7 Tips in Delivering your Construction Marketing Messages

7 Tips in Delivering your Construction Marketing Messages

Everything you do for your construction business – email campaigns, sales pitches, content marketing, keyword research, and more – builds from your marketing messaging. Get things right, and you are maximizing the ROI of your sales and marketing efforts. Get it all wrong, and you are creating inefficiencies in all your efforts.

What helps you and empowers you to move forward is your marketing message. But know that it takes time to craft the right marketing messages that can nudge your target audience to engage with your construction brand. So, how can you get started, anyway?

If you want to know more about marketing messages, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we will tackle marketing messages, their core elements, and some tips that can help you get started in creating compelling messages. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in!

What are Marketing Messages?


What you communicate with your target audience to convince them to have business with you and make them purchase your service offerings and products is called marketing messages. These messages go beyond the words you will use, as emotions and feelings are conveyed in the messages.

Marketing messages, when crafted properly, give you many benefits:

  • Your marketing message is the main engine of your construction marketing strategy. Therefore, it powers your marketing strategies by helping you obtain new clients and transform existing ones into loyal customers.
  • Marketing messages can help your clients see your brand’s “Why?”, creating a good impression of your construction business. This step is crucial for your target audience because it helps them decide whether they will engage with your business or not.
  • Your marketing messages communicate with your target audience, guaranteeing you have the solution to their pain points. If you thoroughly develop your marketing messages, your target audience grasps that your service and product are just what they need.

Five Core Elements of Marketing Messaging


Here are five major elements indispensable to crafting marketing messages that resonate significantly with your target audience. Let’s dig into each component to understand further how they can help you assess your marketing messages and your competitor’s messaging and improve on your own.

1. Clear

The importance of being direct and clear in your marketing messages should be self-evident. For the prevention of doubt, your marketing messages should be clear to your target audience, not you. If your messages are unclear, your target audience will never find any reason to be interested in your service offerings.

2. Concise

Making your marketing messages concise has become more important than ever. In today’s attention deficit disorder world, nobody is willing to read a paragraph or even a page to know what you are exactly saying or pitching. If you cannot get your key marketing messages across in seconds, you may fail because your audience will move past it. Tight marketing messages also mean there is no room for words that are not useful.

If you are using words that are not the core of your message, remove them.

3. Compelling

It is essential for your marketing messages to be compelling, captivating, and emotionally appealing to your target audience. For a marketing message to be captivating, it has to be relevant and should make sense to the target audience. As a result, this will earn you the privilege of more seconds or probably a minute of your audience’s attention.

The best way to scale if something is compelling, even though you know your audience well, is by interacting with them with the intent of knowing their pain points and main priorities.

4. Credible

Credibility is always considered when it comes to any aspect of marketing. In a message, it is an important factor you need to consider. In competitive and intense markets, it can be very difficult to tell facts from fiction.

Your credibility will help you stand out from the rest. So, we suggest reviewing your core service offerings and product roadmap to ensure your market messaging is aligned. This is another contributing factor to making messaging more credible.

5. Differentiated

A lot of industry leaders struggle in terms of messaging differentiation, and even the best marketers struggle and fail in differentiating some aspects of marketing. As a result, everything appears the same, which is very troubling. Nailing the first four elements (Clear, Compelling, Concise, and Credible) is not enough, and you must stand out.

Tips on Crafting Compelling Marketing Messages


Now that we have discussed what marketing messaging is all about and even cited its core elements let’s get into the next section. We prepare only for you some tips on how you can get started with marketing messages.

1. Know your customers well, their pain points, wants, and needs

Your target audience has to be the center of your marketing messages. So, make sure to get to know them even better. We suggest conducting market research and focusing on social media marketing and group discussions; these tactics will help you better understand everything about them. Social listening is also another way to know your target audience even better.

Once you finally gather information and facts about your clients, develop a buyer persona. From there, you can craft the right marketing messages that resonate well with your prospects.

2. Sharpen the value propositions of your products

Assuming you already know your customers’ problems, your next agenda will be to determine your services/product’s unique selling points (USPs). Show off to your target audience what makes your services and products unique so that they will pick your brand over a competitor.

When crafting your marketing messaging, consider your audience’s needs and pain points. Always present your services and products as the main solution that they need.

3. Position your services and products

Sometimes, communicating the benefits of your services and product’s features is not enough. A close competitor might be offering a similar solution at a lower price! Is it not surprising? We suggest checking the market messages of your competitor. This gives you a preview of how you can craft one that will position your services and products.

Next, you must differentiate your services and products and review your USPs while crafting your messages. Your USPs can help you stand out from the intense competition!

4. Focus on your customers

A very common mishap that many brands tend to commit is crafting a marketing message that is focused on their services/product. As businesses try to persuade their target audience that their service offerings are far superior to their competitors, the main focus shifts from the customers to their offering.

We are trying to point out that always put your customers at the center of your marketing messages. Always present your service offerings as a solution to their unique problems.

5. Evoke emotions directly from your audience

When using value propositions in your marketing messages, you most likely appeal to your client’s logic. Another effective method you can use is to evoke emotions when showing off your services and products as a solution to your customers’ needs.

And if it aligns with your construction brand, try humor. Many businesses have been adding humor to their marketing messages, especially social media. Humor adds spice, and most importantly, it evokes strong emotions.

6. Showcase your brand’s originality

Your marketing message intends to attract your target audience effectively, but it also sets you apart from your closest competitors. That said, one of the key pillars you should consider is originality.

A not-so-well-crafted message seems ordinary and ineffective enough to entice your target audience. That is why you should ensure originality in your marketing messages. This will be your brand’s personality and the features that can set you apart from your competitors, or possibly a combination of two.

Your marketing messages should be unique to your construction business, and your words must prove that.

7. Use Conversational, Familiar Language

Even though your clients are within your industry, you should not assume that they understand the technical jargon related to what you sell or offer. Thus, it is crucial to sound conversational and use conversational language for your target audience.

Your message copies must be straightforward and should not require an industry-specific dictionary. Aim to write messages as people speak, like in a conversation. Maintain the friendliest tone and ensure your target audience feels welcome.

In sum, by simply being familiar and conversational, you are reaching everyone, from first-timer customers to seasoned business leaders.

Connect with More Customers via Marketing Messages


The key takeaway here is your construction marketing message must convince your audience to do business with you. But are you ready to create compelling marketing messages for your clients and target audience? Do not worry! ConstructionMarketing.io can help showcase your brand’s individuality through various digital marketing agency services.

We focus on emotional connection and ensure that your marketing messages will speak directly to your target audience, resulting in an increasing customer list.

Contact us today, and let’s start crafting your marketing messaging.