A Breakdown of Brand Awareness and What Should Construction Contractors Invest?

A Breakdown of Brand Awareness and What Should Construction Contractors Invest

Brand awareness or brand recognition is one of those vague concepts you never know about but need to understand, especially when you are about to market your construction business online. The concept itself is quite hard to pin down, right? But on the surface, it is quite simple. It simply means making people being aware of your brand. 

A brand recognition strategy is crucial for all businesses of shapes and sizes, and yours is not an exception. Know that the competition is fierce, and getting the attention of your target clients is vital for your company to thrive. It seems intimidating to get started. But we got you here! 

To help, we are breaking down everything about brand recognition, its definition, why it is important, how to get started, and more. Discover also why digital marketing is the key to effective brand recognition and the best online channels to focus more on elevating your brand.


What is Brand Awareness?


Ever wonder why you tend to recognize, recall, and even associate with a certain company, even though you do not avail of one of their services or use their products? Because that company has strong brand recognition, a lot of its main audience is familiar with or at least aware of its brand.

Brand recognition is the bedrock of the sales funnel. In fact, 77% of marketing leaders attest that strong branding is crucial to business growth. When your company has high-level brand recognition, it instantly has a competitive edge, making it a top choice for your target clients. There are three different levels of brand recognition that you must know:

  • Awareness of your brand name
  • Awareness of your product/service offerings
  • Awareness of your brand attributes (key qualities that distinguish your company from other competitors)

Brand recognition is key for growing your brand name. Also, it plays a huge role in the buying decisions your target customers must make when confronted with multiple options.


How to Get Started with Brand Awareness


To get started, it is crucial to start determining how wide your audience is and to ask the right questions. If your construction brand is new or launching in a new market, then it is obvious that you will be starting from scratch. However, if your construction business has been quiet for a while, your brand awareness is on level 1 already.

You can look at several things when looking for an indication of whether your brand recognition is high or low. They are as follows:

  • Your social media: Determine your social media following. Find out the number of people who follow your business on social networks like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Your mailing list: The number of people signed up to get direct communication and connection from your business.
  • Your website hits: Determine the monthly number of unique visitors your construction website gets.
  • Your search data: Determine the number of people searching for your brand name via Google and other relevant search engines.
  • Social listening: Determine the number of people mentioning and talking about your brand online.


Digital Marketing Is Key to Increase Your Brand Awareness


Digital marketing has truly become a game-changer for many brands over the years. With over half of the world’s population using the Internet today, it continually dominates a lot of marketing channels. Also, the online world is where your target construction clients are. So, a contractor like you should simply take advantage of digital marketing. By doing so, you can reap many benefits more than what you know.

With digital marketing, you can simply:

  • Scale in new places: Digital marketing encompasses all platforms online. It is proven to be a great tool to scale in new areas. Today’s platforms offer awareness campaign templates that you can leverage to target your preferred audience. Also, with the rise of new marketing strategies like Influencer marketing (which we will discuss below, so keep reading), a broader audience can be reached.
  • Boost market share and sales: Brand recognition drives performance marketing goals, leads acquisition, and sales. With digital marketing, you can inform more people about your construction brand by targeting a more relevant and quality audience. As a result, there will be a greater chance of conversions and dominating market increase.
  • Get audience insights: An effective brand recognition campaign can be set to acquire valuable data about your brand’s audience and potential customers. With this data, you can understand more about your audience, create effective audience segments, devise retargeting tactics, and optimize your future campaigns. 


Three Digital Tactics to Generate Your Brand Awareness


We only handpicked three digital marketing tactics proven to generate brand recognition and further increase consumer familiarity with your products and services. 


1. Local SEO

Local Search engine optimization allows you to build brand recognition within your targeted area and among your ideal customers. The more you appear in the local search results for local terms, the more people within your community will recognize, remember and connect to your brand. 

People need to continue seeing your construction brand online. Only with Local SEO can you get higher rankings that will eventually help you reappear in front of your target audience, giving more room for your brand awareness to grow.


2. Content Creation

Branded content creation is a content strategy that brings value to your audience and customers. With quality content, you give information and show your audience who your construction company is and what your brand truly represents. Content not only informs or entertains your audience but also drives real engagement. From blogs, videos, and infographics, you can reach out to your audience with any content and draw them closer to your brand. Content is a way to show your brand personality and position it in real time. 

To simply put it, content is what humanizes your construction brand. And people today prefer to do business with a company that offers personalization.


3. Social media advertising: The Foundation of Brand Awareness

Social media and brand recognition always come hand in hand. In fact, it is the widely used strategy to drive awareness and engagement. 

Social media advertising is for social media marketing and the same way paid search is for SEO. This strategy offers a ton of formats and placements to present branded content to the users. Take time to notice today’s social media platforms. You will see ad options, and most of them are pay-per-click. Also, there are targeting options, so you can get your messaging straight to your followers, who are most likely very interested in your brand. This strategy’s unique targeting possibilities are incredibly useful, especially when your brand wants to improve awareness and reach new audiences.

Here are the most commonly used social media platforms that offer ads:

  • Facebook Ads: Facebook’s advertising channel offers a variety of ad formats and placements to help increase brand awareness. The platform’s versatility will give your brand great creative freedom: GIFs, videos, stories, instant experiences, and images. Moreover, the Facebook Ads algorithm optimizes your ad campaigns to increase your reach and video views.
  • YouTube Ads: 90% of YouTube ads elevate a lift in brand recall, according to Sprout Social. It is no surprise that videos are incredibly powerful when it comes to leveraging brand awareness because videos, by nature, are attention-grabbing, super engaging, and quite memorable.
  • Bumper ads: 6-second, non-skippable YT videos, or in-stream ads will instantly catch your target customer’s attention and get them extra interested in your construction brand.
  • LinkedIn Ads: LinkedIn ads are quite expensive. However, they offer your target customers a more premium ad experience and result in laser-sharp targeting. Also, LinkedIn ads are the best platform for Account-based marketing, where you can simply serve your ads to all decision-makers within your target market.
  • Influencer marketing: This is the newest trend in social media and is particularly effective with millennials. Many brands are gaining attention and traction on social media by taking advantage of popular influencers in their niche. These influencers have a large following and can help you reach a wider audience and boost your brand recognition.


Elevate Your Brand with ConstructionMarketing.io


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