Content is King – 7 More Reasons Why Your Construction Company Needs It

Content is King – 7 More Reasons Why Your Construction Company Needs It

Content marketing has gone from a thrilling new marketing concept to a crucial marketing powerhouse for pretty much all businesses in the industry. So, if you are wondering and asking yourself, “Is content marketing essential to my construction business?”, then the answer is an absolute YES!

The importance of content marketing to your construction business relates to its ability to elevate the volume of quality traffic to your construction website. Content is king in generating quality leads and creating brand awareness which sustains healthy sales growth. 

So for this blog, dive in and take a closer look at seven more reasons why content marketing is crucial to your business, starting with a definition.

What is Content Marketing?


First, think of it this way. Traditional marketing, including advertising, tells the world about how awesome you are in everything you do. On the other hand, content marketing is about SHOWING to the world that you are fantastic at what you do. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we refer to this practice of creating good content for use in digital marketing activities as content marketing.

The ability to develop great content for your construction website is proven to be a powerful tool. Once you have created your content for your business, it is already yours. 

Many Reasons Why Content Marketing is Essential to Your Business


By offering value thru content marketing, you’re not only enticing the viewers, but you also start to build a brand. There is a great discovery experience of the quality construction content and a sense of thrill in making the find. See below the many benefits of content marketing to your business:

1. Content marketing is cost-effective

Content marketing is very much affordable. It revealed that content marketing might cost about 62% less than conventional marketing tactics. It also generates about three times as many leads. This certain fact must capture your attention as a construction business owner who wants to grow and expand. Now, you already know that content marketing is less expensive than other forms of marketing tactics and more effective as well.

However, it is essential to note that content marketing is time-extensive and can take a while to see the instant results of your efforts. It is especially true in terms of SEO. Yet, before you know it, you’ll eventually reap the many benefits of getting into content marketing.

2. The heart of every digital marketing strategy is content

The vital importance of content marketing is that it supports and connects all the elements of your digital marketing strategies. Think of content as a hub, incorporated with the supporting features of your marketing being the spokes.

The content you will create will be used for your blogs, social media, and email marketing. So, with solid content marketing in place, every channel you have will incorporate the marketing tactics. As a result, you will accomplish your many marketing goals and sales revenue target through this.

3. Improve Organic Search Traffic

Content marketing draws in more organic traffic. Organic traffic is equivalent to leads. Every day, hundreds of prospects in your target audience are looking for construction-related queries on Google, just searching for answers to their many questions.

With consistent blog posting and strategic keyword research, you can generate over three times more website traffic than your competitors. So, imagine how much three times more website visitors can you do to your marketing efforts? Content marketing only shows and proves that it brings more traffic than paid advertising by up to three times, for about an estimated 64% of the cost.

4. Attractive ROI awaits when having a consistent content

So what is the ROI that your business can anticipate with a great and consistent content marketing strategy? In actuality, content marketing surpasses traditional marketing tactics and pulls in more leads and website visitors significantly. The constant production of content can boost website traffic. While traffic increases, and so do your conversions. An excellent conversion strategy brings you high-quality leads.

Here are some surprising statistics from the Content Marketing Institute that we think you will find interesting:

  • Content marketing produces more than three times as many leads as typical advertising methods. 
  • 6 out of 10 consumers wanted to check out a service right after reading relevant and useful content about it.
  • Companies that consistently update their blogs generate 56% more website visitors. Likewise, they received 96% more inbound links and 43% more indexed pages.

5. Your sales team is sick of giving answers to the same questions

Another reason you should consider investing in content marketing – your sanity. All jokes aside. However, there are many questions your sales team gets from nearly every prospect. When you create content that answers those repeating questions, you save your sales team from work and gain some SEO credits to your site.

It seems like those prospects are constantly typing into search engines. Writing relevant, helpful content around the questions will save your sales team the headache while drawing in more qualified traffic. Obviously, it is a win-win for you!

6. You want to shorten your sales cycle

Content marketing is integral to digital lead generation. However, one aspect of content marketing many construction companies, including your business, forget is its capacity to nurture leads. Your target audience does a majority of deep research online before they start considering contacting your firm. Interested prospects are researching top companies near their area, looking for details, getting a sense of what type of job they do and offer. 

So, if you already have content ready and waiting for your website visitors and target audience, you are getting ahead of the sales cycle.

7. Set your company apart from your competitors

In today’s modern and fast-paced world, your business operates with intensified competition coming from many directions. An ongoing challenge to your construction business is the ever-shifting competitive landscape. As a construction business, your company’s survival must differentiate itself from its competitors.

This is where content marketing enters the story! It is the best tool for this purpose. This marketing strategy is an incredible and effective way for your business to set itself apart in the marketplace and industry. Having great content, you can effectively demonstrate what makes your company extraordinary.

Four Tips in Creating the Best Construction Content


When it comes to creating the best content in the construction sector, there are many things you should always keep in mind.

1. Pay Attention to Your Analytics Data

One great thing about creating construction content is that you can access the data from your website. Once you start generating traffic to your website, you can do an analytics audit and dive deeper into your analytics data to figure out what must be tweaked to:

  • Rank better in SERPs
  • Get more and more clicks
  • Increase time on page
  • Improve conversion rates

And many more

2. Engage with Your Audience

Once you start to build a more significant following and establish your brand, you will encounter people who are constantly interacting with your blog content. Avoid becoming a brand that spends all of the money and time on content marketing to avoid engaging with the target audience.

It is crucial that you take your time to reach out to every single person that connects with your content. While it might not result in immediate sales, it still makes your target audience fall in love with your brand and continue to share it over time.

3. Produce High-Quality Blog Content

If it is your goal to market your construction company successfully, you have to create great content. There are tons of ways to start this. For the most part, it involves a deeper understanding of your target audience. That is why you should know how to do the following:

  • Find out what your audience is asking
  • Conduct keyword research
  • Optimize your blog thru SEO
  • Know what content marketing tools you should use

Each of the guides above helps you get a better idea of your target audience, especially how you must create content to serve their needs.

4. Create a Comprehensive List of FAQs

There are many questions that a potential customer will want to know about your business. Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions your company will be getting from prospect leads:

· How much time does a single project take? Multiple projects?

  • Can the client occupy their building while it is being worked on?
  • What will happen if the client wants to do some design changes during construction?
  • Will there be additional payments for modifications in the projects?
  • Is the company responsible for the overall clean-up right after the project is finished?
  • What payment methods does the company accept?

Catalog these FAQs and create in-depth responses to every question. When clients ask new questions, keep building on your FAQs. It is an excellent way to get fresher content on your website and even address customer concerns at the same time.

Finding the Best Digital Marketing Agency for Content Marketing


Possible clients now use your website as a reliable resource because they already know that you give nothing but high-quality content. The trust they give in to your brand can increase your sales potential. This digital world is all about trusting the brands. And content is an excellent tool used to build your company as the go-to construction firm in your industry.

Consider outsourcing your content marketing, especially if you want to focus more on other aspects of your business without missing out on all the advantages of content marketing for your business. So, if you want to learn more about working with a digital marketing agency with expertise in construction, give a call!

Here at, we provide all of our prospective customers with a detailed content strategy and comprehensive content analysis for their business while walking with them through every step of the process.