8 Tips on How to Create the Right Content on Your Construction Website

8 Tips on How to Create the Right Content on Your Construction Website

There is no such thing as a great website without quality content. However, what sets a lead-gen website apart from the rest is its ability to attract target web visitors by producing a wide range of content that educates, engages, offers solutions, and builds trust.

Your construction website plays a huge role in attracting new prospects and clients. And it makes sense to create great content for it. Here in this blog, we will share with you some of the most important elements you need to include in your website. The main focus is the content, including its many types and some tips you can use to create the perfect content for your site.

Let’s dive in!


Types of Content to Incorporate into Your Website


Let’s focus first on the different types of content that need to be present on your website.

1. Blog Posts

Concise, short blog posts are digestible and engaging. We suggest you align the content you deliver with any popular on-site search terms. It must be something related to the top trends in your industry. Find out what your target audience is currently searching for that you can answer immediately. Also, offer other specifications and considerations.

Regular posting of blogs provides you with content that is distributive across your social networks while improving your keyword rankings at the same time.

2. E-books/Whitepapers

Whitepapers and e-books are instant credibility builders. These two types of content are proven lead-gen tactics to attain customer information and email address directly from a campaign landing page. In addition, they allow you to create more high-level content on particular topics that appeal to your target audience.

3. Case Studies

Anybody can say that they are the leading construction experts. However, is there any proof?

If one of your goals is to be the leading expert, make sure to present a range of construction projects you have worked on through the years. You can get started with case studies where you can include high-resolution, quality photos to demonstrate your industry expertise and professional skillset. A case study is also a great opportunity to show how your services provide a solution and the benefits it brings to the client’s project.

4. Videos

Crafting videos can provide an excellent way to repurpose existing blog content and case studies in a more engaging and relevant format. Try a simple video interviewing your project managers or subs who worked and were involved with successful construction projects in the past.


Create the Right Content on Your Website 


Here are some strategic ways how to create the best website content unique to your construction business:

1. Zero in on your client’s needs

Your content has to solve some problems of your target prospects or future clients. The more tailored content is to your construction business, the more effective it will be. So, when preparing content for your construction website, make sure to ask the following questions:

  • What type of searches will your prospects perform?
  • What types of things do your ideal prospects need to help them?
  • How can my construction services benefit them?

Another important thing is your demographic. Understanding your demographic is one of the most critical things you must do when keeping your blogs designed to garner leads. You need to learn about your target audience and proceed to create content for them to succeed at meeting your end goals. So, make sure to pay attention to certain elements to avoid missing a thing.

2. Include client testimonials

Expect your web visitors to look at the testimonials of your previous clients concerning your services. Having positive stories to share about your business is very powerful and only proves that the company is trusted. Here are some tips for writing and sharing client testimonials:

·        Be concise and specific. The testimonials with the most impact usually include concrete proof of how you successfully helped your previous clients.

·        Add quality photos. Testimonials that include photos are more believable and effective. So, make sure to have a collection of photos showcasing your projects and the people involved.

·        Make it traceable. Your testimonials have to be traceable. You can provide a link back to your construction website, and this makes your testimonials more believable.

3. Your voice and tone matter

Tone and voice are powerful “front-line” tools in every content writer’s toolkit. You must integrate these tools into your content plan to reach this expert level. Know that your brand’s voice reflects its identity and personality. Hence, it must be consistent across all your content. On the other hand, tone can and should adapt well according to the context of your content.

Before creating the content, it is important to determine first the tone and voice you want to use. Take your target audience into consideration and know their level of literacy. Your target prospects can either be well-educated or someone who has just enough knowledge about your sector or services. It depends. That is why it is important to brainstorm meticulously with topics you want to write content about – with tone and voice as the priority too!

4. Create a comprehensive list of FAQs

When you are about to set up another project, what is the first thing to do? How long does the project take? Can the client occupy the building while under construction? What happens if the client wants to alter some designs during the construction? What if the company accidentally breaks something? Will they pay for it? Is your construction company accountable for clean-up right after the project is finished? What payment method do you accept?

These are some of the many questions that your potential client wants to know about your construction business. List all of these questions and prepare responses to each inquiry. Expect that your prospects and existing clients have a ton of questions. Hence, you must keep building your FAQs section to clearly address valuable customer concerns and get fresh content at the same time.

5. Turn FAQs into Blog

Let’s say you have already crafted a comprehensive list of FAQs and prepared written answers to the questions. You need to expand those answers in a blog or article form. If you include content that answers questions to your visitors, it shows that you are not just the leading industry expert. Still, you also understand what they need and are very interested in providing them with some solutions. Also, it shows that you intentionally provide as much information as possible.

Finally, responses have to be honest, well-written, relevant and engaging at the same time.

6. Deliver expert insights

Simply affirming that you are an industry expert is never enough. Many of your target prospects and potential clients are curious about understanding how you become an expert in your field. As a construction business leader, you can deliver helpful and insightful information to your prospects via your content marketing plan that showcases your expertise in the areas in which you specialize.

You can start by creating a step-by-step guide. And the next thing you focus on is developing a well-structured construction website where you place high-quality content. And with every article or blog post you generate, you are slowly building a solid foundation and framework that returns into a steady stream of viable leads.

7. Write blogs with numbered lists

One of the great ways to create content that can easily drive targeted traffic to your website is to include numbered list. You can incorporate your expert knowledge, FAQs, and other blog topics to generate list ideas.


For instance, you may consider the following topics:

  • 6 Signs that It is Time for A New Contractor
  • 5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Construction Firm
  • 10 Signs It is Time for a Roof Replacement

Get creative with your lists! The more informative and fun, the better. Always craft content that prospects will be eager to share with others.

8. Cover Newsworthy Topics Associated with Your Industry

Covering and sharing construction trends, news articles, and other events in your sector is an excellent way to provide your clients and target audience with information they care about, the ones that are relevant to them. The best part of sharing news is that it is one of the easiest content types to cover, and you need to summarize it in the blog form and conclude with CTAs that further encourage your readers to contact you.


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