10 Tips to Build a Better Audience

Construction Marketing 101: 10 Tips to Build a Better Audience

Besides a strong reputation and quality connections, you also need to pay attention to advertising and cost-effective marketing strategies. The best construction business owner knows the value of investing in modern marketing solutions to build a better audience and grow his business. Hence, creating the best marketing strategies should be one of the top priorities.

Whether you have a dedicated construction marketing team or you’re a single-person operation, the industry comes with many unique challenges. From competing for much larger projects from your competitors to expanding your target audience, it’s crucial not to let your marketing strategy sit still on the back burner. In contrast, your competitors get all local jobs.

So what can you do to build a better audience and make your construction company stands out from the rest? Here are ten marketing tips for establishing a better audience and out-build your competitors in marketing your construction business.

Tips to Build a Better Website Audience


1. Get super niche with your target audience on social media

The widespread use and popularity of social media are not a secret. In fact, 80% of construction companies today are now promoting their businesses on many social media platforms, according to JBK. Social media marketing can be a great place to promote your business. However, it can be a challenge for you to stand out against your competitors; thus, social media management is essential.

Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are three widely used platforms for any business. You can be very specific with your targeting. The first thing you must do on such platforms is determined the location you are targeting the most. Next, you should now be focusing on the target audience. Whatever you decide, the options are varied. Hence, you can explore what works on you and what doesn’t work. 

Make sure to create marketing campaigns and align them to your content.

2. Ensure your number is easy to find

There are several industries where making calls are very important, construction being one of them. Whether a client is looking for help in remodeling a commercial office or a development company searching for a construction firm to take on huge projects, the leads won’t contact you, especially if several barriers exist. These barriers are something you should be aware of.

The goal is to get as many calls as much possible. To accomplish this, your active phone number has to be tied directly to your company name. It should also appear on Google search, a flyer on the local supermarket, or a billboard on the street. It depends on you on where you wanted it to be displayed. 

However, having a website with a great web design is one effective way to get many leads and many calls. Your audience will view your website for further details. Make sure your contact details can be seen right away.

3. Set Up Google local services ads

For construction marketing, it is highly suggested to run your standard Google search and display ads. However, you can opt to take advantage of the Google service ads. Why? All because this ad type is actually made for your industry! When these ads are appropriately configured and somebody searches for “Construction Company near me,” your service ad will instantly appear alongside Google Guaranteed Badge. Within the badge, there will be a direct link with your contact details.

Having the top spot on the SERPS, an endorsement from Google, breaking down barriers to allow your leads to call you, and you’re only paying for leads. So what could be better than that?

4. Make your website helpful for your audience and current clients

63% of clients mainly use a company’s website to look and engage with them. In addition, according to a source, 30% isn’t considering a business that doesn’t have a website.

It is crucial for construction marketing success to have a simple and easy-to-navigate website with an appealing web design that will help your leads get the details they need without feeling overwhelmed. You have to give your viewers and target audience a great website experience. For your construction company, make your site visual but straightforward at the same time. Make sure your tabs are also easy to navigate.

5. Follow up with your previous clients

A huge part of building a much better audience is to keep the ones you already have. Yes, you heard it right. It’s crucial to keep encouraging your previous clients to keep coming back. Whether it’s a small job or a commercial project you completed a few years ago, if your customer experience was very positive, it may be worth seeing if they have any upcoming needs that they still didn’t address. 

A few months after finishing a job, you can start following up with your present clients. You have to check if you can help them with anything else. Most clients will appreciate and be impressed if you’ll call back. Expect that it will lead to more business and more leads.

Maintaining such positive relationships with your clients is a great construction marketing strategy. Because not only does it help you work with happy clients, but it can also lead to new leads through referrals!

6. Create compelling video content

With one-third of internet activity spent on watching videos, leading to a 158% increase in organic SERP traffic for businesses, it is clear that video content is a marketing strategy that cannot be ignored! This is especially very true in a visual industry like construction. With all the projects your company has been doing, there are many excellent outcomes and results. So why not showcase them all through engaging video content?

Video content is a very significant way to give your company a brand personality. A video showing off your construction projects, a time-lapse video of the entire construction process, or fun company culture content showing off your team’s unique personalities could all help make your company more personable and attractive. Therefore, allowing you more to build your audience.

7. Feature your employees

The truth about construction marketing is that it is quite challenging not only because of the increasing competition in the industry but also the fact that it’s crucial to gain the trust of your leads. Gaining their trust will help you to get a chance to convert them into future clients. There are so many ongoing issues that make the trust threshold much higher, especially in this industry.

So your company needs to show off the human aspect of your business. By simply featuring your crew in the marketing campaigns, your audience can see the smiling human faces, the happy environment behind your business. It’s an effective way to get to know you and your business even more. This one small step can help you increase the trust of your audience and leads.

Always try to insert a human element in each of your marketing campaigns. People prefer to see the human aspect because it will give assurance and the connection to your business, resulting to an increased level of trust.

8. Build superior custom blog articles

Construction blogs cannot possibly be a thing, right? Actually, it is a thing. However, it’s a very compelling and smart way to build trust and bring in more and more clients. In this type of industry, expect that people always do a great deal of research. So, having a website with great resources and information can lead to many potential customers who want to work, particularly with you. Your blogs can help your audience get informed, educated, and updated on anything related to the industry and your services.

Blogging about construction-related topics does not only help you build knowledge credibility, but it also helps strengthen your website quality. As a result, it can lead to better SEO and more organic traffic. It indeed shows the many advantages of having a strong educational blog for your business.

9. Prioritize customer testimonials and reviews always

In building customer trust, there’s no better way to do this than simply allowing your happy clients to speak for you. In this industry, you need good reviews in various places to instill trust in your leads. It is more likely the first thing new leads are going to seek out whenever searching for your business.

Here’s the question – how can you make sure to cover your bases in terms of reviews? Take a look below at some starting points:

  • Ensure your paid search campaigns have all reviews configured.
  • Include customer testimonials and case studies on your website.
  • Encourage your happy clients to write reviews on all major sites
  • Produce customer testimonial videos and promote them across your social channels.

10. Partner with a Digital Marketing Agency for Co-Marketing campaigns

Last but not the least, an ideal way to take your marketing efforts to the next level is by simply collaborating with a full-service digital marketing agency. Only the best marketing experts can expose your company to the leading market! Expect your company to have a massive impact in the market and on your audience. 

So if you’re looking for the best digital marketing company, we’re here to help you! We particularly performed digital marketing for construction companies. We developed new innovative strategies and marketing campaigns that will help you build a broader and better audience!

We have the right modern tools needed for your business to succeed in this field! So when you sign up for any of our digital marketing services, you’ll be working not just with one expert but a whole team of experienced marketers!

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