7 Secrets about Construction Online Marketing You Should Know by Now

7 Secrets about Construction Online Marketing You Should Know by Now

Construction companies are asked to update their current strategies and processes, implementing modern tactics that can support their new business goals. The change involves the introduction of new tasks that essentially require new skills that will facilitate and enable such transformation. But, unfortunately, 67% of businesses seem like they have not yet found the effective support they need.

This realization is real and considered a challenging inflection point, specifically in areas where digitalization has brought new solid frameworks, like digital marketing. To shift from traditional to digital marketing, the construction sector must understand the latest tactics and software and the benefits and reasons behind that shift.

Unfortunately, the information has not constantly been clearly communicated. It is believed that the construction sector is overdue for this transformation. So, we would like to share with you that the first step towards digital adoption is thru understanding the role of online resources and utilizing these tools to optimize the processes further, achieving more ambitious goals.

Read further to know the top seven secrets about construction marketing nobody tells you yet.

1. Digital Marketing Build Strong Connections

According to a report, 1 out of every two of the companies under a survey is planning to increase the main budget devoted to the three most commonly used social media platforms- Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube. 80% of the people believed Facebook as the most effective social media channel for reaching more leads and connecting to your target audience. 

If you are a construction leader, curating a thoughtful online presence is essential to your business. And you must know it firsthand. 98% of people nowadays are online users and are doing some research on their own. In fact, over half of social media browsers used social media exclusively to research services and products. In addition, 7 out of every 10 specifiers who have a positive experience with a construction brand on social media are most likely to recommend it to their colleagues.

2. Digital Marketing Improves Compliance

Throughout the last decade, everyone in the construction industry embraced the implementation of BIM (Building Information Modelling), defined as digitalizing every aspect of a building project, underlining its critical stages. 

From 2016 until today, it is already required that all construction projects should utilize Building Information Modelling to the maturity Level 2, involving the development of a digital 3D file, aiming to enhance business operations and ensure compliance. 

3. Digital Marketing Improves Professionalism

Your portfolio must be presented with a well-designed website. This construction website of yours should articulately complement your online presence, making a fluid conversation that continues within your social media channels. While you might want to include as much information as possible, keeping it brief, concise, and simple is crucial.

Websites often get scanned by viewers more than they get read, with only sixteen users dedicating their time reading a page word per word. Use quality videos and images to bring your page to life, helping you transmit vision to your target audience. 

A blog section on your website also plays a critical role in giving your target audience adequate information. Ponder the best topics thru blog topic ideation. Your content should be educational, informative, entertaining, and helpful, depending on your reach.

4. Digital Marketing Gives Authority

When digitalization is being brought up, construction is among the industry sectors showing a greater resistance with opinions like “We always have worked through word-of-mouth, or “We are a thriving, successful, no-frills type of industry.” Their point is that Digital Communication has no place in their industry. Needless to say, conventional strategies are still valid; with over 80% of companies updating the approach, traditional may not cut it anymore.

Also, search engines recognize your building authority in a certain area based upon the blog content you produce on that specific topic. With over 45% of the revenue of the construction companies coming from pure organic traffic, it has never been more pressing to make sure that your construction website maintains a strong search ranking and that you are regularly reviewing and improving your Search Engine Optimization.

So, together with using the right keywords, Link Building is one of the most effective tactics to apply.

5. Digital Marketing Promotes Leadership

Positioning yourself and your construction brand not only as a standard and professional company but also as an educational referent can quickly make you a trusted advisor. Bear in mind always that being the leader is essential. In this case, leading has nothing to do with managing. In fact, it typically involves offering a unique approach to construction that must be reflected in each of your actions.

Today, the majority of your target audience has a conservative nature and usually plays safe with their choices. So, it is crucial that, thru your interactions, you offer them convincing reasons to reach out to you for future projects and encourage them to refer you to colleagues and partners, creating a community that allows you to get your opinions heard.

6. Digital Marketing Provides Control

10% of the construction firms confessed to having so many issues when measuring a positive ROI, according to a study. It keeps them from having a precise vision of the results of their tactics or strategies. The survey also found that construction brands are still caught in scheduled reporting solutions, primarily based on risky “trial and error” strategies with no guarantee of success.

  • 55% of construction firms prioritized accurate and real-time information.
  • 70% wanted much faster flows of data, both critical elements within the decision-making process of the business.

7. Digital Marketing Facilitates Communication

It is proven that construction businesses that have invested in acquiring project management software to manage the workforce better have increased the productivity rate by up to 15%. When being asked about some challenges, new technologies helped overcome. Many firms are now highlighting the importance of shared data availability.

Introducing a construction scheduling system to your project management strategy will allow you to collect more info and always be kept in the loop of the conversation prospects. A builder software tool like Pro Crew Schedule can curate and improve all data, helping your construction business grow while alleviating the pain of managing every aspect of specific projects and every aspect of the business.

Digital Marketers Are Hiding Some Secrets, and You Must Know


As a bonus, we will share some of our secrets about digital marketing. Someone like you who is not that technologically savvy know that digital marketing can be a whole different beast. And as a construction business owner, you will realize that this kind of marketing is made for your company’s future. 

If you have not already figured out such secrets and consider other options, think again. We are about to uncover some marketing secrets.

1. Stay relevant to your target audience.

Becoming a household name in your industry is great, but it isn’t easy to do. Instead of marketing yourself to a broader audience, focus more on the ones you have. If it is necessary to have new leads, you can choose to forge authentic relationships with the specific people who need your construction brand.

Being relevant is that you are marketing to those who need your service offerings. 

2. Multiple platforms for various audiences

Social media has already become a necessity these days. As a matter of fact, many people use social media channels to find the exact construction business that they are looking for. Typically, someone who utilizes one kind of social media will not be completely immersed in another. Get your business name on different platforms, especially on YouTube. People love watching videos lately. If you’re on Instagram lately, you will notice short videos posted every time. 

It is to generate interest in the public. In your case, you are targeting your audience.

3. Brand Influencers are your friends.

Speaking of brand influencers, they are the ones who have thousands of followers on any platform—their followers like them and pretty much everything they do and market. Influencers are a good use because they seem more real and relatable.

Hire an influencer now to speak about your construction brand. The influencer’s message will be seen and shared by their millions and thousands of followers, eventually creating more traffic and generating more interest.

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