once you have already decided on the targets, flesh out the characteristics of every group by creating buyer personas. Begin listing the characteristics of every buyer persona and add some social media dimensions to make it perfect.

  • What objectives and goals do you want to achieve?

Social media marketing requires effort, resources, and time. That is why you should have clear action items, goals, and objectives for each social media platform. As with every strategy, test a few social media spaces and strategies and determine which has the greater significance on your target goals.

  • What social marketing channels and strategies can provide measurable success?

To obtain social media success, you have to take some time to discover and know where your target audience is. Are they always on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, or another? There is no point in creating a strong presence on a particular channel if the audiences aren’t many.

Red Flags in Social Media Marketing


  • Do not be misled into thinking and assuming that everything is already fine by creating social media channels. As a matter of fact, this is just the start. Ensure to build a social media presence that engages your target personas and promotes building and sharing relationships.
  • Do not brag, and do not sell. You have to understand that becoming a good leader is opposed to endless self-promotion.
  • Do not simply dive into social marketing until you are ready. Look before you leap. You have to set goals, objectives, and KPIs that will measure success.
  • Do not resist social media because proving your ROI will be challenging. Always keep in mind that you can show progress if you build a baseline first.
  • Do not think of social media channels for advertising opportunities alone. Your company brand is more essential. You can market more effectively when you are building a successful media presence.
  • Do not expect every social media channel will work for your construction business. There are too many of these social media sites. That is why you need to do research first to determine which social media channels your clients are most present.

The Golden Rules to Achieve Social Media Success


  • Do not take yourself too extra as you try to sell your services and products to your target audience. Social media marketing is not the place for first calls. That is why your first move has to be social first. You need to introduce yourself and be natural on that part.
  • Start your social media marketing by delivering good blog content. Due to the volumes of blogs today, it may be getting to compete, especially if you are starting. However, just make your content engaging, original, and more entertaining to attract viewers.
  • Add a strong call to action (CTAs) that clearly states what you wanted your target audience to do next. You must start engaging in social media to drive more sales to lift your profits.
  • Write and accept a guest post. Featuring posts from other bloggers is an excellent way to bring new fresh ideas and perspectives to your website and social media channels.
  • Make sure to add value. Clients and prospects have to be rewarded for consuming your content and engaging with your brand. If you do not add value, social media may never work.
  • Social media is a two-way street. You should not just be talking to someone. You have to keep the lines of communication more open in all directions. It only means that when somebody contacts you, you should respond right away and genuinely.

Social Media Tips for Your Construction Business


1. Post on a regular basis

It can be harder to post as frequently as you should. Yet, regularly tweeting, posting, pinning can pay off over time. A lot of people today follow hundreds of businesses and other users. Hence, the odds are that your social media posts will be buried deep in the newsfeeds just within hours.

If you wanted people to see your posts, you must plan to post at least three to five times per well on popular social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more. If you cannot spare some time to do posting, you may consider delegating this task to a full-service digital marketing agency.

2. Stick to one to two social media channels

While you may keep up a strong presence on every social media platform, pick one to two specific channels to focus on when you are first starting. Having to manage many accounts can be too overwhelming. By activating and maintaining one or two accounts can help you prevent surging frustration.

Only you can start adding another social media accounts once you are in the habit of updating the first two. 

3. Take before and after photos of your work

As a construction company, one of the most captivating things you can post in social media sites is before and after photos of your work. While you need to get permission from your clients, most property owners, these photos are a great way to showcase your commitment to fulfilling your service. 

4. Encourage your friends, employees, and clients to follow you

When you are first starting, it can be harder to establish a massive following and acquire a good amount of likes on your social media pages. And while you do not want to be annoying, you can ask your friends, current clients, and employees to follow your pages. Remember that no one can like and follow your channels if anyone does not know that it exists.

5. Respond to reviews and comments

On your Facebook business page, you may notice that people can leave personal reviews and comments. This can be intimidating since anybody can post you to your Facebook page. However, you can expect positive reviews and feedback as long as you are confident in your services and sincere to your clients.

Also, whether it is positive or negative, make sure to respond to all comments.

6. Jump on board with trending topics

Surprisingly, social media should not always be serious. Go for it if you notice any interesting and funny topics and somehow relate them to your business! In fact, hashtags are widely used today to get more attention and to show a bit of your company’s personality.

With that being said, make sure to understand the hashtags you’ll use before posting any of them. 

7. Analyze your social media posts

Tracking the analytics on your posts is perhaps one of the best features of Facebook’s business page. It permits you to see which posts ranked the highest or performed the best. For example, if you discover those posts that have close-up images that get more views, shares, and likes, you know how to decide what type of photos to take in the future.

8. Link back to your website

While you do not need to add more links every single time, you must sometimes do internal linking back to your website pages. While your goals with social media must be engagement and brand awareness, it can still drive traffic to your site.

Overall, social media and other digital platforms provide an excellent way to deliver compelling content to interested clients. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are ranked as the top four social media marketing tools that significantly helped generate leads.

The Results You Want


Every business has a strong desire to harness social media, whether the goal is to drive website traffic or generate new leads. Are you interested in discovering and learning more about social media use?

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