Content Marketing: Why Visual Content is Important to Your Construction Business

Content Marketing: Why Visual Content is Important to Your Construction Business

Are you making use of visual media in your content marketing strategy? Did you know that blog articles and posts with captivating images receive 93% more views than posts without photos? Your construction company’s digital presence is constantly evolving, and it is essential to strategize more of your content marketing. In fact, an average page visitor is more carried away by visuals than words. It only shows how effective visual content is.

And you might have noticed that most businesses today have adopted this concept as they ensure their brand revolves around high-quality visual assets. Did you do the same thing for your construction business?

For sure, you are focusing more on producing custom blog articles. But while well-written content provides information to your target audience and even helps you to fully optimize your target keywords and SEO, professional visual posts are crucial in leveling up your content marketing, for they have a significant impact on your construction business.

Make sure to read this blog for you to discover everything about visual content, its different types, benefits, impact on SEO, and some helpful tips in creating visual content that drives leads. 

Visual Content 101


Visual content marketing is a strategy that uses images, infographics, and videos to share and display valuable info in a more engaging way for users. With a massive amount of new and unique content on social media every day, grabbing your target audience’s attention can be complicated. Visual content offers your construction business a way to stand out.

Every form of visual content on social media has its unique advantages. And some forms of visual content are more effective on some social media platforms and less quite effective on others. 

  • Images – The type of visual media naturally add value to social posts on any given platform. Your target audience usually prefers images over words. So, ensure to add some enticing texts to these images to encourage user engagement deeply. It adds more context to your images, and it is an excellent opportunity to guide your audience to a CTA.
  • Videos – It is a visual comprised of moving pictures and added audio. Videos can be used to your advantage in several ways, like providing information on construction-related topics and even services you offer. You have the chance to share your company culture, work ethics, team experiences, and much more. 
  • Infographics – Take note that not all who belong to your target audience enjoy content-heavy blogs. Infographics allow you to deliver digestible information as well as visual content to users. They served as a short guide focusing on industry-related topics, services, or products. 

Moreover, infographics create valuable link-building opportunities for your social media channels and website, providing you with unique ways to repurpose old content.

Benefits of Having Visual Content as Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy


There are limitless advantages of integrating visuals into your content marketing strategy.

  • Visuals Drive Construction Brand Awareness

Visuals inspire instant assumptions and anticipations to your construction company, which can be advantageous if you use them properly—giving your target audience something to connect with. Doing so will make your company brand more recognizable to your target audience.

  • Visuals Build a Strong Brand with Your Clients

The right use of color conveys deep emotions as well as experiences that will affect the relationship between your construction business and your customers. Choose photos, illustrations, designs, and colors that best represent your brand. Colors that scream trust and loyalty are some of the best picks for your construction business.

  • Visuals Increase Customer Engagement  

Eye-catching videos and graphics make all interactions with your company brand more fun and thrilling. Getting the attention of your target audience naturally leads to more likes, shares, and comments.

  • Visuals Improve Web Traffic

Upon sticking to your visual content marketing strategies, you will notice that more customer engagement and greater brand awareness become natural driving factors for more and more web traffic. And as your visual assets become instantly acknowledgeable on their own, you can utilize them as a doorway to your service pages, helping you get more leads and sales.

Understanding the Important Role of Visuals on SEO


Visual content is a natural SEO booster. It increases the time your audience and clients spend on a specific page while increasing the readability of your blog content, making it easier to consume. But how do visuals impact your Search Engine Optimization?

  • Visual content like videos increases the time your visitors spend on the page.

It is proven that videos increase the time visitors spend on your page. A metric Google looks at to determine whether or not your content is relevant. 

  • Google rewards increased readability.

Like infographics, they can break content and invite more users to scroll down the pages. And since Google rewards readability, it will be advantageous towards your SEO efforts.

  • Google looks at visuals to determine value.

Google’s updated machine learning algorithms are becoming better and better at understanding not just texts but visuals. It only means they can use videos, images, illustrations, and graphics to determine how much value a certain page offers.

How to Create Visual Content that Easily Converts


Understanding the significance of visuals is one thing; however, using them with a goal is another. The proper plan and strategy help understand what visuals are suitable for your target audience and how they remain constant in forming an effective construction brand identity. We are sharing with you some actionable tips on how to create awesome visual content that quickly converts.

1. Create a brand style guide

Creating one helps you solidify your brand identity and values, aligning the selected visuals to your authentic brand. We recommend you partner with a digital marketing agency with the best and experienced graphic designers. Creating visuals with definition, excellence, and substance is their forte. You have the best of assistance from them.

2. Stay on your brand

Take the best steps to maintain your construction brand’s visual identity, including how logos and colors are used. Ideally, all your visual assets must feature a constant design motif – one that your target viewers can immediately recognize and determine with your brand, regardless of where the content appears.

You also need to pay closer attention to how your target platform publishes the images since the specs and size requirements may not be the same across the boards. If you are not aware, the hard work you put into crafting these visuals can be mangled or irrelevant.

3. Understand your target audience’s platform usage

The best visual content marketing strategy has the most potential to boost brand awareness and solid reputation by captivating your primary audience, encouraging them to learn more about your business. However, you have to know what speaks to your target audience and how they tend to consume blog content even before you start creating.

4. Start repurposing old written blogs into visuals

It takes a considerable amount of research to integrate visual content into your marketing efforts successfully. And the very first step towards integrating visual content within your marketing strategy is to look at what is already working for you. And by simply adding sharable visuals to some of your popular blogs, you are encouraging your target audience to spread the word and attract like-minded users.

5. Optimize visuals before use

The visuals you will use should be fully optimized first. It is not good to use visuals that can trigger loading speeds due to highly pixelated images and heavy videos. Hence, make sure to:

  • Choose the right file name that includes a particular set of keywords
  • Pick the right format for its use (PNG, JPEG, and GIF, etc.)
  • Scale images to make sure loading times remain faster
  • Add alt tags to your images

6. Find the right tools that can help you get the work done

The above practices have already helped you understand what quality visual content creation entails. However, you should level up the process of creating it. While there is no substitute for the skill and expertise of a professional digital marketer, several visual content tools and apps can still help you manage the basics, such as adding captions, editing photos, and reformatting images for social media.

Choose the more specialized tools that can branch out in many visual directions.               

Stand out with the Best Visual Content Marketing


The whole thing about creating visual content is quite daunting. You may want to consider hiring professionals to ensure you meet all your marketing goals. 

The digital marketing experts at can help your construction business increase engagement on social media with amazing and engaging visual content. Everything we do and offer can help strengthen your brand with professional visuals unique to your business needs. It is our goal to put your construction business in front of more solid leads and prospects.

Talk to us today! Let start connecting and talk about your marketing strategy. We love to hear from you!