Do You Need a Construction Website, or Is Google My Business Listing Already Enough

Do You Need a Construction Website, or Is Google My Business Listing Already Enough?

Having a strong online presence has never been more accessible or essential, particularly for small construction business owners. Yet, the question that you are constantly being thrown at you is, “Can my construction business get by with just only Google My Business listing, or perhaps I need a website?”

While it is true that you are incredibly busy like other business owners and are involved in streamlining marketing now and then– you still need a construction website.

For this blog, we will convince you to focus on the two most important aspects of your digital marketing – your construction website and your GMB profile.

You Are Probably Focusing Too Much on GMB 


First, let’s start with what Google My Business is not. For the facts, it is not a social media site. It is crucial that you understand the distinction so that you would not fall into the wrong category. What GMB is:

  • Google My Business is both a Google-based business directory and a powerful suite of tools used to develop a presence online more generally.
  • GMB matters because it has the power to impact whether your construction business gets a constant stream of new leads.
  • The core of GMB listing is none other than the GMB landing page. Your GMB profile is a Google-based and free mini website for your construction business that links or embeds directly to your actual website if you have one, of course. 

Have you already launched your construction website? Take note that if you want to have your construction business get more real-time leads and improve its online presence, you need to have a website. Right now, you are probably focusing more on your GMB listing. Google My Business is also designed to drive more clients and generate revenue for your business. However, it does not showcase your construction business, like a hundred percent. It does only show the tip of the iceberg!

A Construction Website is All You Need


We give to you the top seven reasons why a website is crucial to your construction business success:

1. Your Clients Expect Your Business to own a website

It is almost 2022! And the reality is that having a website for your construction business is as essential as having contact details. People these days are accustomed to directly searching to the internet to obtain some details of the company and services they are interested in. So, having a customized website will allow you to give your target clients a sneak peek into your construction business even before they visit you physically. Your construction website shows off your exact location, gives you multimedia, tells your story, promotes your services, links your social media profiles, and much more.

Your construction website can be whatever you desire it to be.

2. Your Website gives you a Competitive Edge

If you do not have a website, but your closest competitors do, some prospects will go and choose your competitor’s site. Your target audience will be able to read full details at the “About Page” and may get free consultations. They can fill out a form, schedule appointments and more. Availing services are also widely possible. 

If you only have a Google My Business listing, you can miss out on all of those fantastic opportunities to serve and connect your clients and prospects. Not to mention the possibility of gathering more info and encouraging return visits.

3. It is Actually Easy to Set-Up a Simple Website

A few years ago, perhaps setting up a website was more difficult compared to today. You will need to hire a web designer and a programmer, decide where to buy a domain, point that domain to a server, set up and maintain security, and many more. Today, if you can handle something as complicated as getting your taxes filed, planning your website is just a breeze – that, of course, if you have the time.

Google made GMB listings easy and fast to set up, and building your construction website is equally simpler. If you already have the things you need, you already got the elements! In fact, it is just a matter of looking for the right elements to put into your website. That is why it is wise to partner with a reliable digital marketing agency like that can give you the assistance you need when it comes to website development.

4. A Website serves as Hub for all your online marketing activities

Elements of your online tactic possibly include GMB content, the Facebook Page, and other social media accounts, business listings, and more. However, it is also essential that all your initiatives be tied to one official hub – your construction website. Without a website, your digital marketing tactics are pretty disconnected. There is no single place where you can fully control the look and perception of your construction brand and brand voice.

This is very true on your offline marketing efforts, too, if ever you do, from business cards to in-store materials and more. Everything your clients interact with must have your website on it. Because if they want to revisit for more information, present them a central hub to do so. Therefore, all roads must point to your home – your website!

5. You don’t have full control over your GMB Listing – Google only Does!

GMB listings are a hub where you will gather and manage reviews, get your construction business on Google Maps, and help your target viewers learn essential info about your business. There is no question that Google My Business listings are an excellent resource for your business. So, we encourage you to get down to your listing and further optimize it to maximize its full potential. On the flip side, Google has a long history of altering some areas. If you ask some experts, they will tell you that Google is consistently changing what elements appear in the search results, including how the GMB listing program is being implemented.

Therefore, as good as the GMB program is, always remember – You do not have complete control over your Google listing. Only Google does.

6. A Website can Do Way More than a GMB listing can

GMB listings are not customizable and are pretty limited to the fields Google provides. But when you have a construction website, you can do about anything you want to do. Even drop and drop web templates can be customized, highlighting all the unique aspects of your brand in a way that GMB listing cannot.

A website offers you some fantastic functionalities to help your construction business thrive and grow:

· Detailed business information

· Direct contact from prospects

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Blog content section
  • Branded multimedia
  • Links to social media
  • Founder, business, and employee stories
  • Testimonials, FAQs
  • Etc.

7. Not Everyone Uses Google My Business

While GMB is a convenient and faster way to get important information about your business, in many cases, clients want more details to make a choice and decide. Without a website, those prospects cannot learn more about your construction firm, your services, etc. In short, you will not be on their radar. 

While Google does own the majority of the search engines in the market share, you cannot discredit other widely used search engines like Bing. A well-optimized website can rank on different search engines, but GMB listing can only ever appear on Google. 

8. A website can attract amazing employees

Your construction company must use landing pages with keyword optimization to market yourself to the right circles and post job openings. The best people are building great businesses. So, your website must serve as an attractant for the high-caliber and talented people!

And just like having online conversations, your construction website serves as a magnet that attracts the types of people you want to hire. And even if you cannot draw your prospective team members with your construction website, your online presence conveys who you are and ultimately help the right people to get in contact with you. 

Invest in Your Construction Website


In today’s online world, your construction website is the first interaction your target audience has with your business. Your website is your construction company’s online foundation. It will serve as your primary customer touchpoint and lead conversion machine. You must maintain a responsive website design to appeal to online users and search engines as a business owner. You should ensure your target clients see a legit business platform when searching for your company online. Otherwise, you risk losing trust from your prospects and dissuading them from engaging with your brand.

Invest in responsive web design and establish confidence and trust in your brand offerings. Here at, we got you covered! Our web design services are SEO-friendly and aim to increase your digital exposure, search rankings and convert page viewers into paying clients.

Contact us today! Allow us to help you build a unique and functional website that drives qualified traffic and skyrockets your conversion rate!