8 Steps Contractors Must Follow in Website Redesigning Process

8 Steps Contractors Must Follow in Website Redesigning Process

Ever wonder what goes into a website redesigning process? Perhaps, you are at the moment planning to build a website for your construction business. If you are, then know that redesigning a website is never a simple process. There are several steps involved between deciding you want a new website or perhaps launching a new design.

With our experience in website redesigning, we will share some professional steps in this blog that you can follow when working on your construction website. Let’s get started first with the basics. 

But What is Website Redesigning?


Website redesigning means you are revamping or overhauling your construction website and updating basically every part that needs updating, from the appearance of your web pages to the core functionality of your content management system and so on. You may not need to update every part of your website, especially if these parts work well. However, further testing is necessary.

A website redesign is more than a simple refresh, which might include updating the shape of your CTA (call-to-action) buttons or changing some photos in your web content. It is the little things. Also, note that redesigning your website also includes auditing, testing, and implementing many changes across your website.

When Should You Consider a Website Redesign?


Almost everyone is redesigning their websites. So, what now? Do you need to redesign yours as well? Right or Wrong? Well, the answer to this question usually depends.

If your website typically performs well and significantly contributes to your business goals, drastic changes are not that really necessary. You might be better off with an instant refresh, such as updated texts or new colors, to boost performance without a huge investment.

The biggest sign that you must start considering a website redesign is when you are not hitting your goals despite how much you try. Let’s say you have run a bunch of tests trying to enhance conversion rates across different web pages, and none of them works. This pinpoints or indicates a much deeper issue that even a quick redesign cannot fix.

Therefore, the top reason why you should consider redesigning is when your website is not contributing to your business growth. In addition, there are other signs you should consider:

  • Your website does not perform well on mobile devices.
  • Your design looks extremely outdated or does not even reflect your brand.
  • You get many complaints about your website from your customers, leads, and your team.
  • Your analytics show that web visitors do not spend so much time on your website.
  • Your website does not function well the way it should.

Of all the facts we mentioned above, have you met any of the criteria? If your answer is yes, you will benefit greatly in the next section. So, let’s dive in.

Steps to Effectively Redesign your Construction Website 


And just a quick side note, if you decide to outsource web redesign other than handling it in-house, you will most likely be working with a web design expert who will walk you through every step of the process. After all, it is great to know firsthand how things work in the first place.

So, before you even hire a web designer or use a design tool, you must know first what you will redesign and why. Take a look below:

1. Analyze your existing pages

Make sure to spend time going through your website’s analytics to determine the highest and lowest-performing pages.

  • You might not want to change much on web pages that consistently drive conversions, such as contact forms or purchases.
  • You may pick what works best on your top web pages to show how you update the rest of your website.

2. Brainstorm what you want to accomplish

After you have identified some key areas needing further improvement, you can more easily break down your goals. In this case, never forget about your target audience. The redesign might feel like it is for you, but it is actually for your target audience.

  • What goals can you set to benefit you and your target audience? Perhaps, you want to increase their time on your web pages.
  • Based on your analysis at the start of the process, what can you do to deliver a much better user experience, so your audience stays longer? Do you want to fix your navigation? Do you want to improve your content? Instantly suggest related content?

Note: Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to deliver a great website experience to your users. So make sure to take advantage of this type of marketing and integrate it with your construction brand and style.

3. Map out your redesign

Setting goals mean nothing without a concrete plan for reaching them. So, ask yourself what needs to happen to accomplish your goals. Write it all down in this step and be detailed as you can.

Let’s try to work backward. Let’s say your goal is to increase the number of web pages every user visits. Your quick analysis showed that your primary navigation menu needs help. You then decide to re-organize the navigation and update the overall appearance. And from there, you should know you need to figure out a new link structure.

4. Create a timeline

No, any project is ever complete without deadlines. After all, you do not want your web redesign to go on forever, which will be frustrating and expensive. You may want to set an official launch date so the world can see your new website. With your launch date being a guide, you can break down the process into smaller milestones with separate due dates.

Say your launch date is August 1st. Working onwards and knowing the goals you have to hit, you can figure out it will only take less than 30 days to test everything. Create deadlines for every major task you have already mapped out in the last step.

5. Create and review all prototypes

You cannot proceed with the website redesign without the actual designs. After you have the action plan, you and the designers should create prototypes of your web pages. You might design a new homepage, work on different interactive elements with your website or update your inner web pages. Whatever you do depends on the action items and goals you will outline in the earlier steps of the redesign process.

Always assess and tweak your prototypes when necessary until they meet your expectations. Never be afraid to test your updates with the users before making everything official. Another thing, we are throwing out a gentle reminder always to harness SEO or your search engine optimization efforts.

6. Built out your website

This step is particularly all about carrying out your prototypes to life. When you are satisfied with your prototypes and have completed user testing, you can prepare your web designs for launch. This might require extensive code knowledge, which we assume you do not have.

Hence, a good reason for you to partner with a full-service agency like ConstructionMarketing.io that can provide you with a group of web designers skilled in web redesigning. They are experts in building the perfect construction website for your business. You are in good hands!

7. Test every single thing

Testing is really important in the overall web redesigning process. So, test your designs with users throughout the process. This is to ensure your changes will not scare off your potential clients. Also, conduct testing to provide everything you have established from the beginning works out accordingly. Mistakes will happen. So, it is necessary to make an effort to spot problems even before your redesign goes live.

8. Launch your redesign

Now, this is the moment you have been waiting for. Launching your redesign is very exciting. But make sure first if you do not have any changes to suggest or additional fixes to implement. Your redesigned construction website can go live now. You can then celebrate all your hard work and effort to make your redesign happen.

Let’s Talk about Your Website Redesign


The truth is, your website is far from complete. That is why there is a need to consistently test various elements, optimize for search engines, and create adjustments to maximize the results you will see from your redesign. Or you can choose to hire a group of web designers and web developers to keep your website constantly alive and updated.

Here at ConstructionMarketing.io, we focus on understanding your company’s new goals, timeline, and website inspiration. Our digital marketing agency services, especially website redesign, are strategically designed to service your ideal customers and prospects and generate more leads. Our goal is to build and enhance a website for our clients to make revenue and reach their ultimate goals.

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