8 Key Qualities to Look for in a Construction Marketing Partner

8 Key Qualities to Look for in a Construction Marketing Partner

Marketing is essential for your construction business to survive and thrive, and the right agency partner is an invaluable resource, becoming your trusted advisor for all your marketing efforts. Your construction company deserves the best. So, it is clear that you expect outstanding services from the people you will partner with.

So, how can you pick the right agency for your marketing needs? How can you even know if they are the one? 

In this blog, discover what a digital marketing partner is and find out the core qualities you must strongly consider when hiring an agency partner. 


What is a Digital Marketing Partner?


Simply put it, a digital marketing partner is a reliable ally that collaborates with companies and businesses to design and execute all-inclusive online marketing strategies. Additionally, a digital marketing partner is not just a simple service provider you get in touch with but an extension of your company’s existing marketing team. 

An agency partner offers many insights, innovative solutions, expertise tailored to achieve many business objectives. Whether driving organic traffic, increasing brand awareness, or acquiring leads, a trusted digital marketing agency take advantage a plethora of digital channels, tools, and technologies to create powerful and impactful campaigns.


What Qualities Should You Look for in a Digital Marketing Partner?


Selecting the right agency can impact your construction business in all aspects, including your online presence and overall success. Here are the top qualities you must carefully look for in an agency:

1. They offer a limitless supply of ideas

When it comes to marketing ideas and online strategies the best marketing partners are the ones who are a great source of these. They are full of tactics and innovations. On top of that, they can bring a team together and come up with amazing creative campaigns for their clients. All of the efforts they put in can attract your audience and will bring attention to your construction brand.

Moreover, the best agency partners will share their recommendations for new trends, marketing strategies, and more. Everything they do is really all about keeping your best interest at the forefront of every campaign.

2. Understand your top priorities and what you wish to achieve

It is important that you deeply understand your expectations and goals before partnering with a marketing agency. Having a list of your marketing and business goals will give you better insights. In turn, you can set expectations for your future marketing partner.

Here are some tips you can follow to better brainstorm your goals:

  • Break down all your marketing goals into deliverables. A fully managed content marketing strategy is a good example.
  • Understand every single goal of these deliverables. For instance, you are attracting the right traffic to your construction website.
  • Outline the results you desire to achieve. For instance, a website is completely managed by the agency.

The right agency partner for your business can provide proof of the areas in which they have excelled. You can simply spill out the goals mentioned above to them. Just a quick showcase of these goals thrown at the table will challenge them to mold and create solid, result-driven campaigns for you.

3. They provide a variety of services

A quality digital marketing partner can offer many services to their clients. As a construction business owner, this allows your business to take advantage of their expertise in multiple areas of online marketing.

Here are some of the best services your ideal agency partner must offer:

To put it simply, all their service offerings must contribute to your overall construction marketing strategy. All elements of online marketing are meant to work cohesively to give you the best results.

Our agency, ConstructionMarketing.io, is proud to offer all of these services and even more. We can devise a plan to give your construction business a strategy that works and produces the best results.

4. Do they click well with your team?

Any digital marketing agency you will consider must be assessed first. Your current internal team should have a say on this. You may hear from time to time from people saying, “We do not come to work and make friends!”

Sure, but bear in mind that communication between all people involved is important to make campaigns successful. So, make sure before partnering with an agency that you first assess whether your two teams will get to the same level.

Typically, it is a great idea to have them meet before you make the decision. This is to consider their first impressions of each other and whether they will click or not.

5. T-shaped skillset 

Although you may be partnering with an agency for a particular channel of your choice, it is important to consider the T-shaped skill set. This skill set is very important for the future agency you wish to partner with. A T-shaped skillset refers to marketing experts knowledgeable in all existing marketing channels. This is mainly because only some marketing channels operate alone.

The entire digital marketing world is part of a big ecosystem. If you notice, each channel can affect other channels at some point. In 2023, the marketing world valued three important skills: social media, digital marketing, and management.

It is clear that you need to partner with well-rounded marketing experts who are expected to manage multiple accounts of your construction business.

6. Stay away from unrealistic promises

There are a lot of shady, untrusted digital marketing firms today that will constantly give you promises. In reality, they do not deliver. Have you encountered one of these agencies?

A few signs that an agency is a red flag are shown below:

  • When they promise you instant bottom-of-the-funnel results. Usually, the first focus should be the top-of-the-funnel, which represents traffic, followed by marketing qualified leads, lead acquisition, customers, and more opportunities.
  • The agency partner is promising you first-page search results on Google. This is such a red flag since SEO is so personalized and complex that there is no way to easily achieve first-page rankings quickly.

Always be careful of the false promises any agency will give to you. If they insist that they are the best and are capable of giving results, nobody else can do your part. Take the opportunity to demand proof from them. 

7. Has experience in your industry

Another quality or characteristic you should be aware of for your agency partner is your background and experience within your industry. Always look for agencies that have strong knowledge and expertise in your sector. They will not only be aware of your existing challenges, but their approach and expertise will help you create marketing campaigns tailored to your realistic needs.

A digital marketing partner with a deep history in your sector will always be your biggest asset. 

If you bump into an agency with experience in your sector, ask them how successful they are in achieving their previous goals.

8. Provide you with ownership

There are agencies today that claim ownership of the work they do for their clients. It happens all the time, and it is a bit shocking.

Be cautious about this. Always know that the only reason an agency would want to get ownership of the work on your campaigns is that they are afraid you will leave. It is a red flag. If this is how they act,  they do not inspire confidence in their marketing abilities. If they are as great as what they preach every single time, then they have no problem handing everything off to you.

The bottom line here is that if you sense that your agency partner is not working with you, then they are possibly not doing a good job of collaborating alongside you. This is where you must dare to challenge them and let them challenge you back. Moreover,  they should be held tight to very high standards. 

Never again waste any marketing dollars you spend; always strive for a reliable agency partner to help you get where you want.


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Digital marketing is a game of ever-changing methods and strategies. This is why you need to be careful with your strategy and the people you choose to work with. You need to take time to do research and compare many options to find the one that perfectly suits your requirements.

Always remember that the right marketing partner can persuade you, show you that they are the best fit for your marketing and business goals, and ultimately help you forge a path to marketing success.

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Our strong background in construction is by far one of our strongest qualities compared to other agencies. We take pride in our expertise in the sector and digital marketing landscape. 

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