Content Writing vs. Copywriting

Content Writing vs. Copywriting: What is Best for Your Construction Business?

Have you been using content writing and copywriting interchangeably? If yes, then you are doing your construction business a disservice. While these two tactics are vital elements of your marketing strategy as they both help you attract a target audience and get more leads, they are completely different in many ways. 

So, how are they truly different from one another? And what is best for your construction business? You will find the full explanation and answers in this blog. Understanding the basics of content writing and copywriting is the first step in figuring out which fit your business needs.

Let’s get started.


What is Content Writing?


Content Writing is primarily focused on maintaining and nurturing relationships with your target audience and existing customers. How to get started? Easy. You can craft some helpful content for your target audience and readers so they can:

  • Understand a particular topic.
  • To get to know more about your construction business
  • Follow step-by-step procedures
  • Get insights and make informed decisions

When you get to publish informative content for your target prospects, you are building your company’s credibility in your field as a trustworthy source of useful information. Also, it implies that your construction company understands the main pain points of the audience and customers, and trust will result from this. 

Content writing is typically long-form content aiming to educate your target audience. Below are some common formats under content writing:

  • Blog posts
  • Case studies
  • Newsletters
  • Whitepapers
  • E-books

What is Copywriting?


Copywriting focuses more on driving your target audience to perform the desired action. Do you want your web visitors to subscribe to your newsletter? Or perhaps you are nudging them to add certain items to their cart?

With copywriting, you will have copies that persuade your readers to:

  • Download a case study
  • Visit a landing page
  • Subscribe to your newsletter
  • Purchase from you
  • Contact your sales

Usually, copywriting uses a few words but has a greater impact and strongly insists readers to take action immediately. Moreover, these copies are used for a particular campaign and marketing goal hence, why they have shorter usable life. 


What Fits Best to Your Construction Business Needs?


The answer to this question depends on your marketing goals. Copywriting is the first option if you want more leads and increased sales. And if you’re going to establish relationships with your target audience and build yourself as a reliable thought leader in your field, then content writing is the best choice. 

To put it simply, your construction business needs both.

  • Copywriting moves your target prospects to take action. If you use copywriting alone, it repels your target audience and might see you as a company only interested in taking their money. You need content writing to balance it.  
  • Content writing cultivates a good relationship with your target audience and existing customers and educates your customers and audience with topics that relate to them. Content writing fosters trust between you and your audience.

Together, these construction marketing solutions help your business attract your target audience, convert prospects into paying customers, and boost your credibility.


Why do Content Writing and Copywriting Matter?


In this section, we break down several key points why content writing and copywriting matter to your marketing efforts. 

1. It offers something to market

Content is one of the backbones of any digital marketing channel. Whether it is short-form copy that appears on service pages, ads, or social media posts, engaging words from your content are very beneficial and powerful too.

For example, this blog post you are currently reading already appears in the SERPs. Therefore, you are on our website and are reading this blog. This blog will also feature on social media posts or updated copies in one of our emails. We can also feature it as a part of our PPC efforts.

Hopefully, anyone who reads this blog will find this informative and helpful and might even want to learn more about content creation. 

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2. It establishes your brand

While you and your construction company already claimed that you are experts in the field, your target prospects may have a different view. By producing insightful and high-quality content through copywriting and content writing, you can establish your construction brand as the leader in your sector. 

You acquire an authoritative voice by proving your construction business as an expert in the field. This helps in establishing trust and gaining new leads. Both copywriting and content writing truly plays a vital role in this strategy. 

3. It helps with SEO

One of the fundamental pillars of a marketing strategy is Search Engine Optimization. Firstly, you want to ensure that anyone searching for keywords related to your construction business will find you online. 

When you become consistent in your content writing and copywriting efforts and prioritize SEO, you will ultimately be making your construction website more popular, leading to more business success. 

When you start creating content online, always make sure to carry out the principles of SEO. Suppose you find this work completely out of your expertise. In that case, you can partner with construction marketing agencies that can help you harness the power of SEO and content marketing to your advantage. 

4. Improve your conversions

Both content writing and copywriting greatly influence conversions. It helps your target audience connect more with you and gives them the necessary information that helps them in their purchasing decision. Even more, if you think of using content to your advantage, consider using original graphics rather than stock images. 

Marketing experts say stock images are the least effective when meeting your marketing goals. Original graphics are way more enticing and can attract your audience even better, resulting in new leads and improved conversions. 

5. It helps you reach new people

Content that is shared will reach new people and will also raise awareness of your construction brand. When you produce well-crafted content that targets specific keywords, rest assured that you will reach tons of people through search engine results.

Know that everyone enjoys great content. So, make sure to brainstorm a lot of good topics that are not just engaging but also worth sharing. 

6. You can determine what is working and what is not

The truth is you cannot always predict what will be the most successful. However, with content marketing and copywriting, you can always explore since it requires a fair amount of experimenting, tweaking, and refining. 

Having a strategy in the first place will help you outline your target goals, determine KPIs, and even track related metrics that will help you gain more insights into whether or not your efforts are working. And if the results are bad, you can always alter the course without wasting another time and resources on effective content campaigns. 

Your content marketing strategy provides a basic framework and flexibility to tweak things as you go. 


Skills Needed for Copywriting and Content Writing


While content writers and copywriters write anything related to your marketing content, they require different skill sets. It is quite impossible to hire a single person who can do both. So, if you want to hire a content writer and copywriter for your construction business, here are the necessary skills you should look:

As for content writing, the content writer is expected to conduct extensive research to craft informative content for the target audience:

  • Blog post writing
  • White paper and case study writing
  • Writing press releases
  • Writing for newsletters, magazines, and books
  • Writing content for a website, infographics, and informative videos

For copywriting, copywriters should be a master of persuasion and marketing. They must have a brilliant way with words that implies an act of urgency. Below are the skills they should possess as a skillset:

Ad copies (traditional, social media, PPC, and more)

  • Brand slogans and product taglines
  • SEO landing page copies
  • PPC landing page copies
  • Social media copies
  • Email marketing copies

Start Creating Consistent Content with


If you want your marketing campaign to succeed and get the results you want, include content writing and copywriting and integrate both. The first step to a successful content marketing campaign is to partner with a trusted construction marketing company. 

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