9 Reasons why Your Construction Blog Gets No Traffic

9 Reasons why Your Construction Blog Gets No Traffic

If there’s one single important part of an effective content marketing strategy, your blogs. Perhaps, you may have heard all the wonders blogging can do for your construction business’s SEO, domain authority, lead generation, etc. In fact, you have created a website for your company and get started with blogging the right way. You are doing the right thing.

But how well do you know about the best practices of blogging? Have you asked yourself, “Are my blogs getting enough traffic?” If not, then you are probably doing it wrong. The truth is, there is a lot more of blogging than most people think, especially you.

In this blog, we outline ten possible errors you might be making when blogging, including some tips on fixing these mistakes and boosting traffic.

1. You are not strategic with your content

If you want to increase traffic on your blogs, the simplest thing you can do is create better content. You have probably heard this statement before, “Content is King” and it still makes sense until now. We suggest that you should focus more on the quality of your content. Hence, become more strategic when it comes to your content marketing efforts.

If you wonder what successful content is, it is the type of content that meets a particular need. Try to think about your audience right now and what they are looking for. Nowadays, the content usually falls into two categories – useful/educational or cool/funny. You should pick the first option and give room for your content to be more engaging and relevant aside from being educational.

2. You are not doing Keyword Research

Conducting keywords research is one of the most vital parts of getting traffic to your new blogs. In fact, keyword researching is a critical SEO task that often involves determining popular words and phrases that online users enter into a search engine.

When you know what your target audience is searching for, you ultimately know what topics resonate with them. When you base your blogs around those key topics can help you rank much higher on SERPs (search engine results pages), and establish yourself as a credible source of relevant info.

  • Check the layout or format of your blogs.
  • Use relevant keywords a few times throughout your blogs, whenever it fits naturally.
  • Place your chosen keywords in the headings, title, in between the paragraphs, and/or meta descriptions.
  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing, which is using one keyword countless oftentimes.
  • Make sure your SERP ranking will not drop.

While we only share the basics above, there is a lot more to know about how to use/place keywords properly in your blogs. Make sure to know the basics, at least. Nowadays, a lot of contractors try to learn from scratch. However, others tend to give up since it’s not their forte.

That is why digital marketing agency like ConstructionMarketing.io exists. We can be anybody’s partner when it comes to construction marketing campaigns. We exclusively serve contractors and construction professionals who own businesses that need a strong online presence and solid reputation.

3. Too Long Meta Descriptions

Are you familiar with meta descriptions? Meta descriptions help boost the CTR of your article in SERP. In addition, they are also helpful to the overall SEO optimization of your blog content. With that being said, your meta description must not surpass the 160-character limit. We suggest you:

  • Think of your Meta descriptions as CTAs (call to action).
  • You should use a plugin like the Yoast SEO plugin to add meta des in your construction blogs.
  • It is best to write a distinctive meta des following the 160-character limit.
  • Rewrite the meta des in your old photos, especially those that exceed the character limit.

4. You are not Linking Properly

Linking is a potent tool when it comes to SEO and site navigation. By linking within your construction blogs, you can encourage your target viewers to check other sections of your site. When the audience has a good user experience upon exploring your site, they will most likely trust you. When they get the information they need, you give your audience good reasons to trust you. In most cases, they potentially become a new lead. Isn’t that amazing?

Build links. In SEO, link building is a great tool. One branch of it is backlinking. Backlinking is when an outside source links back to a particular page on your site. In return, it helps you build authority and drive traffic to your website.

5. Your titles are not Eye-Catching or Interesting

If your blog titles are not interesting enough, you will not get the engagement and traffic you want. You need a compelling title for your construction blogs that can pull readers in! Here are some helpful tips for crafting exciting and effective titles for your blogs:

  • Make the value clear: Ensure that your title informs your target audience what the blog will be about and what significance it brings to them.
  • Make it catchy: Use an echo, a play on words, or an intriguing statement to catch your reader’s attention. Questions like How-to-statements are an effective way to draw your readers more.
  • Sneak a keyword in: Place your keywords in the title if it fits naturally. It will improve the SEO of your blog posts.
  • Keep it under 65 letters: Longer titles overwhelm not only your readers but also the search engines. After 65 letters, the search engine starts to cut your title off.

6. You are not using Topic Clusters

A topic cluster is a content marketing method developed and introduced by HubSpot. These topic clusters help tailor your content to have better readability and higher SERP rankings, both for online users and search engines.

To start, determine the significant topics your construction company focuses on. Your pillar pages are a great place to start. Pillar pages tend to cover a lot of information about general keywords. In many instances, they serve as a significant topic cluster. Next, write blogs that highlight more specific topics related to those general topics and link to the right pillar page.

7. You are not consistent

We have to tell you one thing in here – Blogging is about consistency! To continuously build traffic, you have to be determined and persistent. We know you are struggling with inconsistencies. However, being consistent is the most crucial thing that can help you stay on the platform and thrive continuously. Below are some tips that can help you become more consistent:

  • Always plan ahead
  • Schedule your content in advance
  • Try to become active on all your social media channels
  • Let your readers and followers know where they can be reached out easily
  • Read the latest construction trends, topics, etc. in your industry

8. You’re not taking advantage of Social Media

We already suggested you become active on all your social media platforms, and we mean it. Today, social media is a free and fast marketing channel for growing any business. Consequently, many contractors who own a business are already using social media. Their goal is to build and expand their target audience.

Almost every single individual in the world has access to the Internet. So, know that your target audience is already present there. They are just waiting for you to share your content.

Facebook is known to be the most advantageous out of all platforms. The channel is big in multiple entertaining niches. Therefore, use your company’s Facebook page to grow your following and build traffic.  

9. Not using all marketing strategies

Trying and experimenting with new marketing strategies will get new traffic to your blogs. Instead of focusing on why you get low traffic numbers, try committing and using a new marketing strategy to promote your blog posts.

So, what are new ideas? Take a look below:

  • Create some landing pages and collect email subscribers
  • Build an email list to promote your blog posts effectively
  • Use Twitter to promote new posts
  • Create videos and use video marketing
  • Craft infographics and promote them
  • Use Instagram company profile to drive new users to your blogs

Need More Help Driving Traffic to Your Blogs?


So, how many mistakes have you made? We hope that somehow this blog allows you to see more clarity about the things you have missed in blogging. More than anything, we also know that blogging might not be your thing! But here you are, trying to do the basics. You may want to believe you can do blogging independently, but more convinced that it is demanding and too complex.

Do not worry. We are here to help you.

Here at ConstructionMarketing.io, we have an excellent team of content marketing specialists. Our content experts possess a strong work ethic can lead, design, and maintain your content marketing campaigns. They will be facilitating all aspects of the content creation, which is considered a valuable asset to your construction business.

Contact us today! And meet our team. Our primary agenda is that the goals of your marketing campaigns will be followed.