Content Intelligence is the Future of Content Marketing

Content Intelligence is the Future of Content Marketing

Content Intelligence is now a buzzword for those who have been in the business for a long time. It’s a game-changing strategy that sheds light on how your content will resonate with your target audience.

In this blog post, learn about Content Intelligence and why it has become a key pillar in content marketing. Moreover, it will cover the most common pain points this technology addresses and the top-tier tools you can use for your content strategy.


What is Content Intelligence?


It is said that Content Intelligence draws from AI or Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big data. But the truth is, it is neither of these two things. 

Content Intelligence is, in fact, the software and systems that transform data into valuable insights for content strategy. Content Intelligence gives you the entire context of a single piece of content, including the body of content that sits with it. In return, it makes a better conclusion regarding the content in question.


Five Common Pain Points of Content Intelligence Addresses


With Content Intelligence, it is easier to address the following content marketing pain points:


1. You are not sure what to share or how to distribute

When it comes to your content marketing, creating killer content is only half the problem. There are other aspects you need to consider, like how you can make it known to your target audience. So, building an effective distribution strategy is a must, and sometimes it should go beyond just a simple email blast or social share.

Content Intelligence adds significant value to the overall process by taking advantage of consumer models and defining content from past interactions to better suggest what to share next. In short, it helps you in making more well-informed decisions.

Statistics reveal that over 6 million blog posts are being published daily worldwide. So, think about how it is difficult to know what to market, when, and where to promote it. But Content Intelligence can go above and beyond, like enabling highly personalized, cross-channel promotion that any human cannot do.


2. You do not know which content to update

Let’s say a particular blog post or article performed well. However, it has not been refreshed or revamped in a year. Would it be nice if you received a prompt for this particular blog to be revamped? With Content Intelligence, there will be suggestions to change some headlines or add more CTAs to make the content appealing to the audience.

As a website owner, there is a long list you should follow to make your content top-notch. In many cases, it is difficult to figure these things out. Content Intelligence can surface this information in an easier-to-understand method. Also, Content Intelligence allows you to execute this in the entire funnel stages.


3. Not knowing what to write about

Writer’s block has been the root of the problem even before content marketing existed. But content creation is another aspect content intelligence can able to optimize too.

Content Intelligence can make the best suggestions about what to craft based on what performs well, or what your competitors focus on. Also, the suggestions can be based on the goals you want to achieve – whether you aim for enhanced brand awareness or wider reach.


4. Your content is not working

Are you familiar with content shock? It is a term that refers to the phenomenon of a continuously increasing rate of producing more and more content. As a result, most of this content is not personalized, all while the audience’s attention span is too short. These two points can make your content marketing less and less effective.

Content Intelligence can be your viable advantage and a practical tool to overcome content shock. It offers insights that can significantly help you produce more engaging and better content. It also provides intelligent means of distribution to get your content to the right audience where it is the most compelling.


Content Intelligence Helps Improve Your Content Marketing


This finally answers the question of why Content Intelligence is the Future of Content Marketing. Here, we review the many ways by which Content Intelligence can significantly level up your content.


1. Optimize your content

Optimizing all your content is more important than ever. One of the many advantages of Content Intelligence is that it gives insights before creating content. The AI technology can pull off real-time data, allowing you to look at the latest emerging trends and devise content your target audience wants to read.

For instance, most of the Content Intelligence platforms today can provide you with key information like the following:

  • Headline suggestions
  • Quality keywords
  • Outline suggestions
  • Potential links
  • High-converting content formats


2. Delivers powerful customer data

Just consider the data your construction clients and audience leave behind when interacting with your construction brand. Every single comment, like, share, conversion, and unsubscribe matters. However, like the others, you need to track and collect helpful insights from the data properly. 

Content Intelligence helps you collect all the traces and clues to connect with your target audience on a more powerful and deeper level. And this also paves the way for you to learn more about:

  • How your customers behave on your construction website
  • Their interactions and engagement with every content type you produce
  • Their content preferences

With powerful customer data, you can ultimately produce content that addresses the needs of your main audience.


3. Brainstorm better ideas for content

One of the most common challenges you can be facing today, especially when crafting content, is deciding what to write about. You should know firsthand that content ideas should not be based on your gut feelings or what you feel like writing. It has to be relevant, high-quality, and offer solutions and insights to your audience.

With Content Intelligence, especially those software tools, it will be easier for you to determine the latest trends in your industry. In return, you can seamlessly brainstorm the right topics for your niche and tailor them to your target audience.


4. Gives you a competitive advantage

You will gain an advantage if you incorporate content intelligence into your campaigns. You can monitor the content strategies of your closest competitors. By having sets of data, you can able to analyze their content performance, determine gaps, and discover untapped opportunities. 

Having an advantage can help you position your construction brand ahead of the curve!


5. Improve your Return on Investment (ROI)

Of course, one of your many goals is to boost your ROI! With Content Intelligence in place, you can make more informed decisions that will benefit your content marketing and lead acquisition strategy, increasing ROI. 

In addition, it helps you to create content that resonates best with your main audience and even align it with your business objectives. Overall, it drives you to better results and meaningful business outcomes, affecting your ROI positively.


Content Intelligence Tools You Should Leverage


Content Intelligence is a technology that can help you automate the entire process and instantly generate results. We mentioned platforms and tools in the previous section but never broke down one. So, let’s review the four most commonly used Content Intelligence tools you can leverage today.


1.       BuzzSumo

This tool analyzes web content, and social media feeds to give you the latest trends to leverage. Also, it provides business-related content that you should consider covering and target keywords to use when you start creating content.

Pro Tip: Use BuzzSumo’s advanced search features to get the most out of its popular content analyzer.


2.       Contently

Contently has a propriety technology that is very useful in analyzing and predicting the content that can significantly impact your construction business. The data can help in the integration of content creation and alignment of your audience’s interests. 

With Contently, Local SEO, voice, tone, and guidelines for your brand are all considered in every recommendation. Just a pro tip: You can use the platform’s performance analytics to measure the main audience engagement and compare the benchmarks from your industry.


3.      Curata

The tool’s self-learning can help you discover the best-performing content, better understand why your audience likes it, and how you can create high-performing content. In addition, you can also get some SEO help to craft and share your content in the right channels.


4.      Crayon

This tool’s features provide competitive intelligence that can help you use actionable insights, especially when creating content. Using this tool, you can better understand what works for your competitors from review sites, channels, etc. You can also discover key messaging to incorporate into your content strategy. 

Always pick the right software that works best for your needs. Most importantly, choose the right partner to help you in your journey! 


We Help You Incorporate Content Intelligence into Your Campaigns


To differentiate, content marketing is an effective strategy that can help you reach new clients and nurture existing ones to grow your construction business successfully. On the other hand, Content Intelligence helps your business take things to new heights.

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