9 Latest Lead Generation Strategies You Should Not Miss This 2023

9 Latest Lead Generation Strategies You Should Not Miss This 2023

The most effective lead acquisition strategies are ever-changing, and your construction company must evolve. The unpredictability of technology usually means what worked for lead generation a year ago will not be working now.

So, if you are not the type to consistently reassess your lead strategy methods, you are missing many opportunities to find new prospects.

This blog has compiled an updated list of lead-generation approaches you should take advantage of in 2023. But first, let’s dig into the nuts and bolts of lead generation.  


What is Lead Generation Anyway? 


To simplify, lead generation targets and attracts interested construction clients to your business, nurtures them, and eventually converts them into paying customers.

In addition, lead generation is the matchmaker of our business world, connecting potential clients with the services and products they seek. So, if you want to maintain a steady growth path for your construction business and take it to new heights, generating leads is a critical component you should be aware of.

But first….


What is a Lead?


Now, you might already have heard this marketing term for sure. To understand it better, a lead is a potential client – a stranger who shows a great interest in your service offerings and may end up purchasing from you.

However, not all leads are equal. Some leads come from the marketing team, while others come from the sales team. Similarly, not all leads show the same interest in your construction business. This is why you have:

  • Cold leads: These are leads that show little to no interest in your product/service. In many instances, they may not choose to convert, no matter what you do. So, it is best to leave them be and just focus more on targeting the other interested leads.
  • Warm leads: These are leads that show a quiet interest in your product/service. And what you must do is nurture them properly. They only need a strong push to convert.
  • Hot leads: They are the leads that are ready to convert. They are motivated buyers. They often face external pressures like budget, time, and market changes. So, always entice them.


Top Lead Acquisition Strategies You Should Not Be Missing Now


Finally, we are now in the best part of this blog. Here, we compiled the latest lead-generation tactics that have been recently implemented by top marketers in 2023.


1. Invest in email marketing

Email marketing is said to showcase an impressive return on investment of $44 for every $1 spent. So, it must have been the time to build your email list organically with social media and other collaborations with the right newsletters’ creators.

Always remember that most people are conscious about sharing their email addresses. But the good news is that some interested ones are open to sharing their contact details instead. So, your chances of building an email list of interested leads are quite high.

Make sure the newsletters you will be sending are worth their time. You can get started by simply offering them the following:

  • One-on-one interviews with the industry-leading experts
  • Helpful content like quick tips, etc.
  • Subscriber-only content resources and discount codes

Moreover, another thing we share with you that you need to note is that – the key to successful email marketing is lead winning is a non-sales approach.


2. Create value-packed lead magnets

If you do not know what lead magnets are, these are research reports, white papers, ebooks, etc. They are great lead-generation tools and have come with so many benefits.

  • Ebooks: They are easy to create. You can just simply repurpose any written content and add more depth.
  • Whitepapers: In this type of content, you must focus more on certain subject matter.
  • Research reports: They can help build links and not just leads. Also, with research reports, you can use it to inform more of your content.


Pro Tip: Never forget to create a landing page for your content. In this way, any interested leads can easily share their email or contact information and have a connection with you.


3. Take time to network

Networking is one of the best ways to get more leads, build a reputation, and strengthen relationships. Networking with your target audience is a game changer, though. With this strategy, it opens doors to not just new leads but also other opportunities too.

Targeted lead generation boosts your brand awareness and simultaneously brings you many referrals.


4. Launch well-timed pop-ups

Pop-ups are often considered unnecessary since they hinder the visitor’s website experience on your page. But pop-ups are now being changed, especially in how it works. They are upgraded and designed to pop up promptly with relevant messages that can skyrocket conversion rate – whether that is about converting your site visitors into leads or your leads into paying customers.


5. Create a referral program

Did you know that referral programs can encourage your existing clients to send more leads your way, knowing that you give them a great incentive to do so? For example, you can offer your clients a great discount for referring your product/service to others.

In order for your referral program to succeed, you must make it easier for your customers to share your construction business. Give them unique referral links that make your referral marketing efforts worth it.


6. Tap into video marketing

You may think that creating videos is difficult and requires much effort. However, with the right tools, you can make everything easier. Tap into video marketing today. It is the new hype, and almost everybody prefers video content today.

Some of the best video-streaming platforms are YouTube and TikTok. The former helps users create short-form videos called shorts, while the latter is the same as its name. These platforms are best for your lead acquisition efforts.

If you find it hard to look for video content, you can reuse some of your top blogs and repurpose them into videos. For sure, you will have ideas for your video marketing.


7. Take advantage of social media

Well, using social media is always expected, though. A survey shows that 66% of marketers have generated tons of leads via social media after only spending 6 hours per week.

So, how can you get started in attracting leads via social media?

  • First and foremost, determine which channels your target audience is active the most. For B2B businesses selling to other businesses, LinkedIn is the best platform for lead generation.
  • TikTok is the best option if you are targeting younger ones or millennials.
  • Facebook is also great if you are trying to reach a diverse age group. Almost everyone of different ages is always active on Facebook. So, it is high time to give it a shot.
  • Decide whether you will concentrate on organic lead generation or paid ads to make your content accordingly.  
  • Finally, share discount codes with your followers on social media.


8. Tap into visual marketing

You can create customized visuals to generate additional leads for your company. Infographics are the best-customized visuals everyone in the business has been creating recently. Sending infographics to the right audience can increase your chance of attracting leads from other high-traffic sites.

Basically, the idea behind crafting branded visuals is to drive more referrals and spread brand awareness.


9. Cold calling the right prospects

You may hear people say that cold calling is already dead. However, cold calling is still relevant up to this day and is still used by some marketers. When you combine this strategy using the right tools, it will blow up and be very effective.

According to many top experts, cold calling is still one of the fastest ways to get direct feedback from prospects. As a result, it optimizes pitch and marketing strategy. The only goal you can set here is to focus on one thing and one thing only – scheduling or booking meetings.

To be successful in cold calling, consider outsourcing professional help from the best experts.

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