7 Ways Your Construction Business Can Leverage SEO for Brand Awareness

7 Ways Your Construction Business Can Leverage SEO for Brand Awareness

As a construction business owner, brand awareness is one important thing you need to focus on to succeed in your marketing goals. How are you planning your branding so far? You may be keener on exclusive categories between your branding and SEO efforts. If this is your approach, know that this may lead to a disconnection between your company’s brand strategy and SEO – resulting in subpar results.

Always integrate the two – SEO and Brand Awareness or Brand Recognition. Did you know that Brand Recognition is the fifth pillar of SEO? So, by integrating them, your company can reap all the benefits they bring – particularly a more improved brand image or an increasing brand reach, and so many.

In this blog, discover the relationship between Search engine optimization and brand recognition and some of the best ways to integrate them into one effective strategy.


What is the Relationship between Brand Awareness and SEO?


Any company desires to be recognized and patronized by the general public online. But it is not just about knowing the company name. People must also recognize the values, niches, personalities, and everything that makes up the brand. This is where recognition began, as well as distinction and differentiation. 

Increasing brand awareness is one of any company’s most pursued marketing goals. Who does not want to win the favor of the consumers and have a greater connection with them? Right? 

Search Engine Optimization encompasses optimizing websites, web pages, and other elements to improve the positioning in the SERPs. This means reaching the top spot with higher visibility. So, if you intend to consolidate your brand with a large target audience, SEO is a perfect match for branding. With SEO, your construction company can strengthen your brand. In one way or another, brand awareness also strengthens your SEO strategy. To put it simply, these two tactics work alongside and help each other.

To conclude, SEO and brand recognition are a powerful duo. Getting to the top positions on the SERPs gives your brand more popularity, while great brand recognition helps to reinforce your company name for Google’s algorithms.


How to Create the Best SEO Strategy Focused on Brand Awareness?


A well-thought-out SEO strategy can boost your brand’s transparency. So, the tip here is to always carry out the best SEO practices. Follow the best practices below for better ranking, impressive lead acquisition, increased web traffic, and more conversions.


1. Keep four pillars of SEO in mind

SEO covers a lot of the digital world. So, it refers to many different types of tasks and optimization. Thus, to have a well-rounded SEO strategy, it is essential to keep the four pillars of SEO in mind:

  • Technical SEO: Technical SEO optimizations can help make your content more discoverable. It allows search engines like Google to crawl your web pages, index them, and make them discoverable. Also, other factors like mobile-friendliness and speed are addressed under technical SEO.
  • On-Page SEO: Apart from focusing on the technical side of SEO, on-page SEO will lead you to focus more on the individual web pages of your website. Here, you can focus on the overall structure of these web pages. This includes meta descriptions, page titles, keywords, structured data, links, and more.
  • Content: Another important component under SEO is the content you will create and publish on your website. Ensure your content is relevant to the interests and needs of your target audience. They must also be rich in value, integrated with the right call to action, and have a wider scope.
  • Off-Page: Off-page SEO is often the most difficult to accomplish, mainly because you must prove your authority. This includes collecting backlinks for your website from other popular and reputable sites, building a social media presence, finding local search indicators, and more.

We cited in the first part of the blog that branding is the fifth pillar in the SEO strategy. And it is. Branding significantly impacts your rankings and provides indicators for Google to build authority for your website. So, if you want to succeed in this part, contextualize and integrate your branding into your SEO strategy. 


2. Provide the best user experience

Your construction website’s user experience is important for positioning on Google and for the perception of your brand, thereby strengthening your brand visibility.

A brand that offers great usability on its website can win over the trust and involvement of its target construction clients. If the users can easily accomplish what they want without any hindrances and difficulties, they will most likely trust the brand. 

Here are some factors that can potentially contribute:

  • Responsiveness
  • Loading speed
  • Site Security
  • Links and button functionality, 


3. Insert your brand personality in the website

During the user’s visit to your website, it is necessary that he can be able to experience the personality of your construction brand in every detail. Doing so can help you build an instant connection between your brand and audience.

We highly suggest you put extra thought into the design. Make sure to align your website layout with your brand identity to convey all the values you want to associate with your company brand. Images, colors, and element combinations can all help convey your brand’s personality.


4. Target niche audience

The digital age allows brands to interact more with their consumer base. And it made a way to have your audience help you build your brand.

If your construction business is still small, targeting a niche audience works particularly well. When you narrow down targeted keywords to a niche, there is a bigger chance of connecting to a new audience and successfully delivering your offers. 

The main mantra here is simple – a focused brand is nothing but a successful brand. 


5. Promote your brand image

Controlling your brand image is one of the best ways to achieve brand visibility. If you can build a positive image for your brand, you can see a greater profit increase. But how can SEO help you insert more control over your brand perception or image? Easy. By designing your keyword strategy with your branding strategy.

It’s a great tool to shape your brand image. You can start optimizing your content for keywords you want to associate with your brand the most. 


6. Optimize a content plan

Once you have laid out everything in the previous steps, you can develop your content marketing strategy to increase your brand visibility further. A content plan that addresses your user needs can help you gain the awareness and exposure you need to grow as a brand and a company.

Make sure to follow the right format because it is crucial. You can start by looking for what content types you want to publish and what ranks the most. Look to your competitor’s terms and blog content and draw inspiration. Look at how you can create something better than what has already been published by your competitors.


7. Find and use hidden opportunities for more exposure

This is where you go above and beyond when ranking your sites to increase brand awareness. At this phase, you must be mentioned by as many websites that rank for your keywords as possible. This is referred to as Surround Sound SEO and is obviously under the technical SEO.

The idea is about your brand appearing on trusted third-party websites in articles, product reviews, roundups, and more. If you get these mentions, it is impossible to ignore your brand. On the other hand, you will become one of the top options for your target customers.

To find such opportunities, you can look for sites ranking your keywords, which websites mention you and your competitors. Always find your sweet spot, and there are plenty of them online!


Reach Greater Lengths with ConstructionMarketing.io


Increased rankings and becoming a recognizable brand name – only SEO and Brand awareness can do that. These two interlinked tactics can work together, one way or another. So, leverage them simultaneously for overall success and business growth.

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