8 Tips on How to Craft Killer Call to Action

8 Tips on How to Craft Killer Call to Action

As a construction business owner, for sure, you are always wanting to secure more customers, sell more services and increase your ROI. There are multiple ways you can do that, and one of the easiest ways you can try is to create a killer Call to Action. 

The right CTAs can take your marketing campaign to the next level, turning it into a revenue-generating machine for your construction business. But the question is, how to start with great CTAs? No worries, we’ve got you because that is what we will cover for this blog. 

Read more to know what CTA is, its power to supercharge your campaign, and some of the best tips you should try to have a killer Call-to-Action! Let’s start.


What is Call-to-Action?


If you are new to digital marketing, you may wonder what CTA is. We will start with a quick introduction about it so that we will be on the same page.  

Call to Action, also known as CTA, is any phrase, word, or sometimes expression that encourages people to do something – either to sign-up for a free trial or newsletter, buy a product, get more information, and many more. A CTA is often used on landing pages, PPC ads, and email campaigns, and you can also see them in blog posts, sidebars, and webinars.

But are CTAs really a big deal? They are, of course, and a few words and phrases can move mountains. A study even shows that a well-thought CTA can ultimately boost landing page conversion rates by 80% and ROI by 83%. 

Always make sure to create the best CTAs, and properly place and optimize them regularly. Today, there are a number of ways you can achieve that, and one excellent way is to avail the best construction marketing services from the leading agencies. Of course, collaborating with an agency will be your last resort, especially if you do not have the skills, tools, and knowledge. 

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Tips to Create Superb, Working CTAs


If you want to explore creating CTAs, here are some tips to help you get started.

1. Use a strong command verb

When it comes to CTAs, it is about being direct to the point and concise. This is because there is only a little space to write more. So, being straight to your point is the Action you should take. Let your target audience know exactly what you want them to do – start the CTA button with the target action.

  • For your construction website, start your CTAs with “Click Here” and “Contact Us Today”.
  • If you are promoting a whitepaper or newsletter, you can start with words like “Subscribe” and “Download”.

2. Give them a reason why they have to take a desired action

Your USP is one of the most important elements in generating new leads. Thus, creating a nice CTA/USP combo is an excellent way to gain more clicks. 

One good example of CTA in this scenario is “Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!” It’s great, right? Not only do you indicate the Action you want the users to take (Contact us today), but you also provide them with why they should take the Action (free consultation).

To ensure a great CTA/USP combination and get more clicks, hire a construction marketing company that can strategize your campaigns from your CTAs, social media, website, and more. Having an agency as one of your backbones helps you strategize and stay relevant and competitive in the ever-changing marketing world.

3. Create Urgency with FOMO

Out of all tactics we will share with you, this is the most commonly used because CTAs are an instant success. FOMO stands for Fear of Missing Out, is a very effective and powerful motivator. Once evoked, it entices your target audience to act now instead of later. When you incorporate FOMO in your CTAs, people will feel left behind or miss an important opportunity. 

One of the best applications of FOMO in your CTAs is to mention a promotion or a sale that your construction company is currently holding. If you successfully execute this, you will be bombarded with many emails in just a minute.

4. Focus on Value

What do you think your target audience is looking for in your CTAs? It is the value and mainly because the value you provide is clear. One of the ways to put more value is to make your CTAs results-oriented. So, instead of saying, “Submit your Email,” you can opt for “Sign up for Free Insights.”. Obviously, the first part nudges the readers on what to do, and the second tells why they should do it. 

All great marketing professionals and content writers know that the “Why” is the main key to increasing click-through rates. So, it is helpful if you follow the same thing too in your CTAs.

5. Determine the devices to use

While creating a killer CTA is a crucial construction marketing solution for your campaign success. We also urge you to consider optimization and customization of your CTAs based on the devices used by your target audience. 

Today, Google highly considers tablets and desktops as the same device since the screen sizes are similar, and many people use them for searching in the same scenarios. However, mobile devices usually have different search intent and user behavior than desktops, making it practical to tailor your CTAs based on the device. Any user searching for something via mobile phone usually seeks “instant gratification”, and faster results. 

You can take advantage of this tactic in two ways:

  • Google enables you to set a mobile preference for your ads. This allows you to cite certain ads to appear only for searches completed on mobile devices. In this option, you can focus your CTAs on generating more phone calls.
  • You can enable call extensions. Enabling your call extensions allows you to display your phone numbers alongside your ads. This particular option is available for all devices, and we strongly suggest you take advantage of it. 

6. Personalize for maximum conversions

Your construction business might have unique audience groups. Perhaps, they are visiting your website for different reasons. If this is the case which is always possible, it makes sense to establish separate CTAs for every group. Hence, the reason why you need to personalize your CTAs even more.

For example, if your target is commercial property owners and homeowners, you should use two different CTAs for each one if possible. When you implement this strategy, you are not only differentiating the first one from the other but also increasing your conversion rates. This is because your audience knows what exactly to click because you personalized the CTAs for them.

7. Focus on the design

One critical part when creating CTA is the button design. Consider your brand color palette and ensure your buttons align with the color scheme. Next, ensure the texts are readable against the button’s color and that the button stands out from the background.

You can also explore button shapes because there is a lot of them, from square ones to rounded ones. Depending on your preference and industry, you must choose what fits your type of business.

8. Test, Test, Test

And last but not least, make sure to conduct tests on your CTAs. We strongly suggest testing your Call to Action repeatedly to ensure success. Even the smallest words you choose, color and size, can make a difference and boost your click-through rates.

A great old-fashioned A/B test is a good way to determine which CTAs bring you more clicks and which do not. Even if you already have your own CTAs, you never really fully know how they perform in your campaign until you test them and identify their capacity.

Testing is actually a game of trial and error. Make sure you have the knowledge of the know-how of it. If none of these make sense to you, then you can avail of digital marketing services from a top-tier agency that knows to the nitty-gritty of testing and execution.


Create Powerful CTAs with ConstructionMarketing.io


The best CTAs are clear and specific and provoke urgency that drives your target audience to Action. You only know you have killer CTAs when they have great value. We hope you learn so much in this blog and follow all the tips we share with you.

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