8 Basic Digital Marketing Hacks You Should Try This 2022

8 Basic Digital Marketing Hacks You Should Try This 2022

Digital marketing trends in 2022 are consistently evolving and changing over time. Every year brings new tactics that should be recognized and incorporated into your marketing game plans, especially if your goal is to keep your construction business thriving.

Currently, Google is way ahead of the competition in online research, accounting for 94% of organic traffic and 95% of smartphone search traffic. This shows that getting your construction business on the first page of Google is one critical factor to success with your marketing campaigns.

To get your business on the very first page of the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs), you need to take advantage of the latest hacks and trends today. In this blog post, let’s get over some basic hacks that you can use to ensure your website ranks higher on SERPs and get the most from the traffic.

1. Optimize email strategies

Email has been around for many years, and almost 85% of today’s marketers have reported an instant increase in email engagement over the past year. Another amazing statistic regarding using emails in your campaign is that email marketing has the highest ROI (Return on Investment). Of course, this will only be possible if your emails are well-crafted with a concise, clear copy and an engaging message.

Segmenting your email marketing tactic to match your customer base is one of the most effective marketing tools you can take advantage of. For instance, you may use the holiday season to offer amazing incentives to your customers, like discount codes.

2. Make use of the AIDA formula

If you are new to the AIDA formula, it stands for Awareness, Interest, Decision, and Action. This marketing hack has been for a while already, since 1898, to be exact. Surprising, right? And another more surprising thing about this formula is that it still works.

As a matter of fact, AIDA works thoroughly well on almost all online marketing channels to grab the audience’s attention, develop a sense of want, pull off some attention, and provide the target audience with a solution to their problems. This particular formula has been used in the past and is still being used today. Certainly, it will be useful in the years ahead.

Moreover, this is how you can apply the AIDA formula to your marketing campaigns:

  • Awareness: Let your target audience know that you have potential solutions to their current problems.
  • Interests: Make sure your potential clients can access information about your construction company when they show some interest.
  • Decision: Promote your service offerings as the only solution to your target prospect’s pain points.
  • Action: If you successfully execute the three steps we previously mentioned, your customer will be convinced to avail of your services or buy your product.

3. Embrace Video Marketing

Videos have significantly grown as a driving force for internet marketing. This particular trend is going in style. As a matter of fact, videos will account for nearly 80% of consumer internet traffic, according to research. At the moment, branded and live videos are two of the most popular trends when it comes to video marketing. Nearly all people consistently find new and interesting ways to interact more with their target audience through video content.

The benefit of using video is that it is not just interactive, allowing your target audience to be part of the conversation. A construction business like yours is a type of business that constantly needs to think outside the box. Therefore, video marketing is an excellent tactic for your business.

Contrary to popular belief, crafting how-to, explainer or product description vids costs you less. All you need to do is invest in a good microphone, camera, and even a smartphone. On top of that, you can rely on today’s latest video editing apps that are powerful in creating high-quality videos.

4. Creating novel content

The content you will feature will be the currency for your marketing strategies. Although creating typical blogs and articles is great for generating web traffic, developing content that informs your target audience will not do. Focus on creating content that not just informs but educates and entertains.

Novel content is one type of content that is now growing in popularity. This type of content is placed alongside the traditional content of articles, blogs, ebooks, and videos. Try using this particular content type to see how it benefits your business.

5. Recognize the difference between branding and marketing

If you are investing in online marketing, you need to understand the main differences between branding and marketing. While these two terms are frequently used interchangeably, their real meanings differ. When it comes to your target audience, your brand will not be the services or products you offer but rather the website design, logo, and message across all online platforms you send to your audience. To put it simply, branding is how your audience perceives your construction business.

On the other hand, digital marketing uses strategies designed to strengthen your branding efforts. This only means that your digital marketing efforts must enhance your brand messages without having the opposite effects.

6. Get smarter with SEO

Many say that SEO is dead, and we beg to oppose it. In fact, Search Engine Optimization is far more important than ever in terms of getting your construction website indexed on Google. While many SEO strategies and trends continue to change today, one area that Google always focuses on is distinguishing between intent and search.

This means to be successful with your SEO tactics, you have to segment queries that you may want to rank for and make competitor analysis a huge part of your SEO tactics.

7. Automate social media marketing

Leveraging social media channels for your digital campaign is a great hack you can use. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are three of the world’s social media giants, and these social networks allow varying degrees of automation. 

Automation, in this instance, refers to maximum engagement with minimal input. Below are some automation tips you can apply:

  • Create a queue of workflow and posts to fill optimal slots regularly.
  • Schedule posts in advance for optimal times and days.
  • Capitalize on metrics and analytics reported within the applications to adjust the content you create.
  • Make use of chatbots to maintain 24/7responsiveness

8. Effective Use of LSA

LSA stands for Local Service Ads are similar to Google Ads but far different regarding the effectiveness of marketing your services and products. Simply put, they are pay-per-lead types of ads that started appearing recently at the top of Google search results. LSAs are slowly gaining popularity and now entering into small markets.

Currently, this marketing hack is particularly useful if you provide small services. Also, if you want to increase your outreach, LSAs are worth taking advantage of. Here is how Local Service Ads work:

  • Leads can be somehow challenged if you feel they are useless or irrelevant. If that is the case, they will return to your account.
  • You can set up a weekly budget based on the average number of prospective clients you expect to receive.
  • While you may end up expending more than the average weekly budget for LSAs, you will find it most unlikely to end up spending more money every month using this model. Setting up ads is also easier.

So, if you have patience, taking advantage of LSA is a great way to attract more potential clients. This is true, especially if your construction is a start-up and you are on a tight budget.


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We hope all the hacks we shared with you in this blog will be used to your advantage. We want you to ensure you are levelling up your game in your marketing and SEO campaigns. While it is a good thing to get started with your efforts, it is smart to hand over the technicalities of digital marketing to a reliable agency.

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