6 SEO Growth Hacking Tips and Tactics to Grow Your Construction Business

6 SEO Growth Hacking Tips and Tactics to Grow Your Construction Business

Whether your construction business is already established or a start-up, it is important to focus on your website SEO to stay ahead of your competitors. In fact, to be able to survive the intense competition, knowledge of growth hacking in SEO is crucial. This SEO tactic has a strong potential to make your construction business tremendously profitable and successful.

So, if you own a construction business, especially a start-up, focus on SEO growth marketing. In this blog, we will share with you some of the most actionable tips on how to growth hack that can help you scale up your construction business.


First of All, what is SEO Growth Hacking?


Let’s together understand this one mystifying term that constantly pops all over the marketing world. To start, growth hacking is interchangeably referred to as growth marketing. It is a process of rapid experimentation across various marketing channels to determine the most efficient, effective ways to grow a business. In other words, growth marketing uses online marketing tactics designed to expand your customer base.

In plain speak, the traditional online marketing you used to implement mainly comprises SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, and more. However, when you turn to growth hacking for your marketing efforts, you are somewhat taking more traditional online marketing and using them in more unique ways. The goal here is to grow your audience and captivate more leads.

You are constantly testing new approaches and ideas to assess what works best for your business, equipped with a growth mindset.


SEO Growth Hacking Tips


You now have to focus on your effective SEO growth hacks to help you achieve top ranks across different search engine results. Here are proven SEO growth marketing tactics you can use:

1. Design a Mobile-Responsive Construction Website

Lately, there has been a substantial increase in online searches that originate from mobile devices. The main reason for this is the significant increase in the number of mobile devices and greater availability of the internet on a global scale.

Due to the maximum use of mobile devices, traffic generated from tablets and smartphones skyrocketed. This only shows how essential it is to develop a construction website that has a mobile-responsive design, making it easier to adopt any screen size. If you still do not know, this one is a key SEO growth hacking tactic many marketers use. Follow these pro tips to make your construction website more mobile-responsive:

  • Make sure to create legible, cohesive, and relevant content.
  • Ensure you fully optimize your visuals so that they will take less time to load.
  • Create vertical web page designs instead of horizontal or static pages.
  • Make use of touch-friendly buttons and navigation tools.
  • Add social sharing buttons on any of your content. These buttons will make it easier for your readers to share your content across their social networks.

Now, you already know the importance of making your website more mobile-friendly. However, mobile responsiveness is not enough, and Website maintenance is another thing to be prioritized. Regularly maintaining your website is critical in guaranteeing that your website is functioning and running at full capacity.

2. Create Content Clusters

When it comes to creating content clusters, having a main page to serve as the pillar page is necessary, the pillar page is the center of content with overarching topics. These content pages related to the main topics will link back to the pillar page. This type of linking structure carries out signals that can help search engines on the topic it then covers. Over time, this helps your page gain a much better ranking for certain topics.

This growth hack tactic has been proven already by the HubSpot study that has long been experimenting with topic clusters. They found out that their web pages got higher rankings in search engine results when they performed more interlinking, and the increase in internal links also boosted impressions.

3. Improve the UX or User Experience

User experience has a massive impact on your rankings. Straight from Google Algorithm guidelines, web pages must be created mainly for users, not search engines. Thus, you must aim to provide a great user experience for your main target audience. So, better be sure to understand and consider your potential viewers’ needs when creating a web page for them. This can significantly help you improve the overall user experience, in general.

In return, how your web visitors behave on your construction website can help search engines assess and scale your website’s credibility.

4. Boost Page Load Speed

The page load speed of your construction website may affect your search engine rankings. And if your web pages take too long to load, it will annoy your web viewers. Try to put yourself in the shoes of your target audience. Imagine their initial reaction to your web page that seemingly loads at a snail-low speed.

This can bring a lot of frustration to your target audience and drive them away, regardless of whether you have the best content on your website. Therefore, you need to switch your focus to boosting your page load speed. This is one of the most important SEO growth hacks you must consider. The faster the loading speed of your site, the higher your chances of securing top placements in search engine results.

To begin with:

  • Delete all the unnecessary links and data from your web pages.
  • Optimize the current size of your visuals.
  • Use free tools online like Google PageSpeed Insights. It can help you monitor the loading speed of your construction website, giving you more feedback on how to improve it further.

5. Get Featured Snippets

Featured snippets get more visibility than any other positions on the SERPs, and it is even more demanding than the highest position or ranking. Featured snippets are often referred to as the 0 positions or placement. One of your targeted goals should be getting featured snippets for your content. This growth hack tactic can boost transparency and drive more traffic to your website.

Below are proven ways to increase your chances of getting featured snippets. Get started with the following:

  • Focus more on your efforts on enhancing content for which you are already ranking on the first pages.
  • Improve your formatting to make it easier for Google to catch and understand what your content is all about. Summarize your points into bullet points and lists.
  • If you are crafting new content from scratch, target question queries since they commonly get more featured snippets.

6. Improve the Meta Tags

Even mundane, small elements such as your meta tags can directly impact your SEO performance and CTRs (click-through rates). If you manage to optimize your meta descriptions and meta titles, these efforts can significantly boost both your traffic and impressions. Suppose done correctly, of course.

One of the proper ways to do it is to add keywords to your meta tags. You need to also to cater to humans – your actual individuals who will read your meta des and decide whether or not to click on your links based on their relevance. In addition to placing keywords in your meta tags and descriptions, you may also consider a couple of best practices:

  • One crucial consideration is the character limit since you cannot risk having an inadequate description displayed on SERPs. The average meta title is around 55 characters long, while the average meta des comprise 164 characters.
  • Your meta tags must be relevant to their corresponding page content. They must precisely and properly describe the web page so the online searchers can identify whether it is appropriate for the searches.
  • Keep your meta title shorter. Make sure also to summarize the topic discussed on the page
  • Your meta des must also be about two sentences long. The first sentence must explain why the topic is important, while the second sentence should invite the readers to read your content or click the link. Make it more descriptive yet brief at the same time.


ConstructionMarketing.io Can Help You!


SEO growth hacking always has a significant impact on your conversions and how well you rank in search engines. The tips and tactics mentioned above are the most important and easiest to employ. So, leverage them and start scaling your construction business to new heights.

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