6 Tactics to Get More Leads via Social Media

6 Tactics to Get More Leads via Social Media

For every marketing strategy you put out for your construction business, you must also plan how to acquire new and relevant leads successfully. In many cases, getting new leads is one of the most challenging parts of marketing your business.

The great news is that social media can be one of your most valuable lead acquisition platforms if you know how to use it right. With 4.26 billion people worldwide currently using social media, it is the right channel for all businesses to attract and reach new leads.

It is only a matter of using the right strategies at the right time. In this blog, we will break down the top six strategies for generating sales leads via social media. 


But What is Social Media Lead Generation?


Social media lead generation is any activity undertaken via social media that permits you to collect new leads. These activities could mean you are creating great content to attract new followers or spending a few dollars on targeted ads. In short, whatever you do that pulls in critical information in your followers, who can be your potential construction clients, is called social media lead generation.

Moreover, the following are the main factors that boost social media lead generation:

  • Engagement: Sharing high-quality and relevant content will increase social media engagement with your audience. Engagement is key in getting and retaining new customers who can truly vouch for your construction brand.
  • Website traffic: Social media offers a great opportunity to drive traffic to your construction website. With content offers, you can bring visitors to your website.
  • Brand awareness: The key to reaching your target audience is to increase your brand visibility. Social media is great for building your brand’s visibility and showcasing its core values. 


Leverage Social Media for Lead Generation


In this section, we compiled the best and latest strategies for leveraging social media to generate new leads and keep them engaged.


1. Run social media paid ads

Businesses that run some paid ads campaigns usually benefit the most. Reaching out to the exact audience, fan growth, and increased engagement are some of the most common benefits. When you run paid social media ads, you can capture the right data, get critical insights, and leverage these to make your social media campaign more effective and powerful than ever. 

If everything is done correctly, it is an effective social media lead acquisition tool that can save your construction business time and money.

Here are a few key tips we would like to share with you on how to run an effective paid ad strategy in social media:

·        Define your objectives and core KPIs: Is your goal to increase your brand awareness? Or you want to increase the rate of your purchases that can all be directly attributed to your social media efforts.

·        Connect all your owned social accounts in one place: One of the main challenges faced by many business leaders, marketers, and experts is proving ROI in marketing campaigns. To be able to do that, you need to simply connect data across multiple channels in one place. From there, you can measure and analyze the data altogether.


2. Use chatbots

Instant messaging and chatbots have become one of the most powerful tools for most marketers today. Chatbots allow your business to connect with the right prospects even better than your sales team can while at the same time significantly lowering your overhead costs.

In today’s omnichannel world, your business may not succeed by asking your audience to contact you. So, you need to meet them where they already are. Here is how chatbots act as the best social media lead gen tool:

With AI bots, you can serve predefined responses to all customer queries on multiple social platforms.

Bots are capable of deciphering the intent of your visitors. And if you know the intent, you know your next action, which often acts as the secret ingredient of lead nurturing.

Chatbots can use past interaction history to develop a specific profile for every customer, allowing you to deliver personalized messages, quality content, and service recommendations.


3. Distribute quality content

Content distribution is an important part of the equation, especially regarding content marketing. Remember that it is not just enough to craft quality and exceptional content. You have to distribute it strategically. Social media plays a role in how you can distribute the content you create.

Here are some tips we highly suggest for you to follow, especially when you want to establish a plan that helps your construction brand and business grow.

  • Determine your business goals: Determine your marketing goals to better clarify how to tailor your social media content.
  • Planning of social content: Conduct a content audit to determine which social media posts are the most engaging for your audience. Doing so can help you allocate resources and serve your audience better. Also, consider creating a content calendar, as it lets you visualize amazing ideas and makes your strategy much easier to execute.
  • Distribute your content: Create a content distribution strategy to help you distribute all your content and achieve maximum exposure.
  • Measure the results: Keep track of the activities using the right social media metrics and KPIs like brand awareness, engagements, and return on investments that can help you optimize your plan over time.


4. Build a social media community

Does your construction business have a strong social community? If you do not have any, now is the right time to build one. You may be wondering why having a community on social media is necessary. 

To put it simply, a social media community is the best way you can stay connected with your target customers. You increase your brand visibility and reach when you engage with your followers in every possible way. A strong community of loyal audience and construction clients can make a huge difference to your business, helping you sustain your company in the market for a longer time.

To expand followers and successfully build a community on social media, here are some strategies we highly recommend:

  • Host social conversations: If you want to host social conversations and interactions, make sure that you unite your followers over their interest zone.
  • Give your social media followers a voice: The members of your social media community can ultimately feel special when you give them a voice. They wanted to be involved and part of the bigger picture.
  • Provide incentives to your community members: Make sure to offer to your social media followers beyond interaction or engagement. You can offer them exclusive content, etc.


5. Social media video marketing

According to a recent study, 60% of brands now use videos on social platforms. These videos are being put out on social media and range from profile videos to stories, comments, and updates about social media posts. You can start creating one video or many snippets. These snippets will act as a brand-building tool for your construction business. 

Below are key steps you can follow for a successful social media lead gen strategy:

  • Decide on your platform: Picking out the best platforms is a great way to start your video marketing journey. Today’s most popular social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Choose video types: You can choose from several types of videos, and each has its benefits. There is a how-to, product, demo, guides, etc. You can pick one that fits best with your niche and construction business.


6. Partner with social media influencers

The newest trend in the market today is collaborating with the top influencers. Partnering with these people who have garnered a huge following in social media can help increase your brand exposure, connect you with new audiences, and even build authority. 

If you want to generate leads via social media, never miss the chance to leverage the power of the social media influencers:

  • Work with influencers who can give you some honest reviews about the services you offer.
  • Get these influencers to strategically feature the services/products you offer in their posts and videos. Make sure they showcase your brand uniquely and interestingly.
  • If one of your goals is to drive sales, a very effective way to do this is to have the influencers promote unique discount codes.


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