7 Types of Leads in Your Construction Business and How to Successfully Convert Them

7 Types of Leads in Your Construction Business and How to Successfully Convert Them

Generating and converting many leads is your key to gaining more revenue, increasing sales, and achieving business growth. But how can you successfully gain more leads and convert them into paying customers? The answer, you need to know the different types of leads and the importance of distinguishing them from one another.

Read this blog to learn more about the different leads you will encounter. 

We will also give you some tips on how you can successfully turn these prospects into revenue.

But What Are Leads?


To be clear, leads are not any other entities in the business but people. They are people who fit your ideal target customers and expressed strong interest in your construction business, services, and products. So, in other words, sales leads are none other than your potential clients or customers.

Leads can show a strong interest in your construction brand in many ways. For instance, they can:

  • Request a free quote or demo
  • Fill out your contact form
  • Sign-up for your emails

You will encounter different leads, especially in your sales area. The leads you are going to generate depend mainly on the current interaction of your leads and in what way they can show interest in your business and services. That is why it is integral to nurture your leads always and keep up with them constantly. Giving them the information they urgently need at the right time is one of the many ways to nurture them. If you nurture them consistently, expect a growing increase in conversions and sales.

Different Types of Leads in Your Sales 


As of present, there are seven types of leads you will encounter and generate for your business.

1. Hot Leads

Sizzling and superb to your eyes? Well, yes, warm leads are these types of leads. They meet all the necessary criteria, which, most of the time, are set. A hot lead openly shows interest in your business, services, and products. These leads may even request a free demo of your products or even contact your sales team.

In many cases, hot leads are vocal about their pain points and demand solutions from your services. Usually, these leads fit your target audience or ideal customer profile. To successfully convert a hot lead, you may:

  • Give your leads a free trial of your services or products.
  • Have your sales team plot a schedule for a call or pitch
  • Demonstrate the many benefits of collaborating with your construction business.

2. Warm Leads

Warm leads are folks who already know how your business works, including the current services and products you offer. These leads are not active in expressing interest in your construction brand or even reaching out to you directly. For the most part, checking out your blog posts and following you on social media are some of the moves they have taken.

Warm leads can also be people who previously showed interest in your company but decided not to follow through.

If, right now, your leads look warm, you may do the following:

  • Send regular emails detailing the services and products that may impact them.
  • Include CTAs in your blog posts and emails to encourage them to reach out to you.
  • Having your sales team reach out to them is also very helpful. Schedule a meeting and discuss how your services and products can solve their major concerns.

Warm leads are usually the ones you cannot predict whether they will avail of your services =or not. But we suggest pursuing them and convincing them to trust your construction business. After all, they have already shown some interest in your business. What this type of lead needs is a strong nudge in your direction. So again, please do what you possibly can to convince them.

3. Cold leads

Next on the list of the many types of sales leads is the cold lead. This type of lead is people who have not yet shown any primary interest in your services. However, they perfectly fit into your ideal customer profile. In some instances, you may generate these leads through your own conducted research. And because they fit very well with your target audience, cold leads still represent prospective clients and potential sales to your business.

This is how you can convert cold leads, even though they can be hard to predict:

  • Call them directly to discuss the many benefits of partnering with your construction business.
  • Sending a series of uninterrupted emails or perhaps a drip campaign.
  • Nurture them continually by simply sharing more information about your construction business through your emails, blog posts, and social media. Speaking of the latter, leverage social media marketing and use it to your advantage. The social media network has become an online community where 90% of the people are active and online. Targeting and connecting to your target leads is easier than ever imagined.

Again, cold leads are unpredictable and one of the most difficult sales leads to convert. However, you have to master the tricks on how to convince them. Learning to master the tricks can help you convert them into loyal clients.

4. Information qualified leads (IQLs)

The people who start to research possible solutions to their main queries and problems are called IQLs. These leads may show interest in your company and brand by downloading some free guides or perhaps signing up for your email newsletter.

You can convert IQLs simply by:

  • Sharing important information about your construction business, services, and products in your email newsletter.
  • Including impeccable CTAs in your blog posts, emails, and guides
  • Showcase your industry knowledge and expertise in your guides and blog posts.
  • Personalize your lead’s website experience by learning more about their interests and unique needs.

Create high-quality content that can answer all questions of your leads. An agency like ConstructionMarketing.io can help you produce great, quality content. Their content marketing services are top-notch and are guaranteed to draw more leads to your business while building trust and a stronger connection with them at the same time.

IQLs are leads that focus more on how your services and products provide solutions. Hence, you need to implement a more personalized marketing message to them. It is one of the few excellent ways to convert this type of lead that is also difficult to predict and convince.

5. Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs)

An SQL is somebody your sales team has already deemed a qualified lead. On the other hand, SQLs are people your sales team is targeting to follow up to give them a pitch. SQLs are leads that still fit your customer profile and have already expressed much interest in your company’s services and products.

To convert SQLs, you can:

  • Schedule a meeting to discuss with them how your services and products can provide solutions to your problems.
  • Reach out to them using a sales pitch.
  • Be clear about the many benefits they will experience by partnering with your company.
  • SQLs are one of the most transparent leads most likely to convert into loyal customers.

6. Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)

People who have just taken the next steps after reviewing and assessing your marketing messages are called MQLs. These leads already meet the specific criteria being set by your marketing team. For instance, let’s say a certain MQL may click on your ads on social media and read your blogs. As a result, they will instantly have some basic awareness and knowledge about your brand. However, they are still in the decision process of whether they are going to avail of services from you or not. In short, they are not ready yet.

The most effective way to convert MQLs is through:

  • Create engaging content, like guides and blog posts, and demonstrate your expertise.
  • Encourage them to sign up for your emails so they can receive more information about your construction business.
  • Implement more personalized marketing messages that resonate with their needs and interests.
  • Sharing more info about your business and crafting interesting, industry-focused content that provides insights is a great way to nurture MQLs, nudging them to convert.

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