A Guide in Setting up Your 2023 Marketing Objectives

A Guide in Setting up Your 2023 Marketing Objectives

The end of the year is the perfect time to plan your marketing objectives for next year. And as you get closer to the end of 2022, you are also getting closer to a new set of marketing challenges. Some business leaders are taking time to reflect on the successes and failures of the company for this year, while others are looking forward to working on a fresh new start with new business goals and marketing objectives.

So, how are you ending and starting things for your marketing campaigns? We strongly suggest never putting your marketing goals on hold. As a matter of fact, there is no better time to plan your marketing resolutions, goals, and objectives than now. 

Read this blog, especially if this is new to you. This will serve as your guide. Here in this article, we will make you better understand your 2022 marketing successes and failures and the top marketing objectives you should be aiming for to stay abreast and always on top of the competition.


Understanding Your 2022 Success and Failure


Defining realistic and clear marketing goals for 2023 seems very challenging, and it is. It will require you to look closely at what you have accomplished in 2022. So, to be concise with your new plans, you must first understand the outcome of your previous actions.


1. Write the list of your 2022 marketing campaigns

Creating a list of all the marketing initiatives and campaigns you will work on in 2022 is a great first step, and it is only up to you to decide whether to categorize them by projects, month, or something else. The goal is to find every single activity or effort related to your marketing campaign that has impacted your business.

Some marketing steps can be too little to matter; however, when you look at the greater picture, you will find that these small steps can lead to important consequences. With that being said, make sure to include everything that comes into your mind, and as far as you can recall, like availing a construction marketing solution from the local agency near you. 


2. Categorize Your Construction Marketing Efforts

When your list is complete, you can start sorting your items. While many of them are obvious successes or failures, some can be in the middle. You can take some instances below:

  • You may have a marketing campaign with a few direct sales only but with a big impact on your brand awareness. 
  • Your website traffic is higher at some point than what you expected, even without any returning visitors. 

With cases like this, consider breaking down your marketing campaigns and actions into smaller parts. This will make it easier for you to define and differentiate between success and failure.


3. Prioritize the impact of all your actions

If you are already done sorting out, it is high time to prioritize all the items on your list. Make sure also to think of the impact every single one of your actions had on the present state of your business. If this feels so hard, assign some important points to each. 

For example, if you avail of a set of digital marketing services from a trusted agency this year., how did the agency help you? Are their marketing efforts effective or deliver you great, long-term results? Ensure to provide details to point out what you still need to include.


4. Evaluate Your Entire Marketing Performance

Assessing your marketing performance is critical to finding all possible weak points of your marketing strategy, especially for this year, 2022. Also, it allows you to focus more on realistic goals, which can help you achieve your plans for next year.


Top 5 Marketing Objectives You Should Set for 2023


While there can be a lot of marketing objectives you can set up for next year, we try to cut down and pick the most important and relevant marketing goals for next year based on the insights of our digital marketers. Check these top five marketing objectives you should notice for 2023.


1. Increase your revenue and sales

You should prioritize increasing your revenue and sales in 2023. Of course, this should not come as a surprise anymore because part of your job is to impact your company’s bottom line. So, to increase your sales and revenue, it is crucial to determine areas of your customer journey that should be further optimized. What we mean is that you should focus on lead generation.

To improve your lead generation strategy, you should test new CTAs for your landing page, create stronger, enticing offers, and refocus your marketing efforts on more powerful lead-nurturing campaigns. Below are the five key principles you can follow to thrive continuously:

  • Test new platforms to reach new audiences.
  • Deeply understand your target audience and their needs to deliver the perfect message at the right time.
  • Evolve your marketing attribution models
  • Encourage continuous implementation of marketing optimizations. 
  • Finally, partner with a well-trusted agency that offers a range of construction marketing services, including lead generation, web marketing, SEO, and more. An agency helps you reach your goals, like getting more leads and increasing your revenue.


2. Foster relationships with your clients and increase your brand royalty

Another priority you must set in for your 2023 marketing objectives is to nurture your customer relationships and increase your brand royalty.

Customer experience matters most because your happy and satisfied customers become a huge factor in your brand. These customers will share their positive experiences online, and from there, they will build trust recommendations that a wide audience can see.


3. Advertise your services and products more effectively

Focus on marketing everything you offer to your target prospects and existing customers. Level up your game next year. 

While there are other traditional ways of advertising, you should still opt for digital marketing. This type of marketing is proven to be very effective for reaching a wide audience for a generally lower cost than more conventional methods. You can take advantage of all marketing platforms available today that empower you to create engaging and enticing ads and reach more people.

Take social media as a prime example; it is another option for marketing in 2023. To take advantage of social media, you should at least perform the following:

· Determine which social media channels you will market most successfully.

  • Research your buyer personas and target audience
  • Build your most critical metrics and KPIs.
  • Create engaging and unique content
  • Get to know your competition
  • Organize a schedule for your posts


4. Improve your marketing alignment

Making sure your teams and efforts are strongly aligned with your sales is vital to achieving and surpassing your revenue goals. In fact, companies with tightly aligned teams and sales are 6% more likely to exceed revenue goals.

This is why one of the top goals of 2023, as all marketing executives stated and approved, is improving marketing alignment. To achieve better alignment, consider asking both your marketing and sales team to craft a buyer persona together:

  • By partnering with your sales team, you can create a more detailed picture of your target persona – including specific pain points and challenges you might have missed in your marketing research.
  • Consider partnering with your marketing team to get their input on your content gaps in the buyer’s journey. For instance, a content writer will point out that you do not have any blog posts that speak directly to your audience.
  • By working directly with your sales and marketing teams, you can ultimately create a more seamless customer experience and retain clients by ensuring you are consistent in creating the content they need to succeed.

If you do not have a marketing team yet, consider hiring multi-skilled people from top construction marketing agencies. They are top-notch in all things marketing and even sales! Plus, they are well-equipped with strategic marketing methods and the latest tools. You can fully entrust your marketing campaigns with these top agencies like ConstructionMarketing.io. 


5. Improve your customer’s understanding of what you offer

Last but not least, you should improve your customer’s understanding of your services and products and just everything you can offer. This kind of strategy requires considering your buyer’s unique wants and needs. Also, the main focus of this strategy is to combine data and customer feedback to make your marketing efforts even better than ever.

It is vital to take time to understand your new target prospects deeply, so you can successfully show them how your services and product can solve their issues. This is equally helpful, especially if your construction business branches out to new markets.

Those are the five top marketing objectives we highly suggest for you. But we want to highlight also in this blog another set of objectives comprised of five goals. This includes:

  • Increasing engagement
  • Driving traffic to your construction website
  • Growing your following on social media
  • Leverage CRM to the fullest potential
  • Lead Generation


Achieve Your 2023 Marketing Goals with ConstructionMarketing.io


As you reach this part of the blog, you realize that planning your marketing resolutions for 2023 is challenging, especially if you do not know anything about marketing. There are many moving parts – from understanding success and failures, defining your new marketing objectives, developing a new winning strategy, and consistently assessing your actions.

And while you have learned so much from everything we share with you in this content, setting up your 2023 marketing objectives while partnering with us is a game changer!

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Completely top-tier, flexible, and based on the needs of your construction business, this certain level of delivery is what you can expect when working with us.

Call us today, and let’s finish the work before 2023 starts!