Getting Your Construction Business to the Top of Google – 8 Actionable Tips

Getting Your Construction Business to the Top of Google – 8 Actionable Tips

For those in the business of wanting and trying to drive organic traffic, Google is considered the all-powerful. It crawls onto the web, identifying which pages are the most relevant and valuable for its users looking for virtual topics. It is a well-known fact that everyone does not just trust Google results; they rely on them.

With such power and influence, getting your construction business on the first page of Google is a goal that you should accomplish. In this article, we will cover eight tangible actions you should do to help your construction company rise to the top of Google’s first page.

1. Set Up Your Construction Business on Google Maps

Your very first step must make sure that your construction business is listed on Google Maps. Look and find out if you are listed by doing a basic search for “Construction Companies” and your current place. If your company name does not appear or is listed anywhere, it’s time to set up a marker on Google Maps specifically for your company. This will solve the problem and even help you attract more and more clients.

Begin in Google’s My Business page and follow many steps cited to set up and optimize your business page. Once your business profile is finally set up, there are many things you can do for GMB optimization to attract new clients. You can make special offers, fill up description details, and respond to client reviews.

Always remember, this is where new people and prospects will first know and meet your business. Hence, make sure everything is outlined and well-presented.

2. Build a Website and Optimize Focus Keywords

Your chances of being listed on Google increase tremendously if your company has its own construction website with the right domain name. When a search is performed straight on Google with the right keywords, your website will instantly appear. To get started, every page on your website has to include the best optimization aspects that help Google understand what every page is all about. 

Each page of your website should have the following elements addressed with a single focus keyword:

  • Page Title (under 70 characters)
  • Meta Description (under 155 characters)
  • H1 and H2 Title Text (break up main content by describing it)
  • Alt Text (every image needs a title)
  • Keyword in content (at least once, bolded)

Hint: Build the optimization points while remembering that you are still conversing with humans. Make the strategies user-friendly and work with your keywords naturally while being mindful not to overload any page. In addition, having a website will give you more opportunities to reach and interact with your potential clients, existing customers, and your target audience.  

3. Implement a Blog Content Strategy

To support your website content strategy, you should create a blog section on your website. There is a considerable amount of data and research to support the advantages of blogging; suffice to say it is an enormous aid to search engine strategy.

According to HubSpot, blog companies get fifty-five percent more web traffic and seventy percent more leads than those that don’t. So, every new blog you publish counts as a new indexed page on your site. In addition, these articles can also be promoted and shared socially to drive additional traffic to your site. 

The key to effective blogging is:

  • Learning the art of blog topic ideation to start building topics
  • Choosing the right focus keywords for every article
  • Writing about the types of construction-related things your potential customers are interested in learning about.
  • Do not be too promotional in your services or products; focus more on the solutions as a whole.
  • Provide easy reading because research suggests people scan and view web pages instead of reading the whole content.

The more you focus on making blogging very effective, the more people will look and search for your construction firm. You must blog consistently at least thrice a week to easily catch Google’ search engine attention.

4. Optimize knowledge-based FAQs

Whether you are a service-based construction company or not, the primary purpose of your business is to provide many solutions to your clients. Hence, not optimizing knowledge-based FAQs and information is a wrong move in terms of Search Engine Optimization for a construction company this 2021.

A knowledge-based comes with the possibility of rich and relevant information about your site. For example, take Pro Crew Schedule, a Florida-based construction scheduling software. The website uses knowledge-based to give answers to the most common questions of their web viewers and clients.

5. Pay attention to Social Media

Social media platforms are hype digital places for networking and communication, especially for the construction business. A strong social media presence helps your business in various ways. It is not just an effective digital marketing tactic, but it incredibly helps in Google’s ranking. 

You must have heard already about social signals, which refer to your page’s overall performance when it comes to fetching shares and likes on social media. Such activities significantly contribute to improving your page’s organic search ranking.

If you want to rank your construction company better this time, then you should consistently deliver your social media strategies. It must bridge the gap between your clients and your brand, increasing interaction between your target audience and followers.

6. Go After Quality Links

Now it is time to energize your SEO strategy with quality link building. For instance, inbound links are created when other websites link back to your website as a reliable source supporting the content. Obtaining links from supplier sites, vendor sites, and authoritative industry sites can ultimately boost the relevance of your construction website on search engines.

Guest blog articles are a great application. The main idea behind the guest post is that everybody wins. The host site receives a great piece of quality content. In return, its readers get another piece of relevant information while you get to expose yourself to a new audience by posting the blogs. And by simply including a properly placed hyperlink back to your construction website, you gain the quality inbound links that drive much better search engine rankings.

7. Put extra effort into Technical SEO

Search engines do set a clear standard when it comes to SEO. It is no surprise that these standards keep on changing. For instance, Google is favoring sites that seamlessly work well on mobile. Good thing that this concern can now be taken care of by web developers. And another important consideration is website security. Today, Google is very particular about how sites are being delivered since safety is the primary concern. It now requires any website to use HTTPS so that they are secure for the Chrome browser.

Here are two essential pointers you need to remind:

  • Site design and navigation – Designing your construction website with style worthy of crawlers to index your pages is vital to improving your Google rankings.
  • Relevant snippets – The way Google displays searches is vital. Hence, your content on the snippet gets very significant. To stand out, the snippet content has to be precise, on the point, and straightforward.

For technical SEO, it is best to entirely rely on local SEO services provided by a full-service digital marketing agency like

8. Analyze, Refine, and Repeat

Nothing you do is going to be perfect. That is why you have to have an ongoing review strategy for your entire marketing campaign. Review analytics often and pull reporting to track the misses and hits. Focus extra time on keywords that are not moving enough, and repeat the steps you took that can bring results in the past. You will get better as you go, and there are thousands of great resources to help improve areas of weaknesses.

It is expected by the majority that Google remains steady and still influential for many years to come. Hence, applying your SEO efforts only to Google is suitable for digital marketing. In some cases, it is not. Modern times are changing, and over time, there are other new participants on the digital horizon. 

YouTube, currently the world’s second-largest search engine, is the number one alternative to Google. Hence, if you want to be heard and not just read and seen, you should be on YouTube as well and featured first!

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