7 Ways to Turn Your Construction Website into a Lead Generation Machine

7 Ways to Turn Your Construction Website into a Lead Generation Machine

We assume you already have a website for your business. Whether you have built it yourself or asked for help from a digital marketing agency, your website must be a constant source of leads for your business. The goal is not just to have a solid online presence but to have a website that shows the value and brings in revenue. Know that every single one of your clients will take a look at your website at some point. So, it only shows that it is important to give them the best experience when visiting your website.


Your website must be primed to support the growth of your construction business as a revenue-generating, lead-capturing machine. If it is not, it might be the perfect time to read this blog. We will share some expert-level ways you can apply to turn your website into your lead generation machine.

What Does the Process of Lead Generation Look Like?


You must first understand the basics encompassing the term “Lead”. There is a significant difference between a lead and a website visitor. Do you have any idea? To answer, a lead is simply a website visitor who has interacted with any form of content on your website. In most cases, a lead has willingly provided you with more information about themselves via your website.

While determining the number of site visitors is good, you know that the real opportunity for revenue lies within the leads generated. These individuals have shown strong interest in the blog content you produce, thus showing that they want to know more about your company and service offerings. In most cases, we see leads coming through forms being submitted on landing pages.

So now, let’s get back first to the real reason why you are here. Simply, you want to get more leads, and you absolutely want to get more now. To achieve that effect, see the following expert-level ways and upgrades explained below.

Optimize Your Construction Website for Lead Generation


1. Create a Website

So, okay, we assumed you have your website already. So, what’s next? It would help if you focused more on making it easy to navigate, up-to-date, and well-written. Your website should be supposed to be the story of your construction business. In other words, it must be the first thing people would see. Realistically, 50% of people today cited that the website design is the number 1 factor they consider when deciding the credibility of a specific business.

It’s proven that it doesn’t take a lot of time to create an impression on your audience and site viewers. Therefore, you must make a good one. Focus on website development and the design of your site to stand out.

2. Make use of forms

Using forms is considered the most popular way of gathering online leads. Determine the pages that are getting the highest amounts of traffic on your website. Those pages might be a good candidate for a new form. Make sure that the content on the page builds engagement with the user, giving them just enough info to nurture them towards becoming a real-time lead.

When adding forms to your construction website, you must ask for the correct info with the right amount of data. We recommend you to stay and follow five fields:

  • First name: This is actually how you will personalize your marketing
  • Email Address: The way you will contact and follow-up with the leads
  • Company name: You should be able to research and understand what they do and their industry to personalize communications.
  • Job Title – You may customize your marketing and sales messages based on what they do and their work level.
  • State/Country/Address – Depending on how you sell, you might want to ask for a state/country to help better qualify the leads and assign them to a particular person for follow-up purposes.

Try making some of these fields more optional to increase conversation. Ponder harder about the information you need to experience a much better conversation with your leads. The fewer fields, the much higher your conversation rate will be.

3. Set up a Google Analytics Account

If you do not have Google Analytics set up for your construction website, create your account now. Not only does it give you the info you necessarily need about your website – referrals, page hits, unique users, bounce rate – it is also absolutely free!

Analytic tools might now seem like a quick-win, solid strategy you are looking for when considering lead generation. However, the process of gathering and analyzing data can help you acquire valuable insights into how a visitor is interacting with your construction website. 

This upgrade alone is considered a significant step to becoming a lead generation machine. You can now optimize your website accordingly with intention and greater accuracy.

4. Place Live Chats or Chat Bots

Knowing the nature of your business, you have probably noticed and experienced the rise of chatbots and live chat. While this might not be a solid solution for any business, the ones using this particular functionality have enjoyed the ability to provide fast responses and efficiently gain lead-qualifying information while exterminating the common purchasing objections.

As with your forms, you do not need to nudge a live chat on every single page of your site. Be careful not to be too pushy and know that most site visitors will not leverage a chat feature. Live chats can help you and your business. Take a look below:

  • Live chat increases lead conversions since customers who chat are three times more likely to avail services.
  • Beyond a boost in your sales, your business will receive a much higher customer satisfaction due to instant and fast responses.
  • You can create personal connections with your clients and website visitors.

5. Add Strong CTAs on your pages

A call-to-action tells your website viewers what you want them to do. Having a clear and concise CTA is essential. You want to make it easier for your viewers to know what their next step will be – without having to think twice.

A well-crafted CTA is all about length, placement, and a bit of oomph. It must be concise and straightforward and located in a section that catches the eye instantly. Try adding an action button to the top right of your website menu. You may choose to place one at the bottom of the page or perhaps right after a statement.

6. Take a Multi-Channel Approach

It is critical that you direct your target audience back to your website for more information. In many instances, you are using various marketing channels every day. Drive people back to your site to get the most out of your efforts.

Below are some different ways you can fully optimize your channels:

  • Blogs: When you are done blogging the right way, it can help you become a leader in your industry. And as a result, it can boost your SEO, helping you gain more traffic to your site.
  • Social Media: Run ads and campaigns on social media that provide CTAs, linking back to your construction website.
  • Email Marketing: Make sure always to include your website link somewhere in your emails.
  • SEO: It is crucial for you to perform keyword research to determine what keywords your audience is searching and which are widely used in your industry.

7. Get sales involved in the process

If you have a sales team, they are critical in the lead qualification process. It is great to have someone fill up a form on your website, yet what happens next is the key. Hence, sales must be there to follow up with a more personalized message based upon the actions that were performed on your website.

It is crucial that you work with your sales team if ever you have one. They are the right people who can perform the proper follow-up methods and the excellent ways to personalize their messages. If your construction website can bring in the leads, you need the help of your sales them to transform/convert them to clients!

Nurture Your Leads!


We have all heard the saying, “It is not one and done.” To be real, the same adage applies to your website leads. Not every single audience is ready to avail of your services. Some are just interested in knowing more, some want to read your blogs, and most are comparing your service offerings.

We suggest you start creating a lead nurturing program. And we can help you with that. Here at ConstructionMarketing.io, we know firsthand that leads are crucial for your company’s revenue growth. Hence, we are equipped with marketing know-how, the best marketing tools, and a strategic approach that transforms your construction website into a lead-generation tool.

We have a team of skilled digital marketing experts who will build you expert-level upgrades, boost your business, and put your company on a competitive edge. Our team knows exactly what to do.

If you’re tired now of the status quo and are looking forward to seeing rapid growth in your business, you have come to the right place! Contact us today. We are ready to help you!