7 Signs Your Construction Business Needs a Digital Marketing Help

7 Signs Your Construction Business Needs a Digital Marketing Help

Digital marketing is surely a roller coaster ride! At one point, you may opt for DIY tactics, handling your construction website, managing your company profiles, and devising your marketing strategies. Maybe doing it all on your works fine at first. But the truth is, it costs you a large amount of money and, most especially, your precious time – something you can choose to spend in other important areas of your business.

So, are your marketing efforts enough? Know that poorly managed digital marketing campaigns may lead to revenue loss, and you may find yourself overspending on some underperforming campaigns. So, always have the best, well-informed decision. 

The key here is to recognize the evident signs proving that you need to outsource professional help for your campaigns. And this blog, we will uncover and learn these seven indicators. 


Online Marketing is Essential Business Process 


This activity includes discovering many marketing trends and opportunities, building a robust brand image, and deploying impactful promotional campaigns. The main purpose of all marketing efforts is to generate the interest of target customers in your construction company, nudging them to purchase or avail of your service offerings, thus, increasing your market share. 91% of marketers say that lead generation is the most vital goal. 

Digital marketing plays a leading role in the overall success of your construction business. So, you must do your best in this area to meet your audience’s ever-changing expectations and needs. Learning what digital marketing is and understanding the role it plays in your business is inarguably one of the first things you do. In-depth marketing knowledge will help you determine what tactics will work best for you – helping you achieve your marketing goals and connect to a broader audience.

Digital marketing is challenging and time-consuming and will require so much time and effort from a business owner like you. That is why it has become necessary to outsource marketing solutions offered by a reputable and reliable agency near you. This saves you money and time and will surely drive terrific results!


Consider Partnering with a Digital Marketing Agency If…


1. You feel overwhelmed by many marketing strategies

Nearly 47% of small business owners runs their own marketing efforts. There is nothing when you handle your digital marketing. However, you should always be ready to wear many hats for your campaigns – from managing your company’s social accounts, responding to customer inquiries, assessing SEO performance, tracking website analytics, posting blogs, and more.

Today, there are many pro tips shared by top marketers and experts in the marketing field. In addition, there are plenty of tools you can use online. But in many instances, you may find all these overwhelming or too much to handle. And that is a big sign that it is time to ask for marketing help.


2. You do not understand your target customers

When your company knows its target audience, it can clearly understand its target prospects’ ever-changing needs and preferences. Otherwise, if your business does not invest time in finding its buyer personas, it is impossible to develop powerful branding and establish meaningful and long-term relationships with existing clients.

Since understanding your target customers is a critical digital marketing component, you should also dedicate some time to conduct an in-depth target market assessment. This activity requires defining who can see your campaigns and crafting the right marketing message.

The overall process of understanding your target customers is time-consuming and very delicate. In short, you should consider outsourcing this very important task to a reliable agency.


3. Your online experience is very poor

Almost all businesses today have a website. While it is great to have one, website performance is another question. In addition to the complexities, online users are becoming more accustomed to seamless multichannel experiences. With that being said, go and take some time to test out your online experiences. 

Consider the following questions below when assessing the online experience:

  • What happens if your target audience land on your construction website via ads? 
  • How well-optimized is your landing page?
  • Have you done a website audit for this year?
  • Does your landing page match what your audience expects to see based on the ads they just saw?
  • How easy is it for your new leads to contact your team?
  • Do your online forms autofill with the lead information?

From here, what happens to your customer data? You are still determining the next steps and how to make your way through the customer journey. If you recognize these weak points and so many others, working with a marketing team that will help you navigate a customized approach is a sign.


4. You are not generating leads

While there are so many ways to generate more leads, digital marketing is among the most effective tactics. With online marketing, you can reach a larger audience and connect with them in every existing traffic channel – from organic search, paid search, email marketing, social media, and more.

If you generate leads differently, it is best to seek digital help from the experts. A reliable agency can help you determine and assess your current marketing needs. And if your greatest goal is to generate more leads, the agency’s experts will help you develop a plan to achieve your goals.


5. You are not hitting larger goals

Marketing impacts traffic, lead acquisition, conversion rates, sales, and overall revenue – your entire pipeline! So, when you have problems hitting your benchmarks in these areas, it can be a strong sign of a marketing problem.

The best way to determine where your problem starts and how it affects your overall marketing efforts is to look at your sales pipeline and marketing funnel. If you are convinced that you do not know anything about the process, especially using analytics, then you need professional help.

An agency will help you conduct an audit, re-assess your marketing goals, evaluate your campaigns and test them for effectiveness. And most importantly, spot areas where a bigger leap is necessary – like hitting bigger goals!


6. Your competitors are winning over you

Do you feel like you are giving your best with your marketing efforts but still feel like your competitors are ahead of you? You may need to gain on your marketing front. If that is your case, here are several scenarios that prove it.

  • Your competitors rank higher than you on SERPs regarding target keywords.
  • Your competitors are more active on social media channels and have a bigger following.
  • Their website is more customer-friendly and visually appealing,
  • You are getting many leads, but most do not convert. 

If you confirm this is your case, then it is best to have a digital marketing agency assist you. A reliable agency conducts a comprehensive competitor analysis which gives you insights into why your competitors perform better than you. In addition, they will help you devise a plan specifically designed to close the gap between your performance and your competitors.


7. You are losing traction in your market

Perhaps you find yourself on top of the market, and then later, you have landed somewhere in the middle. And the cycle continues. If you are slowly losing traction, it is the perfect time to seek help from marketing experts.

There are reasons why you are losing traction, and they could be because:

  • You are using outdated marketing strategies. Digital marketing will always evolve, and what has been relevant in the last five years may not be relevant now.
  • You are not tapping into new channels. We previously mentioned that today’s online users are increasingly accustomed to seamless multichannel experiences. So, try out different online channels to reach and connect to them.
  • You have lost touch with your target audience. As we stated earlier in the blog, getting to know your target audience is important. And always remember that everyone expects more personalized and highly targeted messaging.


Get Started with Your Campaign Together with ConstructionMarketing.io


As a construction business owner trying to boost your company’s online presence, you must ensure the success of your campaigns. In many cases, covering marketing yourself is extremely challenging and may not bring you your expected results. 

That is why delegating your campaigns to a competent and trusted full-service digital marketing agency like ConstructionMarketing.io is a winning decision for your overall business success – especially when all the signs we cited above are relevant to you.

Working with us will benefit you nonetheless:

  • Access to the latest trends, marketing insights, and advanced tools
  • · Creative ideas to help your construction business outshine the competition
  • Customized marketing solutions tailored to your needs and leveraging your company’s best differentiators.
  • Creating marketing messaging that is highly targeted based on your customer personas
  • Ongoing analysis of your marketing campaign’s success with monthly reports
  • Landing pages designed to capture more leads 

Our agency has a strong background in construction, and we bring to your table years of industry expertise. Trust that we can help you elevate your digital marketing strategy while you can free up your time to focus more on other areas of your business.

Reach out for a consultation today and learn more about our top-tier marketing solutions!