8 New Landing Page Trends to Explore in 2023

8 New Landing Page Trends to Explore in 2023

New year, new perspective, new marketing goals for your small construction business. If you have been consistent in viewing our website, you will notice we cover the latest trends in different aspects of marketing that help our target audience and readers to stay up-to-date and informed. This year, we are doing the same thing, and we will take on the latest landing page trends that you should never miss to explore as you begin 2023.

Knowing the latest popular trends in landing pages will help you how to craft your landing pages for upcoming campaigns best and refit outdated pages. 

Let’s start.

1. Background Video

Proper and creative use of background videos on a landing page will turn your boring, motionless design into something extra engaging for your target visitors. Even if you think how cool your background videos are, there are certainly many ways you can mess them up and eventually hurt the performance of your landing and the viewers’ overall experience. 

Some of the top experts are developing some of the latest rules this year. The rules include:

  • Never overshadow to take away focus from the key value proposition.
  • Make sure to optimize your videos to lessen the file size. (7-10MB max)
  • Pick videos that are superb and flow. Jerky type of videos has a lot of cuts and can be distracting.
  • Ensure using high-quality, engaging, relevant videos that relate to your message.

If you find these rules difficult to understand, you can opt for professional help. Top construction marketing agencies today are manned with a team of experts that can help you in your marketing campaigns. Sometimes, some things are completely out of your expertise. In this case, it is this. 

ConstructionMarketing.io is a leading full-service digital marketing company that helps achieve success on your marketing campaigns – be it for your landing page, SEO, PPC, social media, or others.

2. Interactive Experience

Static landing pages are not helpful anymore over time, and it no longer entices prospects compared before because interactive elements are now being introduced. On top of that, more than 60% of the population is already browsing the internet via mobile phone.

Interactive landing pages offer a more personalized experience for your web visitors. They are a great way to increase engagement and time on the page – boosting your landing page SEO in return. An interactive landing page, often contains content with micro-interaction key points with the sign-up process. 

Here are some examples of interactive content you must consider:

  • Animations/Mouse-hover animations
  • Interactive tools
  • Quizzes
  • Explainer videos
  • Chatbots
  • Storytelling that makes the users an active participant

3. Social proof

As humans, we are social creatures. We usually want to know what other people are doing and the latest trends. People are always swayed by opinions and will follow the actions of others whenever they are completely unsure about something. This goes a long way with the consumers right now,

Regarding consumers, 88% trust online reviews as much as personal suggestions. Almost everyone is affected by the things they see and hear online. And consumers are most likely to trust a brand with social proof, showcasing that they do provide a great service/product.

Make sure to add social proof. Testimonial cards, third-party star ratings, and user stats are some of the most common examples of social proof.

4. Simplified forms

Everyone is busy and time is very precious. You can only expect some people to spend ages filling in different fields to sign up for your newsletter or the free trial you offer, and it is just too much to do. 

The trend of providing simplified and interactive forms is taking off massively this 2023! Below are some examples of simplified forms you can follow:

  • Email-only forms: A landing page with sign-up forms requesting personal details like name, date of birth, or gender have the worst conversion rates. You can opt for asking emails only and indicate it to your forms. 
  • Multi-step forms: Instead of asking questions in one long form, you can design a 3-4 step questionnaire using the “Yes Ladder” method. 
  • Google One Tap: Allow users to sign-up or login with their Google email credentials instead of filling out a long form.

If you want to increase your landing page conversion rates, make sure the forms you provide are quick and easy to navigate. Partnering with a construction marketing company decides the best form you must take on for your audience. You can also guarantee that they will prepare the questions to ask for your prospects on your behalf. 

5. Oversized Typography

One of the basic ways to get your value proposition to elevate on the page is to make the font much larger. This trend has quickly emerged as there is a better understanding of how people read online, especially since everyone is online and bombarded with too much information daily. 

Take a moment to pause and observe how you read this blog post. We assume you did at least three of the following:

  • Quickly scrolled through and scanned the headlines
  • Did a once-over scroll to the bottom of the post even before reading
  • Read only the bold texts or bullet points.
  • Read only the first sentence of each paragraph
  • Pause on the images

The online reading behavior of people today has greatly changed, and you must be aware of it in the first place. With larger fonts, you can make your content more skimmable than ever. Hence, more people will most likely remember many parts of your content, especially on the landing page.

6. Minimalism

For sure, you have already heard the saying “less is more,” and there are several cases that it is true, most especially when it comes to landing page designs.

Clean and minimalized designs are all about streamlining written and visual content so that it does not visually overwhelm your visitors when they first hit your landing page. Apparently, this has two main benefits:

  • Improve cognitive load: This is a fancy way of saying that people’s brains will smoothly understand what is going on much faster.
  • Web page speed optimization: Loading times becomes faster, increasing conversion rates.

The simplest designs allow your web visitors to understand and quickly digest all the details that matter, which often results in a higher conversion rate.

7. Organic shapes

We are all used to looking at standard shapes almost everywhere, like squares, rectangles, and circles. In web design, these shapes are the standard figures everybody sees. A trend that we will begin seeing more in 2023 is the use of organic, fluid shapes.

Organic shapes are a type of shapes that, when paired together and used properly, can create a visually enticing page that is soft yet catchy to the eye and simultaneously communicate approachability and friendliness. Availing digital marketing services, especially web design and development, can help you achieve a more seamless, visually appealing page with organic shapes present. Trust that a group of multiskilled web designers and developers will brainstorm the best designs and content for your construction website.

8. Deep greens

Do you know that color psychology matters? Yes, it matters. And Pantone’s color of the year is the deep pink Viva Magenta. However, the hues you are always seeing today are on the side of the color when – the green ones. Have you noticed it already?

Green has been trending in interior design for many years, and the color has already been popular in some industries. More recently, green has already been everywhere, especially in construction.

Notice that greens are rich, whether earthy-toned or in basic hues. So, when you are about to change your landing page for a refresh, consider adding some deep green tones for a more updated look for 2023. 

We hope you reach this part of this blog and finally know the latest, super actionable landing page trends that will surely be worth your while. They are cost-conscious, easy to implement, and very effective for boosting conversions. Cheers to starting your 2023 right! – with lots of ideas, creativity, and for sure, conversions. Make sure to partner with the right agency and choose the best construction marketing services package!


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While the abovementioned trends are helpful, we suggest not jumping on them directly at the cost of following the fundamental best practices for landing pages. It may affect the performance of your landing page, and you do not want to decrease your conversions, let alone lose so many prospects.

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