How to Double Your Conversion Rates

Construction Marketing: How to Double Your Conversion Rates?

Whether you are pulling people to your construction website via content marketing, every visitor who leaves your website without availing of anything is still a dropped opportunity. So, it only shows that optimizing your website for more sales is necessarily crucial.

This blog will tackle what a reasonable construction conversion rate is and some tips to help you double your conversion rate.

What is a Reasonable Construction Conversion Rate?


Conversion rates vary widely. But in construction, reasonable conversion rates range from 3% to 5%. Across industries, the average conversion rate was 2.45%, and the top 25% are converting at 5.31% or much higher. Ideally, it is your goal to break into the top 10%. However, you’re unable to reach it. As of the present, your construction websites fall below the average rate. If that is the case, you should focus on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and make your conversions much higher.

Believe it or not, if you apply some of the best tactics to increase your Conversion Rates, you can get into 10% or much higher. Read further below to discover what these tips we prepared for you.

Ten Tips to Double Your Conversion Rate in No Time


1. Website Site Optimization

Optimizing the page speed of your construction website improves the user experience of your target visitors. As a result, it improves their satisfaction. Apparently, if your construction website takes more than two seconds to load, 54% of your target leads are bound to lose interest. Is it surprising? As a matter of fact, a single second lag may result in a 7% loss of conversions. Thus, consider heightening your website’s loading speed since it is vital to your CRO process/strategy.

Here’s what can you do to optimize the page speed of your website fully:

  • Determine the speed of your website. How fast does it load?
  • Go for optimization of images by simply compressing the images. This benefits you significantly because pictures with sharp clarity can fill more space on the website source.
  • Make use of website caching to store another version of your website that can be easily delivered on-demand.

Pro Tip: To check your website speed, use Google PageSpeed Insights.

2. Keep the Layout and Design Simple and Clean

A cleaner and simple design help you showcase your construction website’s feature in a more engaging manner. Also, a great user experience on your website further helps your customers make decision-making quickly. Take note that 85% of website visitors hesitate to reach out because of confusing User Interfaces.

Your target leads should have a seamless, smooth experience while visiting your website. For this reason, you should invest in web development and design, especially now that almost 40% of the site visitors use the website’s search functionality.

Pay attention also to your website’s CTA buttons. It should draw attention but try not to look annoying. The colors of CTA buttons can, in fact, affect its effectiveness.

3. Remove distractions

This is a continuity of number two, stating the importance of having a simple design and layout of your website. Now, let’s talk about distractions. There is nothing worse than viewing a website that pulls you in many directions. To be specific, your landing page must be concise, clear, and easy to navigate. Always stick with what your target leads need to know and nothing else.

As much as possible, implement the following, or not much else:

  • Headline and subheadings
  • Benefits and features
  • Testimonials and/or reviews
  • Visual combined with context, showing what you are offering.

There are other elements to consider, and the point remains the same – eliminating all distractions. Your goal is to have your visitors focus more on your service offerings.

4. Include your top website goals in your footer

So what are your website goals? Do you want your target leads to complete a web form? Do you want them to sign-up for your newsletter? Perhaps, do you want leads to download your white papers?

Site-wide footers are usually used for information you want to hide from your site audience – Privacy policies, terms and conditions, and address information. You can keep this information there. So, find a particular spot to include in your website goals. You may include:

  • Request a demo
  • Contact us
  • Sign-up for a free trial
  • Subscribe to newsletter
  • Watch a webinar

First, we ask you to determine your primary business goals and include links to them in the footer of your construction website.  

5. Optimize for Both Mobile and Desktop

Are you aware of your target lead’s devices? We are pretty sure you are not. If that is the case, make sure to optimize your construction website for desktop and mobile platforms because it is crucial. By going for a responsive web design, you can reach a maximum number of leads that are looking for your service offerings.

Did you know that Google recently moved to mobile-first indexing? With that being said, your website should take a mobile-friendly approach. Consequently, you can never afford to ignore mobile users. So, it is essential to keep your Construction Website more responsive for any device and make the viewing experience more optimal.

6. Combine SEO and CRO

Keyword optimization tactics, especially Keyword Research, contribute more than driving traffic to your website. Combining Search Engine Optimization and Conversion Rate Optimization can significantly increase conversions and traffic. This is perfect for your construction website. In fact, you do not have to reduce the significance for the other. SEO optimizes content for search engines to help your website’s ranked higher. On the other hand, CRO optimizes web visitors and client’s content to drive them towards completing the CTAs

Uniting these two is not that straightforward. To optimize CRO and SEO, you only need to change three things that significantly impact Google’s ranking algorithm.

· Keywords and on-page SEO

  • The quality of blog content
  • User and usage data

7. Experiment with CTAs

Using generic and common CTAs like “Start Trial” or” Sign-Up” will not give you the most effective conversion rates. You should spend time exploring CTAs, and improving the copy. It will provide you with a very easy outlet to win. Start with CTAs that strongly initiate with a strong “YES”. Psychologically, it is highly efficient because it outlines your offer in a positive light.

Try exploring many CTA buttons and copies to determine which ones get the best clicks. If any problems arise with the CTAs, you need to spend enough time changing the necessary elements.

8. Use Remarketing to Attract Clients

Only a few customers will reach out and purchase the first visit. They have to trust your website first before they share their details. Realistically, it requires about seven attempts to make a conversion. So tricky, right? Yes! It is. This is where remarketing comes into play. This technique revolves around marketing your services to online users who have already interacted with you in the past.

They can be previous website visitors or former customers interested in what you have to offer. The most exciting thing about remarketing is that about 26% of users enjoy seeing them. In addition, visitors who see such ads are forty-three percent more likely to convert.

Start remarketing now and make the most of this technique to win more leads you think you already have lost.

9. Make the initial step very easy

There is a psychological principle that people prefer to finish things than they start. Hence, when it comes to your offer, the very first step must be straightforward to do and complete. So, instead of asking for a comprehensive form to be filled out by your target audience, you can ask for an email address.

From there, you can then provide the rest of the form in the hopes of getting additional information. But even if you do not, you still have that person’s email. The easier the initial step will be, the bigger the chance your web visitors will take action, following through to the end.

10. Change and Do Some Test Over and Over Again

It is really hard to figure out what works and what doesn’t. So, the only way to make sure is to run A/B tests. Take note that every small change matters. But, remember that it takes some time to get meaningful results. It takes a month or two for these results to show. So, never expect a big jump to your conversion rate immediately.

Some changes might result in a decrease in conversion. And if it happens, ensure to go back to what you have been doing.

Start Working on Your Conversion Rate Right Now!


Many factors contribute to low conversion rates. It takes effort and time to diagnose issues and improve your conversion rates. However, striving to be better than average pays off in increased revenue and conversions.

If you want to improve your conversion rate but are unsure what your underlying roadblocks are, can help. We know that increasing your conversion rates is ultimately vital for your construction business, for it is the foundation of high sales volume.

We are happy to help you and serve you. Contact us today, and let’s start the campaign!