9 Powerful Social Media Growth Tactics for Contractors

9 Powerful Social Media Growth Tactics for Contractors

We are already in the year 2024! Perhaps you feel confident enough just because you think you are already caught up with all the social media trends emerging today. However, the truth is you probably are not because new trends emerge every other day. 

Social media growth is becoming an integral aspect of modern business strategy. When you launch your construction business online, social media platforms are one of the first places you go to reach a wider audience and connect with more people. Be aware that 62.3% of the world’s population uses social media. The average daily usage is 2 hours and 23 minutes as of January 2024.

So, how can your brand grow its social presence? How can you reach an ever-increasing audience base? There are so many questions. In this blog, we listed nine strategic tips that can help you achieve optimum social growth in 2024.


But What is Social Media Growth Anway?


Social media growth involves various types of social success. As a contractor, how you define social media growth depends on the most important goals and metrics you set for your construction business.

Below are some of the most common ways you can measure social media growth:


  • Social media followers growth: The number of new followers you gain in a given period.
  • Engagement rate: The number of people who are engaging with your content versus the number of people who only see it.
  • Website traffic from social accounts: How many visits to your construction website are being referred from your social profiles and social posts?
  • Conversions referred from social media accounts: The number of people who visit your website via a social link follow through to sign up for your newsletter, make a purchase, or other conversion ways.
  • Social commerce sales: The revenue you bring from your social commerce activities across your social media accounts.


How to Achieve Optimal Social Growth?


Follow the best practices we cited below to achieve social media growth and success.

1. Be active on your target audience’s top platforms

You can create as few or as many social media accounts as you like dedicated to your construction business. But people today have their favorite social media platforms to use. These are the networks where they are constantly active. If you want to connect with them and tell them about your brand, you must expose your business to the platforms on which they currently appear.

Do not expect them to seek out. The rule of thumb this 2024 is to “Chase your target construction clients.”

For this strategy, there are two components you must bear in mind:

  • Your target audience
  • The most popular social media channels within that user base.

To achieve social media growth, you have to understand these two components. 

2. Create a consistent posting schedule

People are now on social media 24/7. So your audience will know what to expect whenever you post content following a consistent schedule. They will be wired to expect new content from you and also when to expect your posts in their social media feeds.

This level of consistency will pay off in the long term. In many ways, it encourages your followers to always seek out new content from you and will eventually view your company’s profile now and then. Posting consistently, especially on the platforms where your followers and target audience are always active, will increase your chance for early engagement. Early engagement is a key signal to all social media algorithms today.

3. Post short videos

You probably come across with TikTok and Reels today. These are short social videos, and they are becoming a vital component of social growth. Creating this video content is the easiest way to gain more followers and attract a new audience. For many marketers, short videos are content most likely to reach people who do not follow you yet.

  • Instagram specifically stated that regarding Reels, “the majority of what you users see is from various accounts they do not follow.”
  • According to Facebook, “Reels are content people are interested in from creators they do not follow yet.” 
  • TikTok, on the other hand, is designed to surface content a user can find interesting, not just content from the accounts they tend to follow.

If you want to start with short videos, make sure they align with your overall social media strategy and brand voice.

4. Embrace Social SEO

Social search engine optimization is also important when focusing on social media follower growth. 

Social SEO is the process of optimizing your social media content using SEO strategies like keyword research, captioning, and effective alt texts. Every social media platform has built-in search features, and Social SEO can help these search features understand your content.

Social media landing pages, more popularly recognized as “link in bio” pages, are also considered effective social media tactics with local SEO benefits. If you never heard of this, they are mobile-friendly web pages that direct users to other pages and content you want to promote.

5. Engage with your audience

Social media platforms are not just simple online communities where your audience wants to see your content. They’re spaces where the audience wants to interact with your construction brand and the creator.

If you want to take your social media seriously, you have to be diligent about responding to messages, comments, mentions, and tags. This is the easiest and most effective way to interact with your followers and audience. Remember, this is not optional! A neglected audience will not stick around.

If you keep them hanging, you are directly against all your efforts to achieve social media growth for your brand.

6. Get inspired by established accounts within your niche

We just discussed audience engagement above and its importance. This time, the focus will shift to the accounts already popular, established, and performing well within your niche. In many cases, they are your competitors, and in some other ways, they can be your potential collaborators. Yet either way, getting to know these accounts through industry research will give you a sense of what is already working in your niche and what is not.

Connections between different accounts are a strong signal for social media algorithms, so connecting with relevant accounts can help your chances of consistently appearing as suggested posts for non-followers.

7. Maximize your bio and profile

Creating content is definitely one of the exciting parts of achieving social media growth. However, developing a compelling bio and profile are equally important for your social media growth. So, make sure you perfect these sections before putting more effort into other growth strategies.

There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • First, your social media profile and bio will tell your potential new followers what your company is about, who you are, what you offer, and why they should follow you. 
  • Secondly, your social media profile and bio can be a bridge to guide people to your account. If you take time to observe, you will notice that most fields in social media platforms are searchable. This means they can be indexed in social search results and popular search engines like Google.

8. Develop a strong brand identity

Consistency is key to growing your social media presence. This approach applies to your posting schedule and your construction brand identity. 

Your profile can bring in many people from outside of the social platforms. So, if they scroll down and notice the consistent content in your profile, it is easier for them to know what your construction company is all about and why they must care in the first place.

9. Use the right hashtags

Hashtags are often used to categorize different types of content and also to increase brand awareness and exposure. So, if you want to make your brand discoverable and gain a lot of exposure in the online space, make sure to use the right hashtags. 

  • Twitter: In this platform, hashtags are particularly important. They can drastically increase the visibility of your tweet when used strategically. For Twitter, you can at least use one to two relevant hashtags. Too many tweets and hashtags can dilute your message and make it look spam.
  • Instagram: This social media platform allows up to thirty hashtags per post. You can combine niche and popular hashtags in this platform to extend your reach.
  • Facebook: While hashtags can also be used on this platform, they are not used as frequently as on other platforms. For Facebook, you can stick to one or two hashtags. Make sure they are relevant!
  • LinkedIn: The use of hashtags on this platform has been growing, mainly to categorize content. Make sure to use relevant hashtags to make your profile discoverable to people interested in your industry and business.


One Step Closer to Social Media Success with ConstructionMarketing.io


When you start prioritizing social media growth, you find yourself with ongoing content curation, creation, making updates, and engagements with your audience. These are some of the elements you need to consider for long-term success. 

If doing all this is not your cup of tea, we can help.

We are ConstructionMarketing.io. Our agency takes “social” to another level and incorporates it into every aspect of your construction business. As a full-service construction marketing agency, we offer solutions from all spectrums of online marketing—SEO, Content creation, social media, email marketing, website design and development, and more.

To help you achieve social media growth and success, our team will dive into every core element of developing an effective social media strategy, including:

  • Planning and creating a social media strategy
  • Establishing your brand voice
  • Choosing the right social media platforms for your brand
  • Understanding the many nuances of social media 
  • Tracking traffic and monitoring analytics
  • Implementing your social media campaign

From gaining new followers to improving your engagement rate, boosting your social media presence, and enhancing your overall lead acquisition efforts, our team will make it happen for you!

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