7 Reasons Why You Need a Digital Marketing Partner

7 Reasons Why You Need a Digital Marketing Partner

Why partner with a digital marketing agency when you can do everything yourself, right? NO. Please hold that. But the real question is, can you do marketing all by yourself?

At first, you think that online marketing is super easy. However, the fact that it is broader than you can ever imagine, encompassing SEO, Website performance, social media, and many others – the digital realm can leave you overwhelmed and confused.

But you should know that digital marketing is an umbrella term representing various marketing strategies offering your construction business the potential to grow significantly. But that continuous growth only comes from some level of experience, a particular skill set, resources, and time that you may otherwise find too difficult to carry out on your marketing plan.

We are trying to point out that you need a digital marketing partner for your construction business. But if you are not entirely convinced about partnering with an agency, let’s look at the top reasons why we reckon you should.


1. They offer convenience and efficiency

Having a digital marketing partner removes the need to spend time planning and carrying out your digital marketing initiatives. As a result, you have more time and strength to focus on other parts of your construction business and explore how to serve your audience and customers better. Having the right partner put at your disposal, highly-skilled teams and many marketing specialists makes it very cost-effective for you to leverage such talent.

To conclude, the convenience and efficiency you will experience are top-tier with these people by your side.


2. You get measurable results

In the digital realm, everything is measurable. In your marketing campaigns, measuring the results and performance in different traffic channels is the best way to determine what does or does not work. Certainly, you cannot do it alone or have enough knowledge to get started. But with a digital marketing partner by your side, they will do everything on your behalf. They all have the best set of skills, experience, and of course, the tools!

Expect that they will use the best and most sophisticated tools for marketing, which we will cite later in this blog.


3. You get the benefits of expert insights

In terms of digital marketing, knowledge is power. And having the right partner means you will work alongside the industry’s best people. Your partner agency has a team of experienced marketing specialists from various specific functionalities. And these experts know exactly what they do, very innovative, creative, and problem solvers – turning their skillset into revenue. Therefore, partnering with them will incredibly benefit you the most.

What’s more, when you have a digital marketing partner, you can access objective analysis of your marketing efforts and helpful insights about the initial assessment. Also, they prepared and laid down marketing solutions beforehand, especially when some of your campaigns were not working.

With a partner on your side, there’s a guarantee that you are achieving the best results across all of your marketing efforts.


4. Get a well-crafted SMART marketing plan

A digital marketing partner will get to know you and your target customers so that they can figure out what needs to happen to achieve your marketing objectives. They wanted to collaborate and provide input as much as you wanted. These people will allow you to be part of the creation, execution, and monitoring of your marketing efforts. And most especially, they will assist you in putting together a comprehensive, personalized marketing plan which mainly focuses on lead acquisition and is integrated with SMART marketing techniques.

With the SMART approach, your new marketing campaigns will be:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant 
  • Timely

5. Expand your in-house marketing team

Imagine being a small to medium-sized construction business owner and hiring a team of 20+ heads, with every person responsible for a specific marketing role. Obviously, it is not feasible and not practical given the size of your company.

However, when you have a digital marketing partner, you can get all the experts on a single bench, all out and ever-ready, to start your campaigns. Having a partner means getting a service with many skilled people who are all jacks of all trades!

If you already have an in-house marketing team, hiring an agency and expanding your marketing team is still a great opportunity. For your people’s sake, it is a great education investment as they will have the potential to learn directly from experts in all areas of online marketing.


6. Get access to expensive marketing tools

Like great specialists, digital marketers are equipped with the best toolkit stacked with expensive and intricate contraptions. Unless you have a digital marketing career, these tools can be baffling and very expensive. And it is not like there are only one to two platforms you want to gain access with. In fact, every single aspect of the digital world has its dedicated tools for optimization. 

At one glimpse, you see different analytics platforms like Google Analytics, post schedulers, automation software, or report preparation aids. And it’s so hard to wrap in your head. Fortunately, when you have a partner, you are automatically equipped with these sophisticated tools and will be given personal tutorials on how to use them.


7. Focus on growing your construction business

With a digital marketing partner on your side, your hands are all free, and you can simply focus more on the stuff that matters – growing and scaling your construction business. Ultimately, the main reason why you are in this business is to generate revenue, right? So, having a partner and a team in charge of your marketing campaigns will give you the time, resources, and good headspace to dedicate yourself to other important tasks.

You are your agency’s client, and it means that you have full executive control of your marketing plans – but the difference is that you are not the one who is exerting more effort and hard work, resulting in more freedom.


Things to Consider When Picking Your Ideal Digital Marketing Partner


Now you know the good reasons why you need a digital marketing partner and the many benefits you will reap when you partner with one. This time, we want to openly share with you critical things you have to consider when choosing an agency to partner with.


1. Know what you need and set your budget

Your time and money are valuable. So, there is no reason to intentionally waste it on agencies offering services irrelevant to your business requirements. Begin by figuring out what specific areas you need to optimize. A couple of options we highly suggest include.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media
  • Website Development
  • Content 

All of the above are usually basic marketing essentials. But remember, the better you can figure out what you need, the better you can define the gaps and find out what exactly you want for your marketing campaigns.


2. Ensure they have experience in your area

It is essential to ensure that your chosen agency partner is experienced and credible. Below are a couple of ways to check the legitimacy of an agency:

  • Review online feedback and ratings about the agency.
  • Reading testimonials from past and existing clients on the website
  • Contact the agency and ask for references


3. Discuss relevant trends and technologies

A conversation with any potential agency partner will for sure steer toward technology. For the best outcome, ensure that the agency you choose to partner with is updated on the latest marketing trends and technologies that your competitors and peers are already utilizing, including the upcoming ones. From everything that has to do with digital marketing, your chosen agency should be well-rounded in them all. 

You may not have a deeper and bigger understanding of digital marketing, but doing a little research about it may not hurt a bit, especially when considering a partner.


4. Consider starting small

There is no need to hand over all the reins to a new agency on the first day. Rather than giving all, it is often best to start small. If you find the right agency, allow them to work on a minor task. By doing so, you can assess more of their performance. From that assessment, you can decide whether or not you want to go forward with them.

For instance, you can ask them to conduct a website audit. Are there any operational issues? How about technical errors, broken links, content mistakes, or other concerns? The answers you will then receive will shed light on the real expertise of your chosen agency.


ConstructionMarketing.io – Your Next Agency Partner!


As you must know by now, there are numerous benefits to partnering with a digital marketing agency. And this fact holds, especially in the construction businesses. However, you must know that not all marketing agencies are the same, especially in their quality of services. So, you have to be smart in the selection process.

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